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  1. I saw the film before it got overhyped. So the hype didn’t ruin it for me. The film is okay. In my opinion, and your Frozen (the Let it Go videos parody son) editorial got this perfectly, the film is not the problem: it’s the fan base that’s the problem. I’ve seen a lot of crazy obsessed fanbasses, but never one more obsessed than Frozen’s.

    • Agreed with everything you said.

    • I don’t know, I think the only reason you think that is because it’s still popular. I still think the Twilight fandom was the absolute worst. The only reason Frozen is what it is is because it’s for little kids, little girls especially. It was the same when the Little Mermaid came out – girls went crazy.

      • While many of Frozen’s fans are girls, the movie is for all ages and genders. I know you don’t mean anything by it, but it bugs me when people say that certain things are for kids. It can really put people off from giving it a chance. This is especially true for Disney and films like Studio Ghibli’s.

    • I don’t mind the fans but first time watching it, I didn’t find it quite as good as I was expecting. Even though it is a good movie and I do like it, definitely not in my top five. I found Anna a bit irritating, they kinda go over the top with the whole ‘She’s not your usual princess’ and as soon as Kristoff appeared, I groaned because it was so painfully obvious they were going to screw over Hans and low and behold, they did just that. I still feel that it would have been so clever if Anna had not gone for either guy, she could have said she needed more time, she wanted to get to know they both properly and make sure what she felt was for real. I thought that would have been more mature instead of slapping her with Kristoff. Also, the ‘don’t marry the first guy you meet’ message was spoiled by the trolls trying to marry Anna the movement they clapped eyes on her.

      Also, I HATE HATE HATE Olaf, he is the most annoying comic relief ever.

      There is one thing that annoys me about the fanbase, the assumption that Elsa spent over a decade locked in her room. She didn’t, you even see in the movie that she clearly left it. I think she just spent a lot of time in there, avoiding Anna and not playing with her. I’m pretty sure the two of them still had meals and probably lessons together, Elsa just kept putting distance between them. I think even without the ice powers, Elsa might have pulled away from her annoying little sister anyway, since they are different.

      My favourite part of this was Anna dying to protect her sister and that was true love. That bit was awesome.

      • Elsa’s biggest issue was isolation. She was afraid that her secret would harm others, so she pretty much shut her self off from the one person she truly cared about” Her sister Anna.

      • Thankyou so much. I hated the whole scene with the trolls and forcing Anna into a marriage, like a shotgun wedding. Not to mention the trolls sending awful messages across, like get the fiance out of the way and everything will be fixed. Which I am guessing is what the writers actually thought, because they did get Hans out of the way to fix everything. But they never listened to Anna, and they just kept on forcing her and manipulating her into marrying somebody that she’s not in love with, and then basically say to her, don’t be such a snobbish female, he may smell, but he’s just a fixer upper ! Marry this guy instead ! Like, wow ! I thought that this movie was supposed to be feminist inpowerment ?!

        They are basically saying that Anna is so dumb that she needs help, because she loves somebody else. This is what’s said in the song, after they make it clear to the trolls that she’s already engaged to another man.

        So true love at first sight is gross, but forcing the main princess into marriage and basically saying that she’s stupid for loving a prince, and that she basically needs to stop being a snob, and that she needs help, is role model material and female power ?
        Not to mention the movie basically confuses the message with the quick marriage, because Anna says no, not because she realizes oh wait, hang on, maybe a quick marriage is a awful idea. No it’s because she loves somebody else.

        Not to mention Hans and Anna actually had some chemistry and got along strongly. It just looks like Anna only goes with Kristoff in the end, because he’s not a giant asscock. Just Kristoff loves me, so it must be true love this time around right ?

        So creepy and disturbing.

    • I concur. Frozen is heavily overrated. But its still a decent film. Just not the “Masterpiece” people are trumpeting as.

    • This film is overhyped, I love once upon a time and they keep on saying let it go. That was part one and it ended on a good note. Frozen is not bad it just was over used.

    • People *ALWAYS* blame the fans.

      It’s like blaming the wizards, or the cat, or whatever typically passes for a ‘Big Obvious Target’ about what’s ”wrong with the world”. -_-

      I say this is a dumb attitude to systematically go to. Whatever it’s the Internet or in ”real life”, people go for the easy thing.

    • Oh my god, it’s Final Fantasy VII all over again. XD

    • I’m in the fan base ,but I think Frozen is just…good. But I will admit that there are crazed people in the fandom

    • I don’t think that’s entirely true that the Frozen fan base is the worst one. I think the top worst are Twilight fans and My Little Pony fans, I’m sorry but if you say anything negative about that damn show, people will flip on you and wish death upon you. You don’t see many Twilight fans around that much (thank god) but they are still pretty bad.

    • NostalgiaCriticFreak21

      The reason why its so obsessed is because Frozen was a once-in-a-lifetime diamond in the rough. Perfectly created and perfectly portrayed.

  2. Too much teeth, I understand they have this new animation style but it needs some work. The thing I love about this movie is that A they showed the parents death onscreen but it was silent and they didn’t really show it and B they made A the reason that the movie even happened. But a lot of the movie kinda feels like “We are trying to create things to sell.” I have to agree with NC though the backdrops are amazing and the snow was perfect, they really got that right cause snow sticks to EVERYTHING.

  3. Also, I wish we got a truer adaptation of the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is one of my favorite fairy tales. Originally, this was gonna be a Snow Queen adaptation and re-telling, but by the time the movie was finished, the Snow Queen became only a rather loose source of inspiration for the movie.

    • Was Aladdin a true adaptation of the classic story? What about The Little Mermaid?

      • Those are still closer adaptations than Frozen is.

      • Little Mermaid they only changed the ending and they added a villain. Other than that, it’s a pretty true adaptation.

      • Aladdin was less an adaption of the classic Aladin story and much much closer to the more modern classics “Thief of Bagdad”.

      • All the other Disney Princess movies (save for Brave, but that’s another matter) are either improving on the source material by fleshing out the characters, or telling a new story which is equally as good as the one they started with (which is not difficult to do with something like the Frog Prince, but still). Frozen was the first “adaptation” in which I barely recognized the source material, and which, imho, created something which was by far not as good as the original story. Which is easily one of Anderson’s best.

        • how about you don’t see Frozen as an adaptation of ‘snow queen’ and see it as its own story with its own world and characters.

          • Even if you see it as an isolated story it doesn’t work, because the plot is contrived, the characters are weak, the “twist” is predictable and not set up particularly well at the same time, the songs (minus Fixer upper) are good but sound like they belong to three different soundtracks and most of them add nothing to the story….Frozen belongs on one level with Princess and the Frog, which has similiar problems.

      • They still follow loose plot points. All Frozen really has in common is the presence of a queen who controls snow. Oh, and trolls. And something hitting the head causing a person to freeze.

        Seriously, Frozen is about as close to the Snow Queen as Coraline is to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

    • They started it as the Snow Queen but, have you ever read it? THAT IS NOT A KIDS STORY AT ALL. I’m actually pleased they didn’t make Snow Queen.

