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A raccon with a machine gun? OF COURSE this would be awesome! Doug takes a look at Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  1. when will i find the other person who hates this film. Anyone?

    • I enjoyed this movie, but I’m curious as to why you hated it? If you felt like discussing it more… I’m sure someone else hated it too, even though you might be in the minority.

      I think the people who liked it the most went in with the lowest expectations for it. 🙂

    • Confused Matthew hated it as well. He had a review of it posted but it was on Blip, which got shutdown.

    • I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say “hate” – I save that for the likes of The Godfather and Frozen – but I feel this movie was unbelievably overhyped for what it is – a bad sci-fi movie with no likeable characters {oh but there’s a talking Raccoon so suddenly it’s genius up there with Star Wars!!!}.

      The plot is as the Critic pointed out pretty bad, the antagonist is a cypher but it’s the unlikeability of the supposed good guys that really hurts this movie for me – Heck a talking Raccoon could have been awesome but he’s such a nasty character that even that isn’t enough. Starlord is not a nice guy, the green girl is pure Hollywood female dog and Groot is well…Groot. OK I’ll give them Groot as the only likeable character in the film.

      Oh and finally…I really dislike 70s-80s Soul and Disco!

      But I wouldn’t say I “hate” this movie – Just that I don’t see what so many other people see in it – Heck it’s nowhere near as bad as The Godfather or Frozen! It’s just not very good.

    • I didn’t hate it but I found it to be pretty meh. I adore “Super” which shares the same director as this one, James Gunn. I really liked the teaser of Guardians, it looked pretty fun. But , like Doug, I just found the plot to be very boring. The characters were ok but I don’t find them extremely charismatic either and the humor was fun but not extremely unexpected. I thought the heroes were going to be more subversive but they kind of changed to the good side pretty soon. And Groot is nice and all but almost everything that happened to him at the end was extremely simmilar to The Iron Giant (another character voiced by Vin Diesel). Overall my fave scene of the movie is the initial credits with Starlord singing and dancing while kicking space lizzards. It’s about the only part that kinda surprised me visually and in a comedic way. Some other jokes were enjoyable but I didn’t find it funny enough to be a comedy and the adventure wasn’t interesting enough to be a great action movie. I thought Serenity was this kind of movie done better.

    • A buddy of mine highly disliked it. I asked him why, and his reasoning was that all the main characters were assholes who he would never want to hang out with in real life. I thought about it and he’s kinda right, they are all assholes.

      • I’m kind of lost as to the whole “all the good guys are assholes” thing, though I haven’t seen the movie since it came out in theaters. Granted, none of the alien good guys are exactly nice people, though I’d think of them more as grey than anything else. As for Star-Lord, remember this is a guy that was kidnapped by aliens as a little boy right after he saw his mom die in front of him, having denied her the one thing she asked him for. I think he’s got a right to be more than a little fucked up.

        • All of them are messed up. Each hero has a mental condition of some kind.

          Drax would be autistic or learning disabled. He can’t understand metaphors and tunnel vision. He accepts everything around him as is and reacts to everything with indifference.

          Both Gamora and Rocket are survivors of long term abuse and trauma. Rocket as a former animal, is not really mentally capable of handling his emotions like an intelligent being.

          Groot is the last of his kind. He has shown some aspects that his personality is dependent on those around him.

          Star Lord has only one emotional attachment that he lost. As such, he is obsessive and protective of things associated with his one love and cannot let others in. There are also some trust issues when you are reminded every month that you could have been lunch and are still on the menu.

  2. I did NOT expect to like this movie at all! They said it was like if Star Wars and Star Trek merged, well I’m not a fan of either of those, so why would I like this? HOLY CRAP, was I surprised! I love this movie to death! I love the whole criminals turned heroes thing, but still have a little bit of the “bad” attitude afterward. I love the misfits coming together, not liking each other at first, then becoming like a family thing! The characters? I love them all! Starlord is a lot like me, Rocket cracks me up, Gamora is so interesting, Drax and Groot are so lovable! God bless you, you silly, emotional, awesome movie! Also, the sequel is gonna rock!

  3. I really like this movie. It’s so good and fun to watch. Marvel Studios took risk by adapting Guardians of the Galaxy since not many knew about them but that risk paid off.

  4. What I got from this review: NC has gotten too old for movies.

  5. Pretty decent review.

    I admit I actually agree with you regarding Gamora (the green lady). From what I heard, she was actually funnier in the comic, where she is a bit less moral and had a scene where she slept with Tony Stark only to be the one who treats HIM as a one-night-stand.

    • Sounds like I need to read some of those comics then. XD

    • Yeah, Gamora was tough & all, but she ironically had the least going for her personality wise. I mean I like her backstory as a former heavy hitter for Thanos who turned against him, but beyond that she’s just kinda there, a green alien woman who was once a top assassin for a space titan should be WAY more interesting that she ultimately was in the film. She wasn’t terrible, she just got overshadowed by the rest of her far more well developed team.

      Her costume was a bit bland too, she may have looked cooler with the white battle armor she has in the comics, plus the hood and cloak from her old costume. I also think the yellow skin markings/tattoos from around her eyes should have been kept as well to make her a little more distinctive.

  6. My favorite scene is probably the dance off just because its so weird and out there and i love that type of humor 😛

  7. What, nothing about the bomb that was thrown on us in the after-credits? I mean, I don’t know about everyone else, but when I saw that dude, I was incredibly excited!

