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The mistress of all evil is…good?

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  1. IS doug shitting on wikus?!

    Dude! doug!….dont shit on wikus!

    Dude who plays the king is awesome!
    Disctrict 9, elysium, a-team, chappie, ect.


    • Sharlto Copley is a really great actor, but he was terrible in this. As were most things.

      • I swear I posted this already but for some reason I can’t find my message anymore so I’ll post again:

        Can someone confirm whether or not that was actually the King’s voice? I mean, he sounds AWFUL. I honestly thought Doug was just voicing him over to make a point but really, that was his voice?! He sounds like he’s choking on something, I can barely understand him! Did the director just not say anything to the actor? His voice is just so distracting, I can’t take it seriously. Brings to mind Bale’s Batman voice.

    • For one thing, he hated District 9. As he should it’s a bad movie, sorry I was the one to tell you this.
      Second, Sharlto Copley is a very capable actor, he is not capable in this flick.

  2. Simply put: this movie is fanfiction (Even from the beginning hearing this was going to be released, I felt that movies now a days is making us feel sorry for the villains – bleh). Now, grant it, I actually do not hate this movie, I just truthfully prefer the original cartoon. Again, this movie is based on a fanfiction somewhere LOL

  3. With the exception of the fairies I take no issue with the film’s take on the characters, and even with the fairies its just a case of them pushing the dumbass aspect too hard. I actually quite like that Maleficent has reasons to fuck over humanity but her scale of evil was just a product of an overreaction calmed by letting time heal the wounds. The whole wing thing showed that the King had some humanity in him before all that paranoia business begins. I’m also all for more films doing the Frozen twist (well, the second Frozen twist), because it’s a nice message for kids (unless they interpret it as incentive to avoid finding a partner, which I doubt).

    Then again I didn’t take issue with the characters in Oz the Great and Powerful, either, so perhaps I’m just simply mad.

  4. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Ma-LEY-fi-SAWNT!! How does it feel to be a FEERY without wings, Ma-LEY-fi-SAWNT!?

  5. I can honestly get behind the “don’t water down one of the great villains” because I agree the original Maleficent was one of the all-time Disney greats, edging out even Jafar and Scar.

    But as to the rest? Nope, sorry, I respectfully disagree.

    Frozen and OUaT may have already done ‘the twist’ before this movie, but I am 100% behind Disney’s apparent effort to overwrite the way ‘true love (with the guy I just met who I’m now going to spend the rest of my life with)’ was played straight in Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, etc.

    IMHO this ‘twist’ is still at the point where it is doing some good and is a long way from getting stale. We’re still getting heartwarming tales of love and happy endings, so it’s not like Disney is getting too jaded on us, but with a lot less of the unfortunate implications that feel all the more disconcerting in a post-Twilight world.

    And people actually liked the three fairies in the original? To each there own, but that is… genuinely surprising to me.

    I’m not saying Maleficent was a masterpiece, or even as good as Wicked, but I found it enjoyable and thought Angelina Jolie, the guy playing Diablo (however his name is spelled in this version) and even Fanning-the-Younger brought enough charm to give it life.

  6. THANK YOU!! I hate this movie SO MUCH!!! It just fails at everything it tried to do and it the one part that was interesting, (The wings getting chopped off) they ruin by giving her the wings back! And if her getting her wings chopped off was a metaphor for rape like so many are saying, what was the point?! Don’t just have a rape metaphor for the sake of having a rape metaphor! Am I the only one who saw how disgusting that was?!
    Please Doug, do a Nostalgia Critic episode of this disaster so you can rip it to shreds the way only you can!

  7. So all Maleficent the movie managed to do is make Maleficent a lot LESS menacing than in the original tale by giving her some Freudian Excuses, a bit like how Hannibal Lector became a lot less scary after watching Hannibal Rising.

    The best way to make a villain more evil is to reveal that the villain has NO reason for their villainy beyond the fact that they were born that way.