    • Check out the 1957 Soviet animated film. Now that I guess there’s nothing else Disney-related to review Doug Walker should make a Soyuzmultfilmcember 😛

      Since we already have a classic The Snow Queen animation I’m glad they took a different direction because I think this is a wonderful film. It’s a shame classic European animation isn’t too well-known though.

      • I must agree, as said in another comment, I’ve seen a ton of other adaptations of The Snow Queen, which means, I’ve seen that story many times before, so it’s nice to see them take it in a completely different direction and give us a new story, instead of the one that has been told a million times over already.

    • This a thousand times. The Snow Queen is a great fairytale with awesome characters. If you want it to be about two sisters and their love, hell, make the main characters sisters instead of childhood friends. That said, I have SO many problems with frozen and I couldn’t really enjoy it.
      The whole backstory with Elsa’s powers made no sense to me, why the trolls? The trolls are so useless in this movie and are only there to help the plot make some kind of sense.
      But I was willing to forgive that part, because the “Do you want to build a snowman?part was so adorable.
      If the whole movie would have been more like that, you know, the relationship between the sisters, Elsa getting really bitter and a villain… But no, you need two love interests (and remember kids, the charming one is evil, go for the guy who treats you like an idiot and fights with you constantly), and Elsa as a… some kind of villain but not really? That was really… ugh.
      Overall, it seemed like it was re-written and changed again and again by a bunch of different people and now it feels just poorly pieced together and is not even losely based on the Snow Queen.

      • I felt the same about Elsa’s powers. If the Troll leader knew about Elsa’s powers, then it would have been better if he would have helped her to control her powers and then hide it from her people. She could have accidentally revealed it later in a fit of rage and then ran. I would have also built up to that prince because he was like so many in line to his own throne, that I would have had a foreshadowing that he wanted to marry a princess just to get that power. He didn’t necessarily have to be the villain. He could have just said “One day, I will rule a kingdom” after some tiff with his father or brothers. I saw a lot of problems with this story also. I was disappointed because I expected a lot better after all that hype.

      • It actually makes sense once you realize what Elsa’s powers are essentially a stand in for. Mental Illness such as Schizophrenia. The underlying unsaid theme of the movie is coming to terms with mental illness in the family. Granpa Troll is essentially a psychiatrist. The isolating Elsa and not talking about the issue with anyone especially Anna was a classic family response.

        And this isn’t wild speculation or crazy critical analysis of the movie. This is what the directors have up front said its all about.

        • Yeah, and that makes it even more stupid.
          If the trolls stand for psychiatrists, why don’t they help her? If you get diagnosed with schizophrenia, it’s not like doctors are gonna tell your parents to lock you away until you can control your crazy.
          It’s also not empowering to just “Let it go” and don’t give a fuck about your mental illness, going off your meds and live by yourself.
          I mean, I get that it’s supposed to stand in for something your parents might think you should be ashamed of, but that’s a whole different thing and makes me think more of movies like “Penelope” (the one in which Christina Ricci plays a princess with a pig snout), so keep that away from the snow queen and make a different movie if you want to make a completely different movie in the first place…

      • Originally Elsa was gonna be a villain more like the fairy tale but when they recorded Let it Go it felt more of an anthem of empowerment than a villain song so they rewrote the script. You can still see bits of the old story in the early trailers and some deleted songs and scenes.

    • I agree…I have multiple problems with the movie. The plot is kind of a mess…I would put it on a level with Princess and the Frog, not bad, but also not particularly good, it’s like for every good thing in the movie they put something bad into it. I have to disagree heavily with Doug: The songs are good (safe for Fixer upper), but they sound like they are from three different soundtracks and they are terribly used in the movie. I have never seen a Disney movie which did so badly with the placing of the songs, and the way they relate to the story, especially not since Ashman with his “every song has to add to the story” rule put his mark on Disney movies.

      But I wouldn’t mind the hype because, well, people like what they like.

      But what REALLY pisses me off is that it is based on a fairy tale about a competent female lead which goes alone on a travel, never has a romance, and meets a lot of other compelling female characters on her way, and they made out of it a movie which has an all male cast of side-characters, and incompetent (kind of annoying) lead, and a sister relationship which consists of the sisters barely interact with each other. And THAT is praised as feminist, when it swept aside a story which was way more feminist (and interesting) in the first place, plus, isn’t even as feminist as most of the other Disney Princess movie? Urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ugh you sound like a Tumblr feminazi. how annoying

        • There is nothing wrong with being feminist…but to make it clear, I am usually on the side of the defenders of the Disney Princess movies. I think it is great that they exist because if they didn’t, there were barely any female lead characters in Western Animation. I used to think that every Disney Princess brings something important to the table. But I also think that the more Disney tries to address the criticism concerning the Disney Princesses, the less they manage to create compelling female characters. A good female character is not a walking political or social message. It’s just a female character with an interesting story. If they had stuck closer to the original story, I think the result would have been a way bigger step forward than what Frozen is. And if you ask me: It is pretty much on the bottom of the most “feminist” Disney princess movies. The only one worse in this regard (not as a movie overall) is Aladdin, because that’s pretty much a Disney Princess movie for boys, with a male lead and an with the exception of Jasmine all-male cast.

          • uggghhhhh see even if you deny how much of an ultra feminist you are, you still pretty much admit it based on what you just said.

            “A good female character is not a walking political or social message. It’s just a female character with an interesting story. ”

            and so are Elsa and Anna; you don’t hear them saying out loud how much of a strong independent girl they are, or how much they kickass and put men in their place, nor does Frozen’s script say anywhere around the lines of “but you are a girl how could you do x and y??””just because I’m a girl yada yada” nowhere in the film are they trying to bring out a political message in their portrayal and characterization of Elsa and Anna.

            “If they had stuck closer to the original story, I think the result would have been a way bigger step forward than what Frozen is”

            if they stuck with the Original Story, it would still be in development hell for another 75 years. see, if you’ve seen the various Snow Queen movies over the decades that stick closely to the original story, they are rather clunky, unfocused, and too removed for a story about a ‘Snow Queen’ because majority of the original story is about Gerda going through unrelated things before encountering the actual main plot point, which is the Snow Queen. I dunno if you have noticed but when people think of the Snow Queen story, the main impression seems to be on a Queen of Snow and Ice doing ice magic rather than on a girl going on an adventure trying to save her friend. I believe that the original story is better on paper than on film because of that fact, no matter how “feminist” it is; its episodic nature is really hard to portray on film because the literary medium can get away with long narratives and leave most of the imagery to the reader’s interpretation whereas the film medium is visual in nature therefore needed a more concise plot. also if you notice that none of these Snow Queen film adaptations break out successfully into mainstream entertainment? so I definitely understand why Disney is having a hard time with Snow Queen enough that they had to make an entirely new story simply inspired from it.

            “It is pretty much on the bottom of the most “feminist” Disney princess movies.”

            BS. you need to rewatch Frozen, this time without the feminazi glasses on. IDK what made you see it that way, is it because of the Original Snow Queen Story? if so, I recommend that you rewatch Frozen without associating it with the Original Snow Queen story, that is a much rewarding way of seeing the movie’s own merits and successes instead of being associated with anoother because no matter what the media says, Frozen is never based on Snow Queen, just a loose inspiration of it.

