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I’m sorry but…this is STUPID! Doug takes a look at Cars.

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  1. Nope, “Cars 2” would be the biggest step backward the studio could take. 🙁

    I guess whoever made the film really liked those Chevron ads.

    I agree…I disliked this. The only thing more infuriating is that it had the biggest franchise, not only with the sequel but with the spinoffs.

  2. Yeah, this one (and the sequel) is all about the toys. I recently read that the DC animated universe, with it’s brilliant takes on Batman, Superman, the Justice League, the (first) Teen Titans and even Young Justice was all canceled because those shows weren’t moving enough product. My god, that’s depressing. To be fair, the voice acting in Cars was uniformly excellent, especially Paul Newman. And, personally I love cars (not Cars) and I frequently take long motor trips where I get off the interstate to explore the side roads. I’ve even enjoyed driving most of old Route 66, where most of Cars is set. But that’s pretty thin gruel for a Pixar movie.

  3. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Ok, instead of ranting, I’m just going to say straight up before I watch this, I like Cars. It’s a fun movie for me and those songs stick in my head no matter what. I love all the characters and I think it’s a fun unique world to see. If you never grew up watching Thomas the Tank Engine, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, or Theodore Tugboat, then yeah, you probably will think this is stupid. But whatever your opinion is, hopefully you can understand why other people would like this movie. Cars 2 isn’t that great, sure, but this movie isn’t a god-awful or stupid idea, and it’s going to take a lot more than a brief review video like this to convince me otherwise.

    Seeing as how Doug’s kind of been tearing at a lot of my childhood favorites with Disneycember, I’m just not going to bother bitching with this one, as I’ve probably done that a lot already. Plus, this is a years old video, who’s even going to notice?

    Come to think of it, why am I even bothering with a comment…?


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