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Can I expel this movie from my memory?

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  1. I’ll just come back to the site later today. This month must really be busy for you if multiple videos are looking like this.

    • What I like about the movie is the way the gags that would exist in an ’80s college movie as changed around to fit into their world and how they turn out as a result. Even if the movie does just exist for the ending, I think it also exists for the nostalgia more so. When they walked into Monsters Inc. in the beginning, a flood of it came over me. I was so happy to see it again. Hardscrabble gave them such a hard time because they clearly weren’t ready. As the Top Scarer at the time, she had a pretty good grasp on who naturally had the gift and knew how to use it and a grasp as to who didn’t. The movie’s not perfect, but for what it is, it has ideas and themes which were enough to hold my attention. Plus, when Mike ended up in that summer camp at the end, my jaw dropped wide open.

    • it was soooo bad and boring.

  2. I’m not going to lie. I’m not too fond of this Movie either.

    • Same. Incredibly shitty sequel to a much superior movie. Why did Disney mess with something that didn’t need a sequel in the first place?

      • That’s what they do. Look how many sequels they made for classics like the Lion King and Snow White.

        • Snow White had a sequel? When?

          • It wasn’t Disney, but there was a sequel. Snow White is attacked by the Wicked Queen’s vengeful (brother, I think…?) and she goes to the the Seven Dwarves for help, but finds their cousins, the Seven Drwavelles. It is exactly as stupid as it sounds.

          • @ KiraJ202

            Holy shit, seriously!?

            … Did the dwarvelles have beards?

          • FataMorganaPseudonym


            The movie you’re talking about is “Happily Ever After,” released in 1993 by Filmation.

            What you and others may not know, however, is that there was another sequel to Snow White, also made by Filmation in 1980, but completely unrelated to “Happily Ever After,” called “A Snow White Christmas.” In this one, the Wicked Queen comes back, turns Snow White and King Charming and their entire kingdom to ice, leaving Snow White’s daughter (also named Snow White, go figure) to have to defeat the Wicked Queen. Along the way, she teams up with seven giants this time, instead of seven dwarves. Yes, this is really a thing that exists. It also has almost nothing to do with Christmas, except for a couple scenes at the very beginning and the very end.

          • FataMorganaPseudonym

            Also, Disney itself did have plans to make its own sequel to Snow White at one point, called “Snow White Returns.” It never got fully made, though.

        • Personally, I like the Lion King’s sequel, The Lion King Two: Simba’s Pride

      • To be fair, there was a contract dispute when Disney bought Pixar. Pixar had to make a second installment of all Circle 7 planned sequels, which turned into Toy Story 3, Monsters U, and soon Finding Dory.

        • So a masterpiece, a piece of crap and something they should just let rest in peace.

          • “So a masterpiece, a piece of a crap…”

            You mean a very overrated movie and a very underrated movie. (To me, anyway)

            With the last one though, I agree with you. Finding Dory seems pointless.

            I hate Toy Story 3 though… SO OVERRATED.

        • That dispute is also why Cars 2 exists. There will be more one sequel, too. Can’t recall which movie they’ll be sequel-ing, though, if that’s even been announced.

          • Actually, Cars 2 was entirely Pixar’s idea. Disney didn’t have anything in getting it made.

      • Sorry, but it has to be said. I think Monsters University is brilliant.

        Cars 2, on the other hand… yeah, but the first Cars wasn’t anything special to begin with,

        Monsters University? Brilliant. I seem to be the only person who truly thinks it’s as good as movies like Up and Finding Nemo.

  3. This was one of the few Pixar movies that I chose to skip over. Looks like I made the right choice.

    I’ll see it some day, but I don’t plan to.

    • Yeah, especially since it is a recon…in the original movie, Mike and Sully supposedly knew each other their whole live already. Plus, what is the point watching it if we know that they will team up eventually and will work in the company.

