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Who knew a movie about a toaster would be so intense?

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  1. I think i saw this movie on tv when i was like 12 or 13, and at that age i was actually embarrassed to admit that i liked it. But it was a good movie and it does hold some rather fond memories for me.

    I am surprised he didn’t at least mention the sequel, though. I haven’t seen it myself, but i’ve heard it’s godawful.

    • Actually, they’re both decent. Not greats, mind you, but compared to other Disney sequels, there are some good things about both sequels. Hell, one has Deforest Kelley as Viking 1!

  2. I remember being obsessed with this movie at a young age. I think it was one of the movies that got me into 80’s music. Now, I’m not kidding when I tell you all this: when I was 4, I actually re-enacted the waterfall scene with 4 of the same 5 appliances. The vacuum was too heavy for me to use, though.

  3. This is what I thought of when I first watch toy story 3


  5. I saw this movie when I was very young, and I remember especially the climax in the junkyard absolutely scared the hell out of me. I loved it. I think it’s a great example of how sometimes kids can enjoy being scared, as you once noted. Plus, 25some years later I still can’t bring myself to run a vacuum cleaner over its own cord.

  6. This movie scared the fuck out of me and I don’t think I’ve watched it in the last decade, but I did enjoy this and the sequels (sort of) as a whole.

  7. You actually summed up a lot of what makes this one of my all-time favorite movies, just the fact that it took such a dumb-sounding title and concept and turned it into something kind of epic. Not to mention it made me feel sorry for appliances. Also, the number of on-screen deaths this movie has is actually kind of incredible when you think about it, especially considering the target audience. It even features not one, not two, but THREE suicides. (That poor flower) Something I didn’t take note of before but really admire it for now is also its incredible use of subtlety, the fact that it doesn’t feel the need to spell out any of its messages. You have to figure everything out for yourself by looking at the visuals and how the events play out. To the untrained eye, the development feels like it comes out of nowhere, but if you pay real close attention, there are multiple instances where you see the movie building up to these strong friendships forming. You’d think the suicidal flower was just needless cruelty, but no, that scene was the very reason Toaster warmed up to Blanky. That’s just one of many brilliant moments. Oh, and who can forget Lampy almost sacrificing his life to recharge the battery after realizing how useless he had been up to that point. As you can tell, I really love this movie.

  8. Ah The Brave Little Toaster; giving some great additions to many a great actor’s resume. Among the mix include:

    Animaniacs writer Deanna Oliver

    Obscure TV star Tim Stack

    Jay Sherman himself John Lovitz

    Lionel Hutz/Troy McClure as the Air Conditioner and, oddly enough the hanging lamp

    And last but not least the late, great, kind of 20th century bass singing, the lord of the Grinch and the ghost busts, Thurl “Tony the Tiger” Ravenscroft!

  9. I loved this movie as a kid, and I still do!

  10. Every time I see the Lamp and Radio I have flashbacks to the Vague and Uninteresting Adventure.

    Lamp and a snake have adorable hybrid abomination offspring.

  11. I didn’t see this one till I was an adult, but I actually like it, a lot. I’ve never seen the sequels, but I was so impressed by the original that I think I want to steer clear of them, given the quality of sequels in general.

  12. I remember watching this multiple times as a kid. Kind of like Courage the Cowardly Dog, it was of those things that could simultaneously engross ad disturb me.

  13. Nostagia critic episode for the sequels!

  14. This movie scared me so bad as a kid. So much death, so much destruction. The gods damned lamp that’s that guy…. I don’t know that guy is but he’s awful, at least when you’re four.

  15. Hello kids. I’m a toaster. Would you like to hear an exciting toaster adventure, ’cause, you know, toasters go on a lot of fucking adventures. So, if you’d like to hear about me, a table, watch this movie. Toaster Awaaay!

  16. Hello kids. I’m a toaster. Would you like to hear an exciting toaster adventure, ’cause, you know, toasters go on a lot of fucking adventures. So, if you’d like to hear about me, a toaster, watch this movie. Toaster Awaaay!

  17. I think Doug’s stance on the movie is well summed up in the animation. It’s clearly the kind of animation we’d be seeing in Disney Afternoon shows following its release, but there’s the occasional shading effect or a certain sheen in the toaster’s reflection that I’d expect from one of the main theatrical releases. It’s in the upper ranks of its class, but it just doesn’t compete with the more refined of the Disney Masterpiece Collection releases.

  18. I haven’t seen this movie in years, now I have to see it again

  19. Next month, can you please continue “Dreamworks-anuary”?

  20. This film holds a special place in my heart. Just…. wow was it good!

  21. I bleeping LOVED this movie as a kid. I bleeping LOVE this movie I don’t remember if I liked “Worthless” or “B Movie” song but yeah, it definitely had some scary moments and despite how silly it was their adventure had weight and stakes. I need to see it again but I’m lad to see quite a few people saw and liked this off the wall concept for a pretty good film.

  22. I really liked this movie. I saw it a bunch when I was a kid and I loved the quieter moments, and even the scary moments I liked. Even if that FUCKING CLOWN DREAM gave me nightmares. The songs I thought were pretty catchy, specially for Randy Newman.

    I really hope you review the “Goes to Mars” sequel. I watched it again recently and it is SO DAMN WEIRD it has to be talked about.

  23. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Holy crap I forgot about the freaky fireman clown scene! Actually, now that I think about it, that would explain my fear of clowns…

  24. This was my favorite movie when I was four. Unfortunately my mother thought it was too disturbing and got rid of it. I had almost forgotten about it until I saw this.

    It’s kind of odd, isn’t it, how adults can be more upset by scary imagery than children are.

    Then at five my new favorite movie was Dumbo…

  25. I saw this again recently. I was actually really surprised how well this actually held up. Most of the stuff I liked as a kid doesn’t. At all.

    Also, fun fact, the dump song has two implied suicides in it. This film is really dark at times.

  26. I’m surprised he didn’t mention how 100% completely and utterly 80s the movie is. The synth-heavy musical numbers, the “super modern” appliances in the last act of the movie…

  27. There was a scene in this film with the vacuum getting stuck, or nearly sucking up its own power cord, SOMETHING, that scarred me for life. I -still- get the chills just thinking about it! I’m wondering if that was in this or one of the sequels now…

  28. Oh man, I grew up with this movie. Hell, I still have the VHS of this movie, I used to watch it all the time. It was one of my favorites.

  29. I have only watched this movie once, and not even all of it, when I was a really little girl, and I can still remember imagery from it to this day!

  30. Actually I do think this movie is phenomenal 😛

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