Chicken Little – Disneycember

The sky is falling…and so are the ticket sales.

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  1. The Mysterious Mr Enter had similar feelings about this one. Specially the father in the movie. He also didn’t like the implications towards the end regarding what happen with the “bully” character.

  2. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Well whatever Doug, I thought the movie was great, most of the characters (or at the very least the main cast) were likable, and all the action and humor was well developed. As a looser myself, I enjoy the looser underdog flick, and I definitely think that this was a bold first step for Disney’s first solo CG film. That said, the only shame I get from this is that it would be what would start Disney’s distancing from traditional 2D animation, now that they know that they don’t need Pixar to make every CG film for them.

  3. Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure is worse in my opinion.

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