  8. I’m just going to throw it out there and say, I love this movie. It’s not original and it’s a big (bad) CGI-fest, but if that’s all it was, I would’ve hated it.

    Instead, I think Jolie saves this from being utter trash and the cast in general is obviously having a lot of fun. And there are some (most likely unintentional) layers to the plot that I’ve come to appreciate. Like the fact that Maleficent kind of cursed herself. Because the fairies were so inept at raising a child, she was forced by her own curse to protect her, and as a result, grew to care about her. After all, if she hadn’t been watching over her, who was going to? “No power on earth can change it,” as she put it when she cursed her. She had to live for the curse to work, and she probably wouldn’t have without Maleficent’s aid.

    Then there’s the rape allegory, the fact that the king was responsible for all of the trouble that befell his family and his refusal to own up to it, and the fact that it was Maleficent’s love of Aurora that saved her in the end…yes, I saw it coming, but eh.

    They may not be new things to bring to film, but they are things I liked about this one.

    I guess it’s sort of the Avatar syndrome. A lot of old, but good ideas being used again in a pretty good movie that has garnered a lot of negativity for being unoriginal.

    If anything, I’d like to have seen this with a PG-13 or an R rating, so they could have gotten away with some more…mature elements.

    I admit it has it’s problems, but I can’t bring myself to NOT love this film despite them.

  9. I actually thought the idea of Maleficent caring for Aurora made sense because here’s the thing: she reaffirms that everyone will fall in love with her when she made her curse. One of the fairy’s already made that blessing, and having Maleficent add an extra boost to it would be “enough” to make her fall in love with the princess too.

  10. Don’t blame Sharlto Copley for the king, blame the writer. Whenever he plays a villain, he seems to have the misfortune of being written as cartoonishly evil for no reason (and with a weird accent). He was great in District 9 and probably the most entertaining part of the A-Team movie (not an insult, I liked it a lot). I saw an interview with him where he was describing having an A-Team themed birthday when he was 10, and stated that Mr T. was insanely popular among the kids even in Aparteid South Africa.

  11. I walked out of this movie about an hour in.

    It’s not that it was terrible, but I was sitting there watching it, and thought, “You know what? I’d rather be somewhere else.” So, I got up and left.

  12. I fycking LOATH this movie. Like Doug said,its like the writer hated the source material and purpousely went out of his way to sabotage this project. That scene where where sh’s going “I lift the curse!” almost made me cry…

  13. i still want to watch it anyway.

  14. Angelina Jolie’s performance was the only good thing about this movie. She knocks it out of the park.
    Other than that, I’d say this is the worst movie I’ve seen of 2014.

  15. I had no intention whatsoever of seeing this movie. The Tragic Villain is such a horrible cliche at this point. But it’s interesting that you brought up Wicked, because that’s what I used to get myself to watch the movie. I love both the Wizard of Oz and Wicked, and I can enjoy both because I tell myself that it’s not giving the Wicked Witch a backstory to make her understandable, but it’s an alternate universe that tells Elphaba’s story.

    Honestly, I only had two complaints about this movie. One was the Fairies. They were so god awfully annoying. The other complaint (and the much bigger one) is the fact that the kept Maleficent’s name. It stems from the word malevolent, it literally means evil. If she’d started out as a nameless fairy and adopted the name, then yeah, I’d have accepted that, but I just couldn’t accept the fact that she had that name when she was good.

  16. Obviously, people are going to compare this to Wicked, and it’s definitely in the same vein, but the major difference between Wicked and Maleficent (and a huge reason I don’t like the latter) is that Wicked created an authentic, creative backstory to a pre-existing story without CHANGING the preexisting story. This felt like Sleeping Beauty if Maleficent wrote it. If anything, it has more in common with “The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs” than with Wicked.