      • They tried to work that line in, by having them be in elementary school together, but it didn’t work for the story they were trying to tell. So the “since the 4th Grade” line in Monsters Inc is now just a “monster expression” meaning “for a long time.”

        • You know what? Thinking about it the movie could have been good…if they had not made it about Mike and Sully first hating each other and then teaming up after all, but about Mike and Sully meeting each other, sharing the same dream and Mike eventually has to realize that he will never be able to be a scarer like his more talented friend. Just…skip all the college movie clichés (which for non-americans are especially grating) and this could have worked.

          • There’s a serious flaw with that. If it wasn’t for Mike and Sulley hating each other initially, the plot never would have started up. The plot starts because Mike and Sulley have to try and win their way back into the scaring program by teaming up with Oozma Kappa, after their competitiveness gets them temporarily kicked out. If they had liked each other from the beginning, they wouldn’t have squabbled before the exam, meaning no accident with the Dean’s canister, meaning the Dean wouldn’t have kicked out Sulley for his inability to take the course seriously, meaning Sulley stays on the scaring program, leaving Mike to take the exam, fail at it, get kicked off the scaring program and have no way to get back in because Oozma Kappa needed a sixth member, and Sulley was the only one available and wouldn’t have had any reason to join Mike in the games, because he wouldn’t need to get back into the scaring program. So sorry wiseguy, but Mike and Sulley HAVE to hate each other from the beginning for there to be character development and a reason for them to become friends. Done and done. Excellent movie, I can’t see why it’s so hated.

  4. I don’t watch a lot of 80s college movies I just liked this movie for the creature design

  5. Ugh… I will never understand why this movie was made. It’s really quite pointless.

    This ranks up with “Cars 2” as one of Pixar’s genuinely bad movies. The animation is gorgeous, but… that’s about it.

    • I guess I’m one of the few people who actually preferred Cars 2 to Cars.

      • I must be one of those people too! The first Cars movie was boring and just…had a really predictable, stupid story that we’ve seen a million times, but with cars. Cars 2 said “Our universe but with Cars is a really stupid concept. Oh well, let’s just make it a James Bond movie!” and the result was batshit crazy but somehow waaaay more entertaining, which was surprising, especially since I can’t stand Larry the Cable Guy and now Mater was the main character. But somehow Mater was so much more relateable now that he was thrown into this completely new situation in which he was unfamiliar and trying to do his best with it. I don’t know, but it somehow worked. Or, at the very least, was way more entertaining than the first Cars.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority here since I actually liked this movie. Sure it was like every college film out there but with monsters, but I think it’s interesting to see how these monster became the scare machines they become, plus seeing how Mike tried to so as well as good.

    I suppose I fall in this category too since I also had aspirations for something in college but couldn’t fall through. Cuz now, I’m just trying to scrape by with what I have and make the best of it.

    • I liked it too…..but that is only because I have an incredibly high tolerance for stupid movies. If the characters are enjoyable and the plot not completely incomprehensible or stupid…I can usually enjoy it. I do have my limits of course….Master of Disguise for one. *shudder* But this movie….yeah, predictable, a little bit too done, and Sully pissed me off….(why did he have to be such an arrogant prat?)But it was ok.

  7. I can understand people not liking this movie, but I ended up enjoying it.

    I haven’t seen any 80s college movies (and to be honest, I don’t think I’m missing much), so that probably helped. And I think the first half of this movie is average to kinda boring, but for me, this one really came alive in the second half. After almost an hour of being barely invested I suddenly found myself laughing and liking these characters.

    And while this isn’t the best prequel I’ve ever seen, I thought it fit very well into the Monsters canon. I mean, every single prequel I’ve seen up until now has had its moments that didn’t fit with later movies, be it for plot or character reasons. So I was surprised at how well everything fit in here without feeling too forced. By the end of this movie, pretty much every character fit with who they would be in Monsters Inc, and there weren’t any loose bits of continuity (that I noticed anyway) that didn’t jive. I think you could watch University and then Inc in that order and have them flow very well into one another.

