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  1. I loved this movie as a kid. Why in the world does “Mary Poppins” get so much acclaim and if you mention “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, people go: “Huh”?

  2. Honestly, even in the original cut the Portebello Road sequence goes on a little bit too long. But the movie overall is still fantastic.

  3. Actualy this movie is not a knockoff of mary poppins, it actualy started production BEFORE Mary Poppins, although released later. The writer of Mary Poppins was taking an awful long to give Disney the rights of the story for the movie, so they though “look, we have nothing to do, we have the actors, the production, the musics, lets just make our own movie while we can’t do the other one”. Some of the musics such as “under the sea” was actualy supposed to be in Mary Poppins. You can say this movie was their “plan B”.

    And…as much as putting Nazi in it isn’t precisely a friendly approach, I actualy liked their portrayal of the nazi army, most movies and other media portray the nazis as pure evil, just…villains. In this movie, they were very realistic, they were soldiers of the enemy side, they weren’t overly cruel or sadistic, just soldiers fed up with the orders they have to follow, so they want to et over with it, while surrounded by possible enemies. They don’t have evil laughs or even cracking a smile. They just come and do war things. capture people, round troups, blow things up, nothing unrealistic.

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