A Bug’s Life – Disneycember

What a tiny speck of a movie! Doug reviews 1998’s A Bug’s Life.

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  1. Hey well this was the first time I saw these clichés in a movie. Cause I was really little when I first saw this. I really like this movie, a lot! But regrettably, I still agree with you that Antz might be the better movie (I just feel I’m betraying Pixar and Disney when I say that, but Antz is a really good movie).

  2. The pillbugs are speaking Hungarian. Actually, when you said that you didn’t know what language they were speaking, I just had this realization. I think the minions from Despicable Me are more like those two guys than the aliens from Toy Story. You can replace them with the minions and you would see how similar they really are!

  3. P.S, the pill bugs are voiced by that fat professor from Richie Rich.

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