  17. I didn’t mind this movie, it’s harmless enough though not particularly good nor original, but the one thing I really despise in this movie is the climax. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to give MALEFICENT a fucking catsuit ? That ruins everything there is to the character, and feels like a huge anachronism.
    If you really want her to be more threatening and battle-ready, why not have her turn into the actual dragon rather than having her crow boytoy do it ? Or even make her half-dragon with yellow eyes or something ?
    Something that would not only bring creative visuals, but would fit her character, instead of having her fight in a FUCKING catsuit she wore under her dress.

  18. What you said in this review? That’s my feeling about the Johnny Depp “Lone Ranger” flick. It pleases me no end you had a lousy time watching this.

  19. Sharlto Copley is usually a good actor, but this role did nothing for him. Plus his South African accent kept breaking through when he was trying to sound English.

  20. Doug, please don’t tell me you watch Once Upon A Time, the show that turns Captain Hook into an Edward Cullen-type character and has some of the worst dialogue imaginable.

    That said, I kinda like this film. I didn’t expect it to be exactly like the original tale or the Disney film. It’s a different take on it and I found it interesting in that regard. Jolie was the best part of the film, though yeah, it’s certainly not perfect.

  21. brittany*i*heart*disney

    so here was my thought on it, to start i loved this movie and i really expected to hate it. i think its because i see it from a true love/ mothering aspect. i mean i knew going in her kids made cameos and i think at least one of them played aurora as a child, and the idea of her little baby comming up to her in full costume when no ther kid would was adorable. but i digress. thinking back on it i would have loved to have seen the movie go this way

    movie focuses in on the end of the movie (the dancing scene after aurora wakes up) and they are all dancing, then it cuts to phillips sword (the one he stabbed maleficent with and apparently just left there cause you never see it again and angelinas voices comes in with “i bet you think you know this story, but youre wrong, with good and evil there are always two sides to the story. this is mine” or something like that. Then show her as not evil but mistchevious and troublesome and tricky. then have her meet the boy and go through the falling in love bit. then do the betrayed bit having him be convinced by the dying king that she is a wicked fairy and out to hurt people and the only way to stop her is to take her wings (which the dying king just wants cause, i dont know he thinks thats where fairy magick comes from) and have her call out for revenge for taking her wings. dont turn the man into a crow, just have a crow. (really they didnt need the whole transforming thing it could have been her sidekick all along.) have her travel to take revenge on stephan and see him marry the princess and show her sad face and breaking heart. have her walk away, too sad to do anything. cut to years later when an army of the king attacks a magical forrest (but not with his or king huberts permssion) she goes in for revenge and puts the curse on the child, every thing from her past that he did to hurt her comming out in quiet rage. dont make the three fairies stupid. dont have a freaking room with spindles. have the fairies take her away and have maleficent build up her huge castle in the middle of nowhere, looking for the child that she cant find due to a protection spell the fairies put on her (cause how else do you explain her not finding her for sixteen years) show how sad the queen is and how regretful the king is for the things he did in the past. then have maleficent meet aroura accidentaly and not know who she is, keep her company and then have her figure it out, be mad that she didnt relaize it sooner and walk away. then sunset, the whole spindle in the top tower thing, finding the prince and all that. so maleficent feels bad and goes to find the prince, he fights her she turns into a dragon and dies, he goes in looking for the girl but its a castle, its huge, then scan over to maleficent who is alive and finds auora in the tower. she hears the prince and hides, he kisses her but it doesnt work and he leaves and shuts the door. she appologies and kisses auroras head and turns to leave when aurora stirs. the prince, wanting one last look at her, goes in and finds the girl waking up. they get up, go down stairs, dance and marry and the movie ends with maleficent walking away, still hurt over the past, still sad that her life was spent in hat but no longer wanting to hurt the girl. then show her walking away to wards the woods, never to bee seen again

  22. The king sounds like he’s trying to imitate either Scrooge McDuck or Groundskeeper Willie.

  23. I was interested in seeing this movie on the grounds that it had some of the most genius trailers ever, probably one of the best. The cool looking images, the awesome remix of I Know You. Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, this is gonna be badass!

    Everything you said was true Doug.

