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Bless me bagpipes!

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  1. Nononono! I JUST got that damn theme out of my head 10 minutes ago!!!

    • Ducktales, woo-hoo!

    • Welcome to your own personal hell.Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg
      Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it’s a duck-blur!
      Might solve a mystery
      Or rewrite history!

      DuckTales! Woo-oo!
      Tales of daring do bad and good
      Luck Tales! Woo-oo!

      D-d-d-danger! Watch behind you!
      There’s a stranger out to find you
      What to do, just grab on to some…

      DuckTales! Woo-oo!
      Tales of daring do bad and good
      Luck Tales! Woo-oo!
      Not pony tales or cotton tales, no,
      DuckTales! Woo-oo!

  2. It will never leave

  3. I never had the Disney Channel until around the year 2000, so I never saw the Duck Tales TV show, but I DO distinctly remember having this movie on a Recorded VHS and I watched it ALL the time as a little kid….well, half of this movie anyway, there was something wrong with how it got recorded and it started like half an hour into the story, but still, this is the only thing Duck Tales that I distinctly remember experiencing as a kid.

    • It wasn’t on Disney Channel, it aired in syndication on either ABC, CBS, or NBC depending on where you live. Disney didn’t start making cartoons for their channel until 2001. Before, it was either syndication, The Disney Afternoon or Disney’s 1 Saturday Morning.

    • Yeah, I never had Disney Channel, not til high school when I didn’t care anymore. And I’ve never seen a single episode of this show, but I watched this movie SO MANY TIMES. I guess I had the VHS, too. The brightness and clarity and resolution of it actually look better on this little internet video player than I remember it being on a tv in my childhood. For so long, this was the only reason I knew Duck Tales existed.

      And it occurs to me that the “possibly racist” character in this movie is almost EXACTLY the same as the one in The Mummy (the Brendan Frasier movie). Only I think in this, he starts out on the bad side and turns out to not be evil, while in the Mummy, Benny starts neutral and goes bad. But the accent and the greediness and the being-a-punchline thing are awfully similar.

      • If you where a kid in the early 90s then you would have seen it on Disney’s Afternoon on Network TV(ABC/NBC/CBS). In what is now the “Court” time slot of 3-5pm. It is possible that you didn’t see it because you watched 4Kids TV instead. Which was on Fox which is where Tiny Toons, and Animaniacs among others were. Myself I flipped between the two cartoon sets with Tiny Toons and Animaniacs always getting priority over what ever was opposite on Disney Afternoon…until Gargoyles was opposite one of them.

  4. I love this movie and seeing it in the theater as a kid blew my mind as a big fan of the series.

    It was like an episode of series expanded to feature film length on a more epic scale. Thanks for covering this one, Doug.

  5. This was one of the very first movies I ever owned on VHS, the other being “The Rescuers Down Under” (which is still a personal favorite). This movie has a nice animation bump that makes everything look just a bit smoother than the TV show.

  6. Still one of my all-time favourite movies. DEFINITELY worth watching if you liked the show (and aren’t the type of person to jump on every little bit of stereotyping and shout racist, etc)

  7. Mr. Walker says here that “no one back then” had a problem with ethnic caricaturing. That is not correct: the people being caricatured certainly had a problem with it. The only difference was that those groups might not have had a sufficient degree of social leverage to make everyone else notice or care themselves. The idea that caricatures have only “become” offensive now is a narrow and (quite frankly) self-serving one. The reason Mr. Walker did not think very hard about whether that character was a hateful image in 1990 was because he knew it was not a hateful image *of him,* and therefore it did not warrant profound consideration. (Although the more pressing reason is probably because he was nine years old and wasn’t about to think that hard about things, yes I know. The point still stands.)

    • What you say about stereotypes in general is not wrong (albeit overly accusatory), but it does not follow that this particular one was offensive. There is a difference now, where, due to past use of stereotypes, things with mere hints of stereotypes are judged as offensive. An obvious example is Speedy Gonzales, which people assumed was offensive until a bunch of Latinos pointed out that they looked up to the guy.