        • I don’t think she sounds like a “Tumblr feminazi”, as far as I understand those were praising Frozen, but honestly, the female leads are really questionable… All they think about is themselves. The original fairytale was beautiful and heartwarming, they should have stuck to it.

          • The female leads are great and don’t think about themselves. The movie is also great and doesn’t need to be based I the source material. 75 years in development and they couldn’t get it right since it proved to be way to difficult. That’s why it’s loosely inspired not based on The Snow Queen.

          • I agree with Majorpain11, the female leads are great and well written female characters, and if you fail to try to see that, maybe your association of the movie with the ‘Snow Queen’ story is preventing you from seeing the movie’s own achievements and successes.

            and if you are a Tumblr user, you’d know that most feminazis hate the guts out of this movie purely because it didn’t condone to their standards of a feminist film. just like how SwanPride is doing.

        • godwin’s law or ad personam… you lost this argument before it even started…

    • Go look up Faerie Tale Theatre, a series from the 1980s. They spent all of their budget on big names, but the result is a group of stories that stay true to the original while still including some fresh ideas. They did a fantastic version of Snow Queen.

  4. This is a great film. However a lot of people call it a bad film, because it’s overhyped. People need to know that just because a film isn’t what they expected it to be doesn’t mean it’s a bad film.

    • Exactly! That’s what I just said above in my comment. The film is not the problem, the fan base is.

    • Yeah. That’s kind-of my test for several movies and shows, if you took out all pre-conceptions would the film still hold up? And, I have to say, I think Frozen holds up really well as just a good movie.

    • Hi I’m a person who doesn’t like the film for reasons unrelated to the hype. Granted the first time I watched it I hated hit because it was a disappointment from the hype, but on the second watch I admitted it wasn’t so bad and there was one vital flaw which ruined everything, and that is that Hans shouldn’t have been a villain, every action he took up until that point was selfless and noble. He hadn’t been set up as one and it feels like they just threw that plot-point in, even going down to the “you will not get away with this” “I already have” trope.

      It destroys the last third, when I watched it first I thought all of the last third was the problem but no, the sister true love thing was fine, but because of the final act was poorly set due to the introduction of Hans as a villain, it just feels rushed and hollow, from both times I watched it. He didn’t need to be a villain, he could have kissed Anna and nothing happened, that would still keep the moral that infatuation is not love and changes the whole ending to something better overall. It also would show there is no really major villain (though The Duke of Wesalton is still a minor villain, but even he is understandable due to both being frightened and trying to defend his nations trade interests).

      People may love this film, But the final third, that single but massive plotpoint, just ruins the entire movie for me, leaves me with an empty feeling of disappointment about the film. If it were not for that, I too would adore this film, and honestly I still get the urge to watch this if only for the first falf of the film and the set-pieces.

    • I don’t call it a bad film for being overhyped. I call it mediocre film for being mediocre. The villain reveal is STILL a convoluted ass-pull. Story shouldn’t be sacrificed just to get a half-assed moral across. And I don’t see where Doug is coming from saying Elsa is intelligent. This is the same character that unleashed an explosion of ice, turns around, sees her sister clutching her chest, and doesn’t think “MAYBE, just maybe, I might have hurt her. Maybe I should do something to fix it…” All Elsa does in this movie is run away from her problems. She never, EVER confronts them, and the movie does nothing about it. I’m so sick of people blaming the hype as the reason why people dislike the movie. Did you ever consider the fact that your precious film probably has flaws? Don’t even get me STARTED on that train wreck Big Hero 6.

    • Have seen the movie before the hype (though I predicted that it would be a big success, due to the lack of good animated movies in 2013). I still think that it is mediocre. It’s for me on one level with Princess and the Frog…it could have been really good, but it has too many problems to deserve the hype it gets. And I call it now: In 40-50 years people will still watch Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the beast, Tangled…but the likes of Brave or Frozen with their pseudo-feminist messages will be forgotten.

      • no, in 40-50 years people will Remember Frozen as one of the greatest Disney Classics. It is wildly popular and universally loved. don’t let your irrational hatred towards this movie blind you from facts.

        • Sounds pretty spot-on if you ask me. Love fades. Big Hero 6 got a hearty reception, and already people have stopped talking about it. I give Frozen a decade before its existence is forgotten by all but a few, like Black Cauldron and Atlantis. That’s not hate. That’s acknowledgment that the only reason it’s loved to such a high degree is because its messages appeal to a modern audience. No matter what anyone says, this movie’s far from timeless.

        • I don’t hate it. But a lot of Frozen success is based on it hitting a particular Zeitgeist (and the song). It’s a little bit like Aladdin in this regard with the difference that Aladdin had a better story. But Aladdin didn’t really age that well and I don’t think that Frozen will, either. Initial success is not really a guarantee for long-lasting success, neither is the lack of success an inclination for being forgotten fast. A lot of the nowadays classic Disney movies were a financial disappointment for the studio (in fact, all of the pre-war movies were, with the exception of Snow White and Dumbo). And some of those which initially did well, are now less beloved than they used to be.

          • Aladdin is still just as watched and well regarded as the other big Disney Renaissance movies though. I have no idea how well Frozen will age, but I doubt it’ll do worse than Tangled.

          • Your kidding right? People still talk about the Golden age and Reinassance movies. It’s no different hear as history repeats itself, except that Frozen deserves what it is getting and BH6 needs more attention. Although that’s difficult with the competition it’s having as of now and a few months down the line.

          • “Initial success is not really a guarantee for long-lasting success, neither is the lack of success an inclination for being forgotten fast. A lot of the nowadays classic Disney movies were a financial disappointment for the studio And some of those which initially did well, are now less beloved than they used to be.”

            Lion King? All of the Renaissance movies? they all did well and until now most 90s kids still look upon the movie of that era as timeless and memorable, and they ALL did well financially. you know what did poorly and are mostly forgotten? the Dark age films Fox and the Hound, rescuers, robin hood, etc. do you hear the majority of the population gush over those movies whenever they think of Disney? or how about the Dork Age movies of the 2000s such as treasure planet, atlantis, brother bear, etc. sure youll find the usual random internet commenter who would love these movies, but does the general public look upon these movies with nostalgia?? there’s a reason why these movies are categorized in the ‘Dark and Dork’ ages, you know. Sure the golden age era films didn’t return back costs on their initial releases, but that’s because of WW2, where Disney’s biggest market at that time, Europe, was busy bloodshedding to give a crap about hollywood films, hardly a comparison with Frozen’s or Tangled’s success in the current era because there isn’t a world war to cut back majority of hollywood’s market! if you factor out WW2, those films did really well domestically actually, it’s that the costs of making those films are exceedingly expensive that it needed international help to make back its cost.

            so in regards to Frozen, if you think its relevance in the current era would not make it age well, think again! think of Snow White, with its extremely dated animation and portrayal of womanhood, it is still looked back as fondly as it has been decades ago and is widely considered a classic that everyone needed to see even if the movie is out of touch with modern audiences. you may not feel Frozen’s classic status at this time since you are a child of this era, but I reckon you in 50 years time, Frozen along with Lion King, and many of the successful Disney movies, including Tangled and BH6 will be looked back by future generations as classics that reflect the era they are made in. like i said, don’t let your hatred blind you fromm actual facts; your negative biasness towards Frozen stems from your ultra feminist perspective on it so come back when you get rid of your biasness, thanks bye.