    But yeah, there’s still the lackluster first half, there’s still that 80s college knockoff plot and all the clichés that stem from that, and the fact that we’ve come to expect a lot more from Pixar. So again, I get people not liking this movie or giving it a pass.

  8. Not gonna lie, I enjoy this movie.

    With that said, it’s also entirely unnecessary.

  9. Yeah, Frozen was much better

    Pixar is loosing it’s touch

  10. I will admit that this was a guilty pleasure for me. I watched it at a time when university was overwhelming me and I needed to see something cheesy, colourful and uplifting, something that made academic study seem silly or fun. While watching it, I was constantly aware that the film was laced with millions of cliches but it was what I needed at such a depressing time. So yeah, it’s very unoriginal, tacky, pointless and corny therefore I understand Doug’s reaction but it cheered me up at a rubbish time so I have a soft spot for it.

  11. I think you’re missing the whole point of this movie, Doug. It’s intentionally an HOMAGE to those classic college movies. Besides, it’s not like many of the kids who have watched Monsters U would have already seen those other movies.

    • The main problem for me about this movie is that it is called Monster U, but they get thrown out after 1 semester. She did not even give them a second chance.
      To be a proper homage they should have redeemed themselves and proved the Dean wrong.
      That left a sour taste in my mouth for the movie, it is one of the few Pixar movies I don’t own.

      And it turns out they did not even need college.
      They should have called this “My Semester at Monster U”.

      • Pretty sure it was two semesters since when mike and Sullivan start their college classes in canister construction it takes place after winter break at least from my perspective.

        • The movie shows one entire university year. It’s quite clear because the end of the movie shows bright sunshine, i.e. May/June, when the last term of university ends.

    • This movie is not funny though. Even as an homage it’s stale

  12. 78% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an 82% audience score. Suck on that!

    • Dude, “Blue Velvet” with Dennis Hopper has a 93% Certified Fresh rating on RottenTomatoes with an 89% audience score. Roger Ebert still hated it.

      Critics can disagree with popular opinion, and popular opinion can disagree with critics. Heck, everyone’s been calling “How to Train Your Dragon 2” DreamWorks’ “Lion King”, yet I felt very underwhelmed by the second half of that movie. The villain was bland, and I don’t think the writers knew what to do with the mother after such a badass introduction.

      • Rodger Gerald Jameson

        Really? I’m pretty sure opinions are purely objective and based on two aggregate scores that you’re automatically supposed to agree with. I don’t think opinions are based on someone’s own personal taste and preferences, because that’d be ridiculous.

    • I’d love to be able to agree with you because I love MU, but sadly I’d be a hypocrite by using that logic, because I dislike Toy Story 3 and despise Frozen, and both of those movies have very high ratings on RT as well. Toy Story 3 has 99% for crying out loud. How the bloody hell did it get that much?

  13. I think the reason why people like this movie (me included) is because they haven’t seen alot of 80’s college movies, so everything wasn’t as predictable. Yeah, the plots probably been done alot before but they aren’t as common with this generation. I can’t defend this movie much farther if it just follows a roadmap where you have to fill in the character names for “The Jock” and “The Nerd” etc. and you’ve got almost the whole plot lined out, but it isn’t a horrible movie to let kids watch I dont think. At least there’s no Panty raids in it

  14. I personally find this film okay. I really do like the ending but nothing I would watch just by myself again.

  15. Sometimes I think your opinions of movies are too narrow minded. Why do you have to compare Monsters U to other college movies and not simply judge it by its own merits? Just because it follows college movie tropes doesn’t immediately make it bad.

  16. This is the first Pixar movie since Ratatouille that I really enjoyed, maybe for it’s basic-ness, maybe because Pixar likes tying things that don’t really work for me that everyone else adores.

    Now I can do without maybe the first twenty minutes of it, but I do rewatch it quite a lot.

