Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Disneycember

Doug Walker reviews Disney’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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  1. watched this movie for the first time in YEARS just yesterday. First of all, I don’t why my parents allowed me to watch this as a child. This movie…is not appropriate for kids
    But anyway, I really liked it. It had all that good stuff in there, I really like Eddie the detective. The only part of the movie that looked off to me were the scenes with him in Toontown. I dunno, 2D characters in the world looks cool, but a person on a 2D background looks off to me. But it WAS the 80s after all, and I was too focused on the actual toons in Toontown to notice much. So, yeah, that’s the only legit problem I could think of.

    I pretty much loved everything else, this movie is really cool 😀

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