    • No, I think it’s just okay. Not really bad, but not good, either.

  5. And there is the OUAT reference again. Seriously Doug, are you a fan? Do you watch the show? It’s one of the two shows I still watch on TV (the other being American Horror Story, but that’s neither here nor there)

  6. Literally nothing anyone does in this movie makes sense. You’re told your daughter’s worst enemy is fear, so you teach her to be terrified of herself?

    Also, is Doug ever going to actually articulate what he hates about Elton John and Phil Collins? He said he hated that in Tarzan the characters aren’t the ones singing the songs. So? Why is that a problem?

    • I think watch those Disneycember videos. I think he explains it there better. I don’t know.

    • Actually it makes perfect sense, that how normal humans especially parents would most likely react. It’s completely unknown and dangerous.

    • Actually the response of the parents felt incredibly real to me. It’s how, sadly, a lot of parents handle mental issues or physical ones. All they know for sure is that they have one daughter who has powers they themselves don’t understand and it very nearly killed their other daughter. It’s also a parallel to how issues like depression are handled in a lot of families in that they are told to suppress the feelings until they go away. Pretend they aren’t there and move on. The movie shows the fear in the subjects when they saw Elsa’s powers leading me to believe that magic isn’t exactly something you go around showing off in this world.

      As for the/Phil Collins bit he mentions in a Disneycember that the songs from Tarzan felt a lot like songs you’d hear on the radio. Which is totally true. I heard you’ll be in my heart on the radio before I had seen the movie. Whereas you aren’t going to hear Be our guest, or Under the sea played anywhere but radio disney.

  7. I saw it the weekend it came out and I gotta say it’s so overhyped. I really don’t get it. There are so many things in the movie I don’t like and I think Disney has done even better. I’m not a fan of this and I was really urked that this gets all the attention when it really shouldn’t. I think some songs are good but some are really bad. The villian is shoe horned in at the last half for tension and a climax and if anything predicatble. The characters are cut and copy of Tangled. Ana is totally Rupunzel, Chrsitoph is Flynn Rider, Sven is Maximus. I’m sorry they are reall unoriginal characters. Olaf granted wasn’t as annoying as we percived in the teaser but still I think he’s there just to shove a line in that makes all the girls turn into putty. I think this film doesn’t deserve the recognition it gets. I feel like nothing happens at all. I like it in Kiki but this actually tries to set up a conflict that to me doesn’t work. Also I hate those stupid pointless trolls. Only there to serve as comedic value and sing the worst song of the movie. It was so bad and I was the only one walking out feeling dissapointed. My friends wouldn’t shut up about it being so good. I began to doubt my senses and I saw itabout 4-5 times hating even more. I literaly could do an entire review on this I didn’t like it that much. Now to be fair I can say it’s not the worst film ever or the worst Disney film but I feel it doesn’t deserve the hype and attention it’s gotten. I can’t stand to see it again. I really couldn’t eve if I tried. You’d have to go all Clockwork Orange on me to get me to watch it and I’ll even react to it like Alex. This is a film I am ok that if people like then fine but I’m one to just say skip out.

    • The trolls are kinda important. They serve as mystical guidance. To the characters, yes, but also to the audience. We have no idea how Elsa’s powers work (hell, Elsa doesn’t even know how her powers work). The trolls are the device that explains that to the audience. And Fixer Upper is actually quite catchy and I think deserves more attention.

      Also, Doug, if you’re reading, every time I watch the “Fixer Upper” number, I just shout at the screen, “BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR MOMENT”

    • For me, the individual elements were great: themes of fear, regret, and sisterly love. The songs. The fact that Elsa and Anna were very realistic characters. It just didn’t come together for me. It felt like the movie was rushing from song to song, very mechanically and purposefully hitting each story beat. Olaf felt shoehorned in because they needed a wacky sidekick. If they’d taken a little more time with the movie and fleshed it out to 2 hours, I think I would have enjoyed it more.

  8. When is Doug going to review Pom Poko?

  9. Wow. looks like I’m first. Either way, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa brings you what you need. Always a big difference from what you want.

    Onto the review. Pretty much everything that has been said about Frozen has been said by everyone else. There is one change I wish the movie had done. I wish the Prince had kissed Anna and nothing happened.

    I never liked the villain reveal. It works the first time around, but every other view (and with two daughters that is a lot) it just becomes harder and harder to look past. It would have been better if Hans just kissed Anna and it’s like proof that love isn’t just a song and dance. Instead of Hans being some terrible last minute villain, him and Anna realize love isn’t as simple as that. The movie could then transition Hans from some schemer to some desperate hero thinking killing Elsa would save the day and follow the rest of the movie as planned.

    The one bright spot in the hype is that maybe Disney will see that diversity pays off. Instead of making numerous clones of Frozen/Wicked, Disney might see that big hits can come from anywhere so keep your eyes, ears and mind open.

    • I don’t think the villain was last minute at all. Think about the kingdom is obviously very wealthy and they set up Wessleton as the bad guy and while that’s going on Hans is sees that and does some good old fashioned espionage but unfortunately he falls to the Bond stereotype and tells his plan to the main character who he believes won’t survive.

    • I hated the villain reveal so much I couldn’t enjoy the movie after that. I hate it so much I swore never to
      pay to see another disney movie ever again.

      It is traumatic for sensitive viewers, insults the audience’s intelligence, badly acted, badly written, not consistent with everything that was established about the character, it is insulting to the author of the source material, it undermines the morals of the original source material and the movie itself, it introduces a bunch of obnoxious cliches that took a unique movie and made it into just another generic disney film.

      It teaches a moral that hasn’t needed to be taught in over 50 years, creates an incredibly lame villain, is offensive to red heads, is mean, cynical, not very fun, and while it discourages easily trusting strangers it might encourage the opposite extreme of introversion.

    • Yeah, it’s still my biggest gripe with the film. I think the only problem is that Enchanted already did it, so I guess if Disney did it again so soon, it would seem like they ran out of ideas. I like the idea of someone super handsome being the villain, but there could have at least been a hint or two.

  10. I honestly very much dislike Anna. She pretty much caused every single bad thing to happen in the movie(unintentionally, of course but the problems are still there). I personally believe that Olaf and Sven are the best characters in the movie. They just feel quite unique in my opinion.

    • Anna didn’t cause anything, it was the parents their plan to keep Elsa hidden, and the fact that they died set a domino effect that made all the bad stuff in the movie happen. Anna is just Anna, she’s not some big hero she’s more of a relate-able teenager if anything.