  17. I won’t lie, I kinda liked this movie when it came out. This probably because of reasons already discussed in other comments. I watched it again mainly because I’m in collage now and I was bored. I thought I could take away more now knowing the collage experience. However, yeah nothing new from animal house or any other thing I’ve seen I just have a better concept. This sequel or prequel was not asked for and not needed.

    The first movie I grew up with and I waited a long time to find an answer to the many questions buzzing in my head. ‘Now that monsters aren’t afraid of people and sully sees boo what will happen?’ ‘How much time has passed and since boo has aged what will her outlook on the monsters and monster world be?’ also if she is older and comes into contact with the monster world again I always wondered if she thought her previous experience of when she was a child was just a dream. Then she would have to confront the reality of it being real. What would her reaction be like?

    Seriously the sequel could’ve had so much potential. Literally no one asked for this movie. They did the exact opposite of what the fans of the original movie wanted, and this failed. If they weren’t going to make a good squeal they shouldn’t have made one at all and focused on something different. The original movie is good on its own.

  18. I love the message of the movie more than I enjoy the movie. It had a few funny parts and a few funny characters. And I love the principle’s (that’s what she is right?) design. But yeah, the movie is pretty much your average college movie with monsters.

    That said, I love the message at the end. Now I’m not against college or anything and if your in college or plan to good for you. But the way schools treat it is beyond ridiculous.

    Like schools are really pushy about trying to get people to college. It’s the only way you can make something of yourself. The only way you can get a career. You gotta work hard so you can get to college. You don’t want to end up a bum on the street just because you did not go to college.

    It’s beyond stressful. I did not do too well my last year of High School. Like I still passed but it wasn’t the best. So that mixed with my disability and just probably not having the personality and skills for college as well as just not liking school environments in general I decided not to go to college. So, like Mike, I did not know what to do next.

    Thankfully things are starting to look up with new opportunities. So, even if I’m not a huge fan of the film, I still really love the message. It’s a message that a lot of people need to know. Just because you don’t go to college or fail out of college does not make you a complete failure. You can do things differently.

  19. I don’t think this movies is terrible but I do consider it rather pointless. I might feel less charitable towards it if I had seen any college movies in my life time

  20. I agree that parts of the story and the environment are not that great but whats great about it is the two main characters. Monsters inc was more of Sully’s story, him trying to get out of being this great scarer image everybody had of him, Monsters u was mike’s story of excepting who he was and helps develop his character. Sully also had some development, we see the beginning of his great scarer image, his family name and the deflation of the ego that, if this movie didn’t exist, should exist within the last one. There is development in the universe as well. Here they go into the details of scaring, treat it like an artform. In Monsters Inc, the only jobs we see are the Scare Floor and the CIA, this movie expands different areas of the world. The ending itself is just excellent and if you liked monsters inc you should watch it just for the ending. The animation is brilliant in this film, iBoo looked kinda creepy in the last one here they some how make the characters look and sound younger.

    I can understand how the story can put people off and i wasnt too keen when it was first announce either, but i was pleasantly supprised. It may seem like a cash grab to some but Doug and other people who didnt like it, watch it again and watch between the frames, you can see a lot more.

  21. I thought it was fine. As far as completely unessecary prequels go, this is probably the most harmless. It’s colorful, the designs are really good and I do laugh once in a while. And, I don’t mind the 80s college tropes, because… I like 80s college tropes.

    I am disappointed that they didn’t take advantage of the setup they had with the first one but for what we got it was still better than Cars 2.

    Although saying “it’s better than Cars 2” will get replaced with “It’s better than Cars 3” and Finding Dory

  22. The truth is, when Doug kept on bashing this movie to pieces, I felt a gut-wrenching inside me.

    • I was exciting he was reviewing this until I read the description.

      • well everyone has the right to his own opinion .. but yeah i get you .. it not easy hearing some talking negative of things you like

        • I still stand by that Doug does not understand The Dark Knight Rises AT ALL.