  24. Okay, can someone tell me if that was really the King’s voice? Or was that Doug voicing over him to make fun of him. B/c if that was his real voice, HOLY CRAP, DOES HE SOUND AWFUL! I can totally see where Doug is coming from; his voice is just so distracting. He sounds like he’s choking on something, I can barely understand him. I feel bad saying it especially if that’s his real voice and he can’t help it but it’s just so distracting. Kinda like Christian Bale’s Batman voice in the second and third movie. And why the heck is the king scottish?! >.<

  25. The first time I watched Sleeping Beauty I was very confuse about Maleficent behavior. She seams to want to cause harm but her curses are simultaneously too powerful and to mild. Her motivations are difficult to imagine and doesn’t help that she occasionally act as if she wanted to fail. Why she capture the boring hero and begin to narrate his emotions to him I was convinced she was using reverse psychology to guide the stupid guy, and soo after that he easily escape this all powerful fairy.
    My headcanon is that Maleficent manipulated everyone for some unknown reason an the fake her own death. Because of that was a little interesting on the alternative story they would present, but I end up very disappointed wen it turns out she is a victim in this version.

  26. What bugged me with this movie is kind of what bugged me about Wicked in that they promised a story that kind of humanizes these villains by giving them a backstory that explains why they’re evil, only to try and convince you that they’re not that evil at all. Like Doug said, at least with Wicked they managed to pull it off with a clever story and wonderful songs, this just…doesn’t. That’s one of the things I like about Once Upon A Time. It gives its villains these really intricate and interwoven backstories that paints an interesting tale of why they became villains, and at the end of the day they’re still villains and they’re still evil. Even the ones that redeem themselves and become heroes don’t simply become good, they work for it, and some are still working for it.

    That being said, I actually managed to enjoy this movie as a whole. Once I realized that I wasn’t going to get the kind of story I was expecting, I actually managed to disassociate this movie from the original (a lot easier then one would expect as the movie does half the work for you) and kind of allowed myself to try and view it as its own special identity. Viewing it as such, I actually found the story kind of charming and interesting. Nothing grand, ground-breaking, or special, but I didn’t really hate it in the end.

    It is kind of sad though, and a real missed opportunity. In the scenes where Angelina Jolie was allowed to play the real Maleficent, I was actually quite impressed with what I saw. Sure it wasn’t as grand as it should have been, but I really feel that if Angelina had been given the chance to portray Maleficent as she was meant to be portrayed, she would have knocked it right out of the park

    • I think the main difference is that for one, The Wizard of Oz has the concept that people are more than they seem to be already present in the book, and two, Wicked doesn’t feel the need to tear beloved characters down in order to make the Wicked Witch look good. Glynda becomes a little bit less perfect, but she is still very likable.
      Sleeping Beauty on the other hand is all about the fight about good (presented by the fairies) against evil(presented by Maleficent), there is no room for reinterpretation. And the movie craps all over the characters, especially the fairies. Even Maleficent herself gets practically depowered.

  27. When I first heard about this movie I was sceptical. When I heard they were making Malificent, one of my all-time favourite villains into a misunderstood good guy my scepticism were confirmed.

    I don’t want Magnificent watered down and tamed. She is meant to be pure, nasty sociopathic sadism. That’s what so great about her.
    It’s not that I am not okay with her having an origin or backstory but the lame reason this movie gives? Man, it’s just lazy writing.
    Whoever wrote this is no John Milton and this is no Paradise Lost.