      • Yeah but Ann set the chain of events in motion

      • Exactly as xxfiredudexx said. If it wasn’t for Anna, none of the problems in the film would’ve existed(the film probably wouldn’t have existed either but whatever). Now yes, for sure the parents fucked up BIG TIME, but if Anna slowed down at the beginning film, none of Elsa’s problems would’ve happened. And it’s not the only time Anna fucked up, she also caused her sister to make everything cold, she threw a snowball at Elsa’s bigger eviler snowman and endangered her friends and some other people too. She’s like Jar Jar Binks except MUCH MORE tolerable!

  11. Badly Drawn Manchild

    I liked this movie just fine when it first came out. I didn’t think it was one of Disney’s greatest, but I thought it was okay and I was glad to have seen it. Unfortunately, the obsession and insanity surrounding this movie has officially ruined it for me since then. I simply can’t enjoy it now without realising that there have been actual honest-to-God marriage breakups over it. It’s like how an obnoxious fandom can put you off even the things you love. So if I have problems with the movie, it’s likely not because of the film itself, but because of the idiots who have gone completely batshit-insane over it.

    • You know how I deal with that? I stay off social media, and if I’m ever one it, if anyone that mentions anything about the movie I just hop of for an hour or two. Also avoid Tumblr like that plague those people are disgusting.

  12. Here’s an idea, why don’t you do a top 11 favorite Disney Movies Doug? It’s something that I’m sure a lot of fans have been wondering ever since you did your first Disney movie review, or heck even when you did the villains of Disney. So yeah why not make a top 11 of your favorite Disney Movies as the Nostalgia Critic?

  13. I was gonna go into a long rant regarding the unfair treatment this film often gets because of its popularity, but I only have one thing to say: thank you everything you said in this review. You summed up this movie’s brilliance to a tee. It’s Christmas Eve. May as well think of more positive things today.

  14. Heck now that I think about it why not do a top 11 of your favorite movies in general?

    P.S I got the first tweet!

  15. I’ll be completey honest, I have not seen this movie, and really have no interest in seeing. I’m not saying that to be in the 1 percent or whatnot, but I just don’t see myself watching this movie and fully enjoying it. My sisters love it, and they themselves say it’s more of a sister-movie I guess.

    I will be honest, I’ve had enough of the music. Haven’t seen the movie. Heard that damn song one too many times. Not for me.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s a sister movie. I mean, there’s a lot of stuff that goes down and quite a bit to like. If you’ve got the DVD around the house or something, I’d advise at least watching it once just for the sake of giving it a try.

  16. I’m sorry, Doug… but to me, Frozen is one of the most poorly written movies I have ever watched in my entire life. How can you seriously give it a free-pass with them giving Anna a boyfriend at the end after knowing him only a few days, AND it being portrayed as something good? Heck, the trolls are trying to FORCE THEM into marriage WHILE ANNA IS DYING! And it’s portrayed in a way that makes it look like we’re supposed to be onboard with it.
    They try to convey a message about that a girl do not need a big strong manly man to complete their life… yet ends with her getting a big strong manly man to complete her life either way.

    And the backstory is seriously stupid – you can’t claim a movie can still work when it’s set-up is awful. I got no reason to give a shit about what’s happening when the backstory told that is the reason of it all happening being frustratingly poorly written.
    And of course, the two main girls look like skinny curvy big-eyed big-headed overly attractive barbie dolls. Oh, and let’s not forget the pseudo-acceptance of homosexuality with the shop owner being ambigiously hinted at possibly being gay.

    And no, I do not hum on “Let It Go”. In fact, I personally think it’s just a generic gala song. But hey, if you love listening to it, good for you. But to claim you are pathetic to listening to it without kids to play it for? No, that’s not pathetic – to claim it’s pathetic to do that on the other hand IS pathetic. Either way, only good song for me in the movie was “For the First Time in Forever”.
    But even with the few good things the movie did, all of it has been done in other movies already – and it has been done better. It tries to pretend it breaks gender roles, even though it really doesn’t. I mean, could you imagine the movie being played out the exact same way if Anna was genderswapped? Just Anna – no other character? No? Yeah, I thought so.

    Love it all you want – but I find it ridiculous how delusional you are of it’s flaws. I’ve watched the movie twice – all it leaves me with is a serious headache. If you want to know more about why I don’t care for this movie – YourMovieSucks explains it very well.

    • What is it with you and being negative all the time? Doug’s giving his honest opinion, simple as that.

      Also, I saw that review. I like YMS, but he’s generally overcritical of movies people love to illustrate a point about blind love. I don’t take his reviews as absolute truth, and neither should you…

    • Wow..just…wow. This is wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny.

    • hahaaha omg I pity you and your utter cynicism

    • By the end they had Anna just in the very very begining stages of the possibility of building a relationship that might lead to boyfriend/girlfriend. In others words a normal healthy progression of a human relationship. As opposed to her earlier attempt to jump headlong to the end game with someone she had not built any relationship with. I actually found it quite well done, if a little subtle.

      And yeah! People will remember and worship this one for decades. Let’s put this bluntly. Some of us remember what it felt like to be an 11 year old boy that summer of ’77 when Star Wars stepped onto the screen it lit off a merchandise and fanboy bomb in our brains that has lasted almost 40 years now. Well Frozen is the 11 year old girls turn at that rodeo.

      • First he is complaining about how the relationship undermines the message that you don’t need to be in a relationship to have a happy life

        Second they are not in the beginning stages of a relationship leading to boyfriend/girlfriend. They were making out after knowing each other for three days and barely knowing a thing about each other. That is not subtle or realistic

      • I wouldn’t say Frozen is for 11 year old girls and Star Wars for 11 year old boys cause that’s not true. I see a lot boys and adult males like and/or love Frozen and girls/women love Star Wars when it premiers in 77(when I talked to someone who was a kid at the time).

    • Concur. But overall, Frozen isn’t bad. It’s just okay.

  17. The reason that a princess marries a guy she just met is because Royals must marry Royals. At an early age they have seen all the possible candidates. They know each other inimitably. Also there is a time limit if the girl does not marry before a certain age they will marry her off.
    So when she finds a great guy at first site she marries him.

    It pissed me off how people forget history and think things are the way they are today.

    I Japan and China if a girl did not get engaged by a certain age they were drowned. Being an Asian woman I have heard these stories all my life.

  18. Yup, Doug’s been brainwashed.

    In all seriousness though, I thought it was an OK film. But I would not put in the top ten Disney films ever. So many plot holes and Elsa and Anna look nearly identical. I know they’re sisters but gosh if they had the same hair color and tweaked their eyes a bit they could be clones. Elsa defiantly looks just like her mother.
    It had extremely lazy character design.

    My number one pet peeve though is people calling it the most feminist Disney film ever. Why couldn’t they have stuck closer to the original fairy-tale? Then it could have been one of the most feminist Disney films ever. It did not even have a love story AT ALL. And it actually had POC!

    I don’t even remember the guy Anna ends up with’s name. Though I do like the idea of Hans I thought they could have done a lot better with how they developed him. I actually do kinda like Olaf and I thought Anna was a decent character and was kinda funny. Elsa is a bit of a hit and miss for me. She could have been a amazing character if they focused more on her struggle and developed her more. I don’t remember much of Anna’s boyfriend except that he liked reindeer more then people and he was raised by rocks.