        • Many of the things he complained about in his on-the-cuff VLOG are easily explained within the movie. He even contradicts himself at certain points!

          • You mean like when he complained about how in Man of Steel, Superman killing Zod should have been an traumatic incident that tortured him an stayed with him, but instead was just brushed aside and totally forgotten in the next scene, but then in Sam Rami’s first Spider-Man, a movie in which Peter does experience a traumatic moment involving the Death of his Uncle from a crook he could have stopped, and the movie DOES cleverly show how that incident does torture him and does stay with him, and Doug turns around and complains about Peter crying too much?

            Yeah, that’s one of his contradictions I can never get over.

    • Dudes it’s OK. You can like something he does not like and you can not like something he likes. Just because he’s an internet reviewer does not mean his opinion is more valid.

      Though I can’t say there has not been times when I felt a little down when people don’t like what I like….

    • Don’t take it personally, man. Doug isn’t the official judge of what movies you’re allowed to like. It’s completely subjective, and Doug comes at this from a different angle than a lot of people. Because of his job, he’ll have seen a lot of movies, and is going to come down harder on something he sees as not original enough.

      For example, I liked “Cars” quite a bit. A lot of other people thought that the plot was tired and predictable, but it was a plot that I hadn’t seen before, so none of that really mattered to me. Everyone else is right… But so am I.

  23. well i love it .. but again i was going through something similar at the time and i need cheer on

    also im not use to watch collage films .. there is also that

  24. I actually liked this movie, and I really liked the Dean. She had her own reasons for how she thought the school, namely the scaring program should be run, she didn’t just kick Mike and Sully out because she “didn’t like them”. SPOILERS Well, maybe she was wrong not to give Mike the chance, but we saw later on that she was right, no one was scared of him. And Sully was arrogant, and deserved to get kicked out of the scaring program. I also like how Mike was able to bounce back after life threw him that curveball. (No pun intended). Was it worth of the first movie? No, but neither is it as bad as the Cars movies.

    • That’s honestly another good lesson. You can try really hard to be something, but sometimes you are just not cut out for it.

      But you can still do something with it.

  25. Well… I haven’t seen any 80’s college movies, so this was a bit new to me. AND this came out the same year that I was going to college, so I thought, in a bizarre way, this would kind of introduce me to college. And because I liked the main characters in the first film, I wanted to see them again here.

    I knew the premise, so I knew how it would end. Mike wants to be a scarer. Well, we know he’s not a scarer in the first film, so we can easily guess how this would end. But like Doug mentioned, the message is one we don’t often see, and I liked how they pulled it off.

    True, it’s not exactly funny, but I was still amused by it, especially seeing my favorite characters back on the big screen.
    And Doug said if you’ve seen any 80’s college movies, you’ve seen “Monsters University”. Well, I haven’t seen any of them. So I guess it’s backwards to me; if I’ve seen “Monsters University”, then I’ve seen all 80’s college movies. In that case, I won’t watch any 80’s college movies after all.

    I haven’t seen that “Monsters U” short yet, though.

  26. Rebecca Speckenbach

    I hated this movie so much. Like Doug said, it’s the most boring Pixar movie I’ve seen. The only kind of interesting conflict is the fact that Mike dreams of being a scarer, but we know that he won’t achieve that dream. That’s the only thing I was interested in seeing play out.

  27. What’s terrible is…this sequel got made.

    But still no Incredibles sequel?

  28. I saw this movie for the first time on a red-eye flight from Detroit to London and despite being very sleep-deprived, I thought it was cute, but Pixar has done better. Much better. And I agree that the short that they showed before Muppets Most Wanted was better, even though I had no idea who half the characters were (I saw the short before I saw the full movie). However, your review has made me realize that I haven’t seen any 80s college movies, so I guess there was no way for me to pick out a lot of the cliches.

  29. I remember hearing that the movie was pretty meh…except for the ending which had one of the best emotional scenes since the beginning of Up.

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