Flight of the Navigator – Disneycember

Time traveling with Pee-Wee Herman, what’s not to like?

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  1. Respectfully, I disagree about the age of the character re: how he reacts and such. The movie seemed to build in early on that he’s at that age where he’s the older, more mature sibling between him and his brother. There’s little nods to it. So what WOULD it take to scare someone 12 or 13 years old into tears? Probably going home and finding out their family is gone and nothing is the way they left it (seemingly 10 minutes ago).

    I mean we can talk about it hypothetically as much as we want, how we’d react at that age in that situation. For most people there’s no possibility of it ever being a reality. If it did happen, you’d freak out. Most of us would. You’d panic. You’d cry. You’d whine. The stuff he goes through is pretty damn sudden and traumatic, whether he’s 6, 12, or even 14 or 15.

  2. I remember this movie, when I little they showed it in school during one of those movie days. It was always one of my favorite movies. This one, Batteries Not Included and The Quest (Frog Dreaming).

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