    Oh yeah, rock trolls, useless and annoying. And they had a annoying song. I liked the shop owner. He was cool.

    I don’t hate the film, it’s just WAY TOO OVERHYPED that it comes at it’s disadvantage. I really hope they don’t end up doing a sequel.

    • I agree. Frozen is extremely overrated. Its a very unbalanced muscial. With forgettable numbers, a bland predictable villian, two dimensional characters, and a backwards written protagonist. The biggest flaw it has, is its story. Had they MADE it almost entirely about Elsa, there would have been more to open up. To mean, watching Frozen is like eating a cupcake, your hunger is comforted, but its not enough. There’s not enough substance to satisfy you. As for the songs? Meh, not that great. “Fixer Upper” is cute, but it doesn’t have the pizzazz of “Feed Me Seymour” Let it Go is what “Downtown Skid Row” was to Little Shop of Horrors. The internet has made it a phenomenon. That didn’t exist in 1986, so Downtown didn’t spread like wildfire as the signature number of the musical.

      For its flaws, Frozen is tolerable. Not great, not good. But…well…alright.

      • All this said is not true at all. Heck the second the word overrated came in the comment is were all credibility or any way to take it seriously is thrown out entirely.

        • How come that when reading these comments I see you commenting to everyone who did not like the movie as much as you do something like “NOOOOO THAT IS SOOO NOT TRUE, YOU ARE WRONG AND YOU HAVE THEREFORE NO CREDIBILITY BECAUSE I SAY SO” You are not even trying to address their points and explain why you think they are incorrect, you are the one who has no credibility.

          I myself enjoyed Frozen, just not enough to hype it. Sometimes it felt kind of forced, illogical things and choices seemed to happen for the sake of the plot. The whole accident thing served as an excuse for Elsa to develop a fear of her powers, and removing Anna’s memories about those powers served as an excuse for them to grow apart, their parents had to die so Elsa would become the queen so that her powers could accidentally be revealed and she could run away, Hans became a last-minute villain so that there could be one, and Anna wouldn’t have to choose between him and Kristoff etc.

          There is also a plot hole that bugs me. Who was in charge in those three years between their parents’ death and Elsa’s coming of age, and wouldn’t that person be in charge of Arandelle in case that something happened to Anna and Elsa?

          • I’m I don’t need to say if there points are incorrect cause for one they are incorrect, not from my point of view but from the critical standpoint of film making and film history.

          • Maorpain11, everything you have said is not true at all. I don’t need to say if your points are incorrect cause for one they are incorrect, not from my point of view but from the critical standpoint of film making and film history.

  19. The reason that a princess marries a guy she just met is because Royals must marry Royals. At an early age they have seen all the possible candidates. They know each other intimately. Also there is a time limit if the girl does not marry before a certain age they will marry her off.
    So when she finds a great guy she marries him, quickly.

    It pisses me off how people forget history and think things are the way they are today.

    In Japan and China if a girl did not get engaged by a certain age they were drowned. Being an Asian woman I have heard these stories all my life.

  20. Did you know that this movie was released a year after ANOTHER animated movie based on the Snow Queen was released? And… that one actually wasn’t as good. The english version at least.

    Also, Elsa was supposed to be the villain as shown in the deleted scenes of the movie, but they decided to change that because she was so interesting. And Anna’s earlier designs made my eyes roll because she looked too much like Rapunzel from Tangled, and thank goodness that wasn’t her final design.

    Though many people claim that this is being overplayed a lot, it’s because it DESERVES to be. It has been a while since Disney made an animated feature as spectacular as this and judging by how underwhelming some of their animated features were in the past 10 years, that’s saying a lot.

    And another interesting fact about this movie: there were plans about making this movie ever since Walt Disney was still alive!!

  21. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    The wind screams YOLO while I surf these metal rods, couldn’t keep it on, heaven knows I died. Don’t let them see don’t let them hear that the good girl could not grow up to be. Don’t let them schpiel don’t let them know I GOOOO Be a ghost, be a ghost! I am one with the afterlife! Be a ghost, Be a ghost! Turn away go play your fife! Here I stand in the light of day! Let the storms rage onnnn I won’t be rekilled again anyway

  22. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    In all seriousness, the one thing about this movie I can’t stand is the memory wiping. What MAY have been a concussion Anna would eventually wake up from turns into a definite one, with memory loss. CTE is becoming a growing problem in the NFL due to repeated head trauma. And to see the rock troll concussion protocol be so lackluster pisses me off

  23. This movie is the, ahem, “First Time in Forever”, that I went out in bought the soundtrack for a movie. Last time I did that was when I was a weasel (child) and I asked Mom to buy me the cassette (yeah, that’s right) for the Pocahontas movie.

    • This is the first time since Disney’s “Tarzan” (1999) (Coincidentally also co-directed by Chris Buck) that I have straight up loved one of their soundtracks (14 years). I’ve grabbed the “Deluxe Edition” CD, with plans to grab the Vinyl release.

  24. This is the best review of Frozen I’ve seen yet. It explains exactly what makes the film great while also acknowledging the fact it is over hyped.

    • Agreed, especially on overplayed cause that’s usually the correct word and a huge difference compared to saying overrated. The movie isn’t overrated but overplayed which means that it’s a great movie if it’s like that in a huge way…almost.

  25. I’m one of the few people who hasn’t seen this movie. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually seen a non-Pixar Disney film since Chicken Little…

  26. Frozen maybe overrated, but I only watched it because of Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin.

  27. Let me make one thing perfectly clear…

    I don’t hate Frozen. I hate how popular it got. It is a subpar movie and it got a shitload of movie and won a shitload of awards that it did not deserve. Tangled is a much stronger film in every way, and, oh yeah, the music was actually good and evenly spaced, and yet no one talks about it. No one thinks it’s as good as it is. When I saw it in the theatres in 2010, it felt like I was watching a lost Disney Renaissance film. Frozen is okay, and I don’t think it’s a bad movie, but I hate it because of how motherfucking popular it got, and for the chokehold it has on popular culture.

    • Oh, I think Frozen did deserve the awards it got….but only because 2013 was an awful year for animation. Just awful. Animat gave his seal of garbage no less than five times, and I don’t disagree with him. I think in any other year beforehand, it would not have dominated the award season that much. Not against the likes of Toy Story 3, Rise of the Guardians, Paranorman, Coralin, How to train your dragon aso.

      And “Let it Go” is a genuine good song. It is just not particularly well used in the movie. Because Elsa doesn’t “let go”, she just goes into another kind of prison.

    • All they had to do was build a giant backstory around her and make HER the MC.

    • Frozen is a…clumsy musical. Marred down by cheap writing and underwritten side characters. The biggest problem is its protagonist: Anna. She’s written haphazardly, with little substance and personality. You can’t relate to her like you can to Elsa. Also the villain is predictable, ANYONE with half a brain could see that coming.

      Again, for its flaws, its tolerable.

      • None of this is remotely true from a critical standpoint from what I’ve seen and know from musicals and films. Also barely anyone saw the villain part coming cause it didn’t give anything that would make us think it would happen.