  28. I remember getting into some serious arguments with some otherwise pretty intelligent people on a site I frequented (a site that has since changed its format, function, and url, used to be A fellow blogger on there and I debated the merits or lack thereof of this film, myself on the “it’s bad” side of the matter. Typically if I am going to be heavily critical of something I try to offer up what I think they could have done to improve the medium, as usually unless you’re just nitpicking for the sake of it more often then not there’s some idea of your own of how it should have gone brewing. In this case, I first had stated that it should have been it’s own different story and character and not retreaded upon what was already a classic character, but if studio demands insisted it be this one, then I argued that the premise; IE adding some more complicated elements to the Maleficent character and her motives; would maybe have been better served with more of an “Othello” motif. Have the king be originally the more noble soul they seemed to want to start with, but is fooled and led along by a more puppet master sort of character such as Iago was, and with a similar self serving and malicious intent. Heck you could have the Iago type be playing Maleficent in some capacity. Have it be more tragic, I mean perhaps the ending could have been more akin to Aurora knowing that it was in fact Maleficent who worked to save her, but perhaps in the end our “Iago” wins as he convinces everyone that she was in fact the villain, and the pressure or threats forces Aurora into silence with this story escaping as the only record of what really happened. Heck, with the complaints about the fairies, maybe they could have been the ones playing everyone for fools. The point is there were many ways this could have been done with far more reference for the original as well as the audience’s intelligence, but I think Disney’s habbit of playing to safe formulas and what they think is popular crippled it.

  29. I was always annoyed because there was this chance to make an ACTUAL villain story, to see her grow nice, and horrifying and change into this demonic evil from hell and they just…didn’t do it. I wanted to see her dark, I wanted to see innocence corrupt and mutate into evil I wanted to see her go insane and in the end it just didn’t happen. It did become just so generic and although I don’t hate everything about the movie…I do hate this chance to have missed something dark. That the creatures decided to write fluff rather then angst and horror. And yes, what they did to the ferries was horrible! To me the three fairies were the original heroes of Sleeping Beauty. They kept her safe, raised her well, brought her home, saved the prince, enchanted his weapons and all around were the problem solvers and bravest woman in the film. To see them depicted as such…idiots was heart breaking as well as insulting.

  30. I hate, repeat HATE this movie. Maleficent is my favorite Disney Villain (although Ursula gives her a run for her money too) and the writers of the film turn her into a “Hero/good guy”. I’d like to know what the writers didn’t understand about Maleficent calling herself “THE MISTRESS OF ALL EVIL”. Did they not understand the word Evil, I certainly think so. Maleficent is turned into a pansy in this film. I found myself screaming at my computer when I was watching it because Maleficent is not a nice person, we know and can see that in the original Sleeping Beauty (1959). And yet, in this film, Maleficent is supposed to be a “good guy with bad intentions”, what I mean here is that Maleficent wants her revenge but because other characters were turned into idiots, she has to be good despite her evil intentions.

    • The acting was poor also. Angelina Jolie is an over used actress and really (at least for me) shouldn’t have been chosen to play Maleficent. She doesn’t convey an essence of evil and even in the parts where she is supposed to be pissed off she just seems passive aggressive.
      Elle Fanning as Aurora, need I say more? Her British accent was poor and her portrayal of Princess Aurora was dismal.
      The Fairies, lets face it they were ruined. They were a major part of the 1959 film and were pretty much the driving force in the rescue of Prince Philip and Aurora’s awaking, they were likeable characters that you really do end up caring for. Here, you just wanted them to get off the screen.
      King Stephan, What the heck were they thinking in the casting of the man that plays him. His voice is so high for a guy it makes me question if he was a castrate. His decent into madness was also very unconvincing as he was a poorly written and developed character. Where was the humor we had grown to love between Hubert and Stephan in the original? Or the concerned father who was reluctant to let his child be raised by the fairies in order to protect Auroras life? He was turned into a petty, power hungry miser that everyone ends up hating at the end.
      Prince Philip the poor guy hardly had any screen time and he’s not even able to wake Aurora up?! Come on, he’s obviously her love interest his kiss is supposed to break the spell and all that is supposed to happen after he kills Maleficent!
      Some of the visuals for the film are pleasing, some of the effects are cool, but the story, acting and execution of the film was just horrible.
      The writers really should have just stuck with the original 1959 premise and then developed Maleficent’s story from there instead of turning it into the dreck that we have now.

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