  8. InfinitySorcerer625

    My Favorite Has Gotta Be the “We Are Groot” Scene, such an emotional scene in my opinion and Bradley Cooper’s voice acting as Rocket also made a massive impact on this scene.

  9. It’s easy to overlook a one dimensional villain when you have a talking raccoon.

  10. I’d have to re-watch, but from what I remember, my favorite scene is Rocket and Drax getting drunk and laying bare their characters (Rocket ranting, Drax calling for Ronan).

    Overall though, I find the movie overrated. But hey, I don’t mind being in the minority in this. I have unpopular MCU opinions: Iron Man 3 > Iron Man, & Age of Ultron > The Avengers.

  11. Favorite scene? The part where Drax’s misunderstanding of sarcasm is first addressed. Crack’s me up every time.

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    My favorite scene has got to be the tiny grout dancing it’s just a little credits scene but man is it sooooo cute and it’s this out if nowhere scene that’s just halirious to me. Good video though and gamora’s character is supposed to be the serious one of the team and she was probably was supposed to be sexy(rolls eyes). God the villain was forgettable,so forgettable I forgot his name.

  13. Gamora is not funny because she’s the straight man of the group. Why do people think that making the entire cast funny automatically makes it better? If anything, it makes it WORSE because there is nobody down to Earth. StarLord is the smart aleck funny, Groot is the innocent funny, Rocket is the Cynical funny, and Drax is the dumb guy humor.

    If you go full force with the comedy, then nobody is funny and it starts to get grating fast.

  14. But Critic!! what About the SoundTRACK?! “Cry” LOL

  15. Alright. We’re all standing now… like a bunch of jackasses. ChaosReacon

  16. I absolutely love Drax in this film, and I love the scene where we first find out he doesn’t understand sarcasm. I don’t know what it is about the scene, but I find it so funny. Guardians of the Galaxy in general was a pretty good movie. I didn’t think it was gonna be that good, so I was pleasantly surprised.

    Sequel when? Pls

  17. Easily the second best role of Vin Diesels career (sorry, but Iron Giant…that is all!)

  18. My favorite scenes from the GOTG have to be some of the funny ones like the finger scene. And also the Howard The Duck easter egg was golden.

  19. my favorite scene was defiantly Star Lord’s opening when he tries to steal the orb.

  20. My favorite scene from Guardians would have to be the climax of the film. I love seeing all of the members of the Guardians stand together with that awesome score playing in the background!

  21. I’m not liking Doug’s term for the “between Avengers” films as “filler.” I don’t view the MCU as some kind of episodic serial like he seems to be doing. They’re a bunch of stand-alone films ranging from “amazing” to “meh” with inevitable crossovers, but to call the non-crossovers “filler”? I think it’s insulting to the film and everyone who worked on it.

  22. My favorite scene is the “We are Groot” scene, because it reminds me of what a friend once said to me while he was flat out wasted, “We are ,do you have any idea what that means?” Wonder if Groot was drunk too…

  23. My favorite scene would probably be the beginning. Where everyone and me was expecting to see a silly sci-fi movie, and then the movie starts with a kids mom dying from cancer, and after that he get taken by aliens; and then it cuts to years later where Chris Pratt dancing to “Come and Get Your Love” on a alien plant and using a alien fish as a microphone. And I was like what the HELL IS GOING ON?! When did we go from lifetime weekend special to “Han solo Emmet” singing on a plant?! It was unexpected and I love it. #giveaway

  24. My favorite scene is probably when Star-Lord tells the legend of Footloose, and how the great Kevin Bacon freed the land through dance. It’s especially funny when Gamora calls back to it later by saying that their actions were “just like Kevin Bacon”.

  25. My favorite scene has to the prison breakout scene, it is really funny and gives all the characters to show their strengths and work together. Also Lloyd Kaufman of Troma is in the scene which is just plain awesome.

  26. I went to see this one with my mother. She didn’t know the movie started on Earth, so when we got to the part where he was running out of the hospital (but before the ship showed up) she leans over and says ‘this trailer is awfully long…’ 😛

    My favorite part by far:
    *happy sigh* “Finally!”

    The Howard the Duck cameo was utter crap. Ugly character design, and the scene was not the least bit funny.

  27. My favorite moment from this movie was that one Easter Egg that no one else knows about yet, but James Gunn and I. #teeheehee

  28. I thought Ronan was a total badass.

  29. Ok. I had always realized that the villains are an incredibly weak point in the MCU movies, but why did it only strike me now how they were played by big and amazing actors ! Seriously : Jeff Bridges, Mickey Rourke, Hugo Weaving, Ben Kingsley (kinda), Robert Redford, Christopher Eccleston, James Spader, Lee Pace. Hell, the villain in Ant-Man was boring but the actor was surpinsingly good. Out of all these huge names, how did they not get one great villain, when they got such great heroes ?

    This is truely mind boggling.

    • There’s really only two stories for a comic book movie. Either the heroes journey, where we see the trials they went through to go from hero to jerk, or we see the villain with all his powers. The movie is defined by the hero or the villain.

      Thor seems to be the only one that can be defined by both. Probably because it was the heroes rise to power and a heroes fall into villainy. Also why Hulk didn’t do so well. The villains were lackluster.

  30. Gamora is there to be a love interest … she and starlord dont particular get together but she is there clearly Sexual tension that comes fro no where

    personally… i think the film if fun but its kind of a mess

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