Mary Poppins – Disneycember

Come on, Dick Van Dyke’s accent isn’t THAT bad!

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  1. Just watching the review makes me wants to watch it again!

  2. I love this movie — the clean blend of live action and animation! Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke are wonderful! Dick Van Dyke’s accent never bothered me, I always thought it was fun and playful! And I’m tempted to do a double feature with Saving Mr. Banks. Oooh you’re right lcyw20 I so want to watch it too! Y’know what — I’m gonna!!! #vod baby!! Gotta love Disney for making their films readily available. (

  3. Huh, I wonder how he felt about Saving Mr. Banks.

  4. You guys should see the russian version of Mary Poppins. It may be as silly as it sounds, but still one of the greatest pictures of my childhood. And i don’t know if there is a english translation… Should be, I guess…

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