    • If you hate it for how popular it got and the awards it did deserve as a matter of fact, then you are no better or are part of the severe minority of haters who say the same thing. Tangled is good, but the only thing it has that’s better is it’s story which even then it’s slightly better.

  28. I KNEW that Frozen would get reviewed today since it’s Christmas Eve…

    It was hard NOT to get swept up into the hype, and I was quite impressed with how the movie turned out. Also, I think Olaf is the best comic relief ever written in a Disney movie; he is the icing on the cake there.

  29. Ok…there’s only two opinions in the world: ones who thought this movie was fantastic and ones who thought this movie was rancid. I’m of one opinion and if I heard the other from any other critic besides Doug, I know I’d blow a gasket. Just in case…I am determined to remain calm, composed, and controlled until I watch this full review no matter what is said

    Luckily the local general store had one set of personal restraints left that were just my size and complimented what I was wearing at the time.

    (Ties self down and watches)

    (At the conclusion, releases restraints and breathes a sigh of relief.) I’m cool now. I know some people are going to trash you for not “panning the film”, but I honestly think that’s only because it’s become trendy to “hate” the movie now for the reason you mentioned; it is a tad overdone. But in a couple years when the hype wears off and Disney moves onto other things, I think it’ll have lasting value as a classic too.

    And yes, I listen to “Let It Go” in moderation and not around little kids, so I’m not sick of it. But for me, it’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”. I CANNOT watch that part of the movie without crying. And I think you hit it right then and there…the Lopezs make songs for musicals, whereas all those other artists make songs for radio listening. Hence, naturally, their songs would be better at telling stories. (Ok, technically Elton John also makes songs for musicals…but he did that after “The Lion King”.)

    I remember when the last few previews came out they intentionally said: “The Best Animated Film since ‘The Lion King'” as the tagline for the film. I raised an eyebrow. “…Isn’t that a little ambitious? I mean, how can you even say that? Isn’t that exaggerating a tad?” Then I saw it and…to my shock…it was. The biggest selling point of the movie to me…and I have no idea how…from the moment I sat down and began listening to “Vuelie” as the title was forming…there was something about this film. I don’t know how it made it…I don’t know what was the magic formula…but suddenly I was 20 years younger and felt I was watching one of the movies that used to “catch me up in the magic” when I was a kid. I suddenly felt the same way as I did when “The Little Mermaid” was starting or “Beauty and the Beast” or “Aladdin” was starting. To me…THAT’S why this movie is a new classic. It “brought back the magic”. “Tangled” was good but it didn’t “feel” like a classic Disney animated film. It felt like a modern “take” on it. This felt like “the old days”.

    For those who complain about the villain turn of “You Know Who” (seriously, I think everyone knows, but for the sake of keeping the spoilers at a minimum), I didn’t think it was abrupt at all. I think it was GOOD. Because in real life, “villains” don’t have twisted beards and dress in red and black like Jafar or have purple skin and tentacles like Ursula or even have a dangerous scowl and grim look like Frollo…they look like perfectly normal and sometimes even attractive and warm people, and they act that way too. That just helps hammer the “lesson” Anna learns home harder…”charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting”. (And I still remember hearing the unified gasp from the audience…) Furthermore, it was indeed “alluded” to earlier in the movie provided the audience, unlike Anna, doesn’t get “caught up in the moment”. Listen to the lyrics in “Love is An Open Door”. Also, note that the song isn’t the typical “love” song motif of most Disney films. It’s something more different and unusual, which itself was a nod to what was coming. Even the sequence with You-Know-Who acting like a clock puppet was a hint by the filmmakers…this isn’t love, it’s “going through the motions”, and You-Know-Who is essentially a heartless piece of clockwork that simply imitates without feeling.

    Finally, I always love to quote Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market” as the perfect moral for this movie:

    “For there is no friend like a sister
    In calm and stormy weather;
    To cheer one on the tedious way,
    To fetch one if one goes astray,
    To lift one if one totters down,
    To strengthen whilst one stands.”

  30. I am glad you still like it, Doug. There is lots of stuff to enjoy and I think you explained it quite well. I like this review.

    Having said that, I thought “Frozen” was good, but not great. I feel the same way about it as you feel about “The Lion King”. It was okay. I liked “Let it go” in the context of the movie and actually grew fond of “Do you wanna build a snowman”, but sadly found every other song in the movie very annoying. You don’t find the lack of backstory to be a problem, but it was kinda distracting for me. And finally, the characters really didn’t grab me. I didn’t think they were annoying or anything, just fine, I guess.

    For me, “Tangled” was this movie. I was much more invested in the story, characters, comedy, songs and animation. Whenever I think of that movie, I think of that wonderfull lantern scene. I couldn’t help but enjoy almost everything about that movie. I was in it the whole time. “Frozen” kinda lost me couple of times. I know I’m probably in minority on that. Stuff that are good are great, and being a huge fan of Disney myself, I will ofcourse watch it couple of more times in the future, but it’s going nowhere near my top 10.

    Happy holidays, Doug and thank you for all these videos. I’ve been enjoying them a lot 😉

    • Tangled was the same thing for me and it’s still my favorite Disney movie ever because of it.

    • Tangled was beautiful. A nearly perfect Disney movie, imho.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. Tangled to me was a much better film. Frozen lost me in that the story itself is just too destructive. Elsa almost killing her sister several times, teaching kids to run away from their problems when times get too tough, the cliche of falling in love at first sight, the creepy trolls that should have been cut out completely. I would have much rather had Elsa become a villain.

      I do like the songs, but even “Let it go” isn’t something I would ever want to teach my kids… especially since it’s supposed to be an empowering song and only 2 minutes later does Elsa lose control again. I have no idea why this move is so popular, but hey, merchandising.

      • It’s popular because it’s a great film that deserves what it gets in a positive aspect. Everything Doug said is pretty much true.

      • It doesn’t teach kids to run away from their problems. Elsa runs away because she’s scared and she thinks that the people will be safer without her. And look at Anna, she blamed herself for that disastrous night, the first thing she does, and keeps trying to do throughout the movie is mend her mistakes and make it better.

      • Did you seriously fail to notice that all that stuff you’re complaining about was acknowledged as a bad thing? Doug himself points out that Anna falling in love at first sight is conveyed as a bad thing. She ends up almost dying because the guy she fell in love with didn’t really love her, thus teaching kids that you shouldn’t fall in love with every random, handsome guy you meet. It’s also implied that Elsa running from her problems was a bad thing as when she decides to stop running and stops living in fear, that’s when she finds a solution that will keep her powers under control. You’re reminding me of that guy who made a video about how all lead Disney males are jerks while using Gaston as his prime example, somehow mistaking him for a protagonist that audiences are supposed to look up to. Also, Elsa only comes close to killing Anna twice, and both times were completely unintentional because she didn’t know how to control her powers. Did you just fall asleep during the final third or something, because you seem to have missed a lot of key moments.

    • The one thing Frozen really falls short at are the numbers. Little Shop of Horrors have twice more memorable numbers than Frozen.

