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Is it REALLY a fine life?

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  1. this is actually my all time favorite movie

  2. Just watched this movie and…I really liked it. Not just because I’m a HUGE Alan Menken fan but because this is just a fun little film which you can pop on and enjoy if you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Not the best Alan Menken musical I’ve ever seen but certainly not the worst and still very enjoyable. And considering what this director went on to do this movie could have been a hell of a lot worse.

  3. I watched this movie in Journalism class a while back.
    It was pretty lame, and the accents were…odd. But I really liked the songs, I must admit.

  4. Makes me wonder what you think about Oliver. This film reminds me a lot of the look and feel of Oliver, just made in a more polished decade. I love the sets and costumes and never really felt any disconnect with the acting and musical numbers. Actually, my biggest problem with the stage musical (besides adding in pointless love interests) is how stagey the play is. The dancing goes from the energetic and enthusiastic choreography that utilizes the environment to big dance numbers that are far too theatrical.

  5. I just now saw this movie on TV. While i didn’t care for most of the musical numbers, I still found the characters and the story really interesting. It actually has me curious to look up the real history behind it all.

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