The Brave Little Toaster – Disneycember

Who knew a movie about a toaster would be so intense?

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  1. I loved this movie when I was a little girl! I hope you review the sequels!

  2. I loved this movie as a kid too, but still remember it beeing kinda’ “midf*ck-y”.

  3. The Brave little toaster in my opinion is one of my all time favorite animated movies. Their was literally one time where I found myself Humming It’s a B Movie which was one of my favorite songs from the movie.

  4. The pre-Toy Story movie. Sorry NC my love for the movie isn’t deep as yours. It’s good and anyone under 10 I’d recommend it for an enjoyable couple of hours. But when you see Toy Story and see how much more can be done with such a premise ‘Brave Little Toaster’ looks a bit washed out.

    It is still a good movie, but it has been done better in later films.

  5. I always loved this movie because toasters are badass.

    Shane this franchise doesn’t get much attention.

  6. Yeah, it was really dark. In the song sequence for Worthless, there’s actually an onscreen suicide (two if you count the air conditioner at the beginning)! That said, I love the film.

  7. I think this is one of those “between movies”…it is better than expected, but I don’t think that it can play with the big leagues.

  8. The dump scene freaked me out as a kid.

  9. So, I guess your not going to talk about Muppets Most Wanted then

  10. No idea this was Disney.

    Since we’re talking about the mindf***s from this movie, the evil air conditioner freaked me out as a kid.

    Also, since you said “by popular demand,” please please PLEASE do Into the Woods in January!!! I saw it, and it became my new favorite live-action Disney movie

  11. this was a Disney film?

    • It was made independently by a former Disney animator but it was picked up for distribution by Disney when it was shown at festivals.

      It actually almost won best picture at Cannes according to the director. One of the judges went up to him after the awards were given out and told him that they thought the film was great but no one would take an Cannes seriously if an animated film won.

      • Ironically this helped Jerry Rees (the director) get back in touch with Disney and went on to collaborate to help with the creation of several Disney theme park attractions with cinematic elements. (many times being at the helm of each)

        They even snatched him the job to helm the current Marvel Experience touring attraction.

    • I know right I had no idea either!

  12. I haven’t seen this movie in a loooong time, so the fact that I still remember some of the creepy scenes in this movie, and even a couple of the songs, proves that it was pretty well done. Never did see the sequel. How the hell does a toaster wind up on Mars, anyway?

    • By feeding a microwave extra bags of popcorn to power a ceiling fan to take you the whole way there, in about half the time it would take light to get there. DUH.


  13. I never really liked this movie. Too much intense imagery with characters I never really cared about. I guess I’m just not empathetic towards furniture. I loved the tooty fruity song though.

  14. No






  15. I’m going to be really disappointed if Doug isn’t reviewing From Up on Poppy Hill, The Wind Rises and Princess Kaguya…. I mean they all had US releases..

    • Up on Poppy Hill and Princess Kaguya wasn’t released by Disney in the US, so he cannot review those. I’m sure he’ll review The Wind Rises.

      • Actually, he says Princess Kaguya is going to get a review in Spring.

      • How does Disney decide what Ghibli movie to release under their name in the US and which not? It’s really kinda random isn’t it? I’m not from the US so I really don’t know how it works.

      • But honestly if Doug is doing Ghibli reviews, he should review all of them. Released under Disney’s name or not, they’re not Disney movies. Just seems kinda cheap to just look at all the big ones. Like nobody will care.

        • Welp, looks like he did review Poppy Hill. I only cared because he said it in the first Disneycember that he’s only going to review Ghibli films released by Disney. Oh well…

          If you ask me, he should’ve reviewed the Ghibli films in a seperate month…

          • I agree! Sorta like he did with DreamWorks, and while he’s at it he could have reviewed their newer ones as well.

  16. Please do the new Muppet movies, Doug.

    At least by popular demand.

    • Yeah, come on, Doug, it’s time to strike up the band! There was a sequel, like what they do in Hollywood. And I wanna know whether or not you agree that the sequel wasn’t quite as good. But then again, you are taking requests in Spring… it may seem like the end, but you know, my friend, this might be when he decides to do it all in the end… okay, I’ve officially run this into the ground.

  17. Fun Fact: The Brave Little Toaster was almost John Lasseter’s directorial debut, way before the first Toy Story! It would’ve been a 2D/3D hybrid, with traditionally animated characters in a CGI environment. The idea was rejected by Disney execs, though, and Lasseter got fired. The film became an independent production financed by Disney.

    And for those who like to compare it to Toy Story: many soon-to-be Pixar members worked on Brave Little Toaster, including Joe Ranft, who co-wrote the screenplay, and was an essential Pixar member until he unfortunately died in 2005.

  18. You forgot the holocaust joke the lamp makes.

  19. Loved this film as a kid. No idea it was from Disney. I would have figured warner bros. or something. *shrugs* Just shows what little I know.

  20. One of my all-time favorites! You hit the nail on the head once again, Doug!

  21. This film scared the shit out of me as a little kid. I never watched it after renting it once. Seriously.

    It might be okay now since I am older, but I still have the memories of it and how scared I was when I watched it so I never watched it again.

  22. Finally! Someone else who likes this movie! I’ve been the subject of ridicule about it for years.

  23. I actually never saw this movie as a kid. Although, I know the graveyard song. That’s odd. Although, I don’t know what reputation the sequel has. Will you be doing that as well?

  24. You know what’s crazy? Netflix just shipped this movie to me on the same day you uploaded this video!

  25. I was never a huge fan of this movie. It was good, but I just don’t see furniture and electronics having emotional attachments to these things. Still good music.

  26. The sequels may have been a little weird and also confusing (pretty sure the events of the sequel actually chronologically happened after the events of the third one) but I always loved this movie. Interestingly enough, this and Kiki’s Delivery Service were actually two of the first movies I ever saw.

  27. This was a Disney movies?

  28. So yeah, this movie made me hate clowns as a child. F**k those freaks!

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