      • Honestly the musical numbers aren’t very well paced. There’s a ton of songs in the beginning but then there’s none at all.

        • That too. Fixer Upper doesn’t even come until the last 3rd.(Out of nowhere) Let It Go kicks in 30 minutes into the film.

          As for Doug claiming the songs tell the story, they really don’t explain much. They act as mere vague exposition. “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” doesn’t tell us much about Anna and Elsa’s bond as sisters. But in Little Shop of Horrors, “Grow for Me” packs a punch in exposition, each lyric tells us how far Seymour has gone to assure that his mysterious plant pays off and how he’s worked hard for it to grow.

          “Love is an Open Door” is a cheap ballad sung by two 2 dimensional characters with one being the predictable villain, the other being this nonchalant young girl arranged into marrying a guy she’s only known for a couple of days.

          “Suddenly Seymour” is beautiful,graceful,emotional. It causes you to immediately take the side of our 2 lovers and hope they can make it,(its why the ending HAD to be changed) the ballad also feeds you ALL the exposition about Audrey’s background you’ve been so hungry for. It makes you fall for her, because throughout the film your repulsed by her annoying voice,timidity and cowardice. At the test screenings in September 1986, Audiences applauded, some actually had tears in their eyes at the end of the number of them kissing.

          “Love is an Open Door” doesn’t strike much a cord. Even if you didn’t see the plot twist, it still turns it into a asinine,phoned in number.

          Then there’s “For The First Time in Forever” a clumsy little number that Anna’s “Blossoming” song. It feels rather, touche’ touche. It’s about Anna, being able to have liberties she didn’t have as a little girl. And that’s about it.

          But often compared to this is the emotional “Somewhere That’s Green”, umm….No. Somewhere Thats Green is heartfelt. Deep. It shows a woman trapped in a abusive relationship,helpless and afraid and living in poverty, dreaming and hoping of being married to the nice guy, and living a late 50s middle class life. It shows and explains how things like “12 Inch” B&W TV screens, Better Homes and Gardens,Pine Sol,Betty Crocker,Donna Reed, Magazines,Howdy Doody, TV dinners are of value to her. We, the audience sees these as gimmicky relics of the 50s and thus worthless, but for Audrey, they’re precious as Jewelry.

          After your done laughing at her, you begin to have pity for her. You ask yourself, why on earth is she with Orvin? Why doesn’t she does have the courage to dump him? Is she an idiot? ” You become conflicted on whether or not you want her to make it. By “Suddenly Seymour” you choose the former, you want her dream to come true, you want Seymour the hero, to rescue her.

          And finally, there’s the signature numbers. The BIG ones. The ones with all the musical montages and interludes. Frozen’s Mangum Opus “Let It Go” and Little Shop of Horrors’ EPIC GRAND “Downtown Skid Row”.

          Let’s look past Let It Go’s popularity and overhype and look at the substance. Let It Go is the ONLY number Elsa has. Yup. The only one. And it comes in within half and hour of the film. We don’t see Elsa develop much in character. We see snippets of it with most emphasis on her secret. The number comes in after she’s chased out of the Kingdom. When it came on, I expected for the film to develop more character from her. Expected her to come to terms with her abilities and USE them for good, or you know, TRY To explain to Anna. Nope. After all that grand scale epicness, what happens? She remains isolated for the remainder of the film. ALL this buildup for a letdown.

          Yeah, once you look pass the rose tinted glasses, you see a serious glaring problem with the whole musical. Elsa is ACTUALLY the Main Character. Her personality and backstory is far more intriguing than anyone else, yet they waste the opportunity to focus on it.

          Let It Go, by itself is a showtunes ballad. And I’ll admit, a very catchy and memorable one. The existence of network media is an opportunity that Disney knew they could use to market Frozen and of course, they grabbed it.

          Let It Go is the main song because it manages to execute itself better than all of the other songs in the film. It’s superior to most average musical numbers and it the only one that manages to deliver and onslaught of exposition. This is someone all of the other numbers fall short in doing.

          We can also look at its pacing, in Let It Go, it starts off in a piano melody and then once the chorus kicks in we transition to an obvious showtunes melody after it ends and morphs into the second verse. Once the chorus begins to swell up again, it attempts a hook: a jammed note. And than when the Chorus returns, the orchestra mounts and follows along, once the bridge comes in, the orchestra takes over and follows Elsa’s bridge with her body language, and then once the final Chorus comes in, the hook returns. The last pace of the number ends with Elsa’s octave going to 2 and then slamming the window shut.

          Downtown Skid Row starts off straightforward. After the BC characters “The Siren Sisters” berate Mr. Mushnik, a Broadway “Wake Up” piano starts off with a random gospel matriarch opening the song with an interlude about waking up in Skid Row, after she polishes it off with a ” Till it’s 5 PM” in a middle note. We then see another extra, the hobo pull us into the chorus. Which then returns to the Gospel woman signing the Chorus with The Siren Sisters backing her up with a hook “A fluctuating pitch and note” restricted to the Chorus, when the woman reaches her apartment she nods off with “Home To Skid Row” where the Sirens echo. The hobo pulls us into an extended chorus montage with different extras,each with a unique short verse related to their situation. A Greaser: Where The Cabs Don’t Stop. Russian Immigrant with spouse: Where the food is slop. The Sirens then ad lib a lyric “Downtown, where the hopheads flop in the snow” and yield for 2 seconds to a pudgy extra, and THEN transition into the bridge designed with a unique hook: 3 unknown extras, the do wop singers step down the steps rhythmically, where the Sirens belt out in harmony while pointing out each scenario, in the middle of the bridge, 3 new extras ad lib opera to it why the Sirens preparing to finish the bridge, then at the end yield to the entire ensemble to end the verse.

          We then return to the Chorus with tiny bits of Audrey ad libbing brief exposition, and after she belts out her ad lib, she yields to a new extra with 4 total sharing the ending chorus verse: A White collar worker, A drifter, an fiery elderly woman, and resident(Levi Stubbs a.k.a Audrey II the Plant) then with the ensemble all in unison while stomping their feet rhythmically.

          The Sirens are finished controlling the Chorus so it finally yields to Seymour with the final verse which is full exposition on his background. Seymour then ad libs with the Broom, he then brings in a surprise new hook: He starts singing the remaining verse with soul and concludes it with the orchestra following along.

          The Chorus comes back for an epic grand finale, with a Carrot: Another surprise hook. And a Stick: a NEW verse reserved only for him while extras keep the Chorus alive in the background and as he walks toward a gate. Audrey then makes a surprise return while pacing through the streets and he follows. The surprise hook is a brilliant way to end the number by having Seymour and Audrey’s voices bounce off each other while the ensemble all gather in an Broadway flavored conclusion and join in harmony to end the number by holding the last verse in note while the 80s orchestra builds,builds and then releases.

          As you can see, Downtown Skid Row had an insane amount of work and sequences put into it. Howard Ashman was somebody that knew how to build grand,epic songs like that for musicals and make them build up to something. To me, that is TRULY an epic number. Let it Go in comparison to that, falls short. In comparison to “We Come Together” from Grease, Let It Go is alot superior in every way.

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