      The point Doug makes is that a stereotypical depiction is racist based on the idea that this is really how that race acts. None of us thought that Arabs actually acted this way, so it’s hard to call it inherently racist. It’s similar to the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp. Most of us thought they were just asshole cats, not anything about people from Thailand.

      It’s only fairly recently that we’ve decided to overcompensate for our past misdeeds. And, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with that. Where I do have a problem is where something that was not intended to be offensive when it was released is treated as being offensive.

      I don’t think any Arabic children would look at this character and think it’s supposed to be them. That’s what made the stereotypes offensive. Adults can understand the times, children can’t.

    • You know, contrary to popular opinion, Disney animators where not all straight white guys. They were actually a very diverse bunch, and if you ask them about the stereotypes they used, the answer is usually that it takes the fun out of animation if you have to second-guess everything.
      Plus, what bothers me about this “stereotypes are evil” discussion is the double standard. Lumiere is a Stereotype. Brave was full of stereotypes. The Rescuers has a whole assembly of stereotypical mice from all over the world. Does anybody care? Apparently not. Because there is this strange idea that it is totally okay to use stereotypes for certain groups of people, but not okay to use them for others. You can’t have it both ways. If Lumiere is acceptable, than most of the other characters are too.

      • I didn’t say stereotypes. I said ethnic caricatures. Those are distinct (albeit it broadly related) concepts.

        Although if you want to know why one group is louder in their offense than another, check out how many Scotsman of Frenchman are being patted down in line at the airport.

  8. There was a movie?! As a kid, I NEVER liked the original show. I would only stay for the theme song and then BYE!

  9. You know, I always wondered if anyone else saw the plotline in “Aladdin” and thought to themselves: “This seems very familiar…” I always thought this movie was kind of “practice for ‘Aladdin'”, and not just with the idea of the wise-cracking genie but really the whole plot involving the genie is kind of “cut and pasted”. (Had the same thoughts regarding “The Brave Little Toaster” and “Toy Story”, but I heard there was a reason for that one.)

    Just learned today Doug already did a review of “Frozen” with his brother last year. Damnit…I was holding out for that one… I think even if Doug ends up trashing a movie I like, he’s the only critic I can “sit through”.

  10. I’m actually friends with one of the people who worked on the film, Fraser MacLean. He was one of the effects assistants on the film, he also worked on Who Framed Roger Rabbit, SpaceJam, The Animals of Farthing Wood and was the artistic coordinator for Disneys Tarzan. He just released a book called Setting The Scene which talks about storyboarding and layout for animated films

  11. Duck Tales still came on when I was very young (I was born in 1994, the show was on for a few years– at least before I started Elementary School in 1999). But I owned this on VHS, and I loved it

  12. I’m actually surprised– given what a fan he is– this is Doug’s first time touching on the movie.

  13. Funny you mention DVD release Doug. I just found it at Walmart along with some other Disney Afternoon late comers like Gargoyles Season 2 Volume 2 and Tailspin volume 3. They all had a Walmart exclusive sticker so may not be a huge release but considering they were locked behind the Disney Movie Club or Rewards in the Disney Movie Rewards system, this is a better way to find them. As well as better looking packaging.

    But as said I already got this on DVD through the Rewards system and I still love the movie as much as when I watched it when I was 8. The animation was stepped up from the show and even if it didn’t have favorites like Gizmoduck or Bubba in it, Genie made up for them greatly. I’d wished they would of kept making movies for Ducktales just like this. Heck I’d buy in to a new movie like this if Disney was smart enough to make it.

    • Speaking of those Walmart DVD releases, apparently they got some sort of contract to release them early. They’ll all be getting wide releases come January.

      Hopefully this means a potential release of Ducktales vol. 4 in the future.

  14. This was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, watching it on VHS numerous times. And it still holds up too!

  15. Wow, it’s been along time scene i’ve seen this movie. I need to look for it.

  16. Love how this movies shows us Scrooge’s super human strength, and the superior quality of his cane, as he uses it to jimmy an 6” thick steel security door right off of it’s hinge. Leaving huge dent in it.

  17. Oh screw you Doug, now I got the theme song stuck in my head…

  18. Nothing could top the Ducktales NES game.

  19. Strange, I never heard of this one.

  20. Wait, wait, wait… I’m 30. I grew up with Ducktales. I watched every episode as a kid. Why the FUCK didn’t I ever know there was a Ducktales movie?! I watched all the big Disney movies as a kid… but I guess I missed a ton of the less popular ones, but I am still surprised I didn’t know about this…

  21. This movie has one of my favourite gags with regards to wishes:

    Huey: “We use up eight of our combined wishes for stuff we want, then we use the last one for World Peace.”
    Genie: “Hey! Hey! I fulfil wishes, not miracles.”

  22. This movie is in a serious need of a soundtrack release.

    Also, it had no songs, and it’s just another reason for loving it.

  23. I remember seeing a movie trailer for this movie in the nightmare before christmas when i watched it for the first time when it was on vhs yet i have never seen this movie but sense you say it”s good i’m going to view it

  24. This one of the first movies I remember seeing…ever. I think we had it on VHS and I think I probably watched it 100 times as kids often do. I remember absolutely loving the little genie.

  25. I loved the Ducktales movie, but don’t forget the “other” Ducktales movies. The made for TV films…Treasure of the Golden Suns, Time is Money and my personal favorite Super Ducktales!

  26. I had this on VHS as a kid and I watched it all the time. I just loved it.

  27. Oh man, when this came out, my sister and I made our grandmother who was watching us at the time, drive us to the theatre. It was like watching Indiana Jones for kids, I couldn’t close my eyes for a second. The show was already epic and this upped the ante. And funny I didnt’ know til right now that was Christopher Lloyd as the villiian :PI havent’ seen it in over twenty years.

  28. I enjoyed this movie and I own the dvd.

  29. Oh sensitivity shmeshintivity, people nowadays are all ninnies who think every single character with a thick accent is offensive to some nationality. I mean, Helloooo? its not like the whole world have to be perfectly fluent in english! And of couse he is a thief, he is based in “Arabian Nights” like Aladin, Ali-baba, The Thief and the Cobbler (whats up with arabians and their fascination with thieving heroes?).

    My only problem with most movies/cartoons involving genies, wishes and limitations (like the wizard wishing to be impervious to any wish that can cause harm to him) is that people BARELY have any imagination, specialy to explore loopholes. They could have wished for the lamp to desappear or slip away everytime the wizard tries to grasp it, or magneticaly-like repel his medallion so he can’t fit it into place, or simply wish for the genie to be able to not grat wishes to the Wizard. I could go all day-long thinking about flawless ways to rig the lamp as completely Anti-Merlock.

    • No, no, no. You can’t have a minority portrayed negatively in any way. Don’t you know that any portrayal of a minority in fiction is a representative of ALL of their ethnicity? It’s not just ‘part of who they are’, it’s a character trait, and identifying feature, and a commentary on what the writers believe ALL members of are like!

      That’s why only white people can be evil. Then it’s not racist!

    • Oh look, another conservatard make a fool of itself.

      If there was, say, another arabic character in the movie that wasn’t the same, then it wouldn’t be offfensive. As it stands, it’s a mix-and-match of cultural prejudices, and the more you whine about “people nowadays”, the more your sociopathy and stupidity are revealed.

      • Most people know that one character does not equal an entire race, and I’m going to assume this movie had regular middle eastern people in the background.

        If you have a problem with a character because he’s stereotypical thats fine great even, but one character being stereotypical does not make that character or the story he’s from racist.

        Its fine if you disagree, but calling people bigots if they don’t agree with you just makes you look like a asshole.

    • Also love it how you try to justify your bigotry with pointing out examples of backwards literature.

  30. Duck tits, WOO-HOO!!!

    BTW, this film wasn’t the first time that Rip Taylor played a genie, as he also played one in the second second of the 1970’s children show, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

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