Ratatouille – Disneycember

What does the world have against rats, anyway?

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  1. Ah Ratatouille. If I didn’t like Toy Story 2 so much, this would be my favorite Pixar movie. The atmosphere, scenery, characters, and the music! Like the review said, it really gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. And I would say that every time I watch it I just feel like I’m watching an artistic masterpiece. Although the review said that the focus was too much on Linguini and Skinner, I would disagree that they are uninteresting. I like all the characters. But I do agree that I could listen to the food critic’s review all day. In fact I think I’ll listen to it right now.

  2. This is probably my favourite Pixar movie, more so than even Toy Story or Finding Nemo. This just has so much heart and charm to it, and I can’t find anything to dislike about it. My favourite part is definitely the ending – the review, as you say, is an amazing part, and the actual ending and how the main characters end up is -wonderful-! It’s a realistic, well-written happily ever after for everyone involved.

    This movie is art, and it makes me smile ear-to-ear like an idiot when I watch it.

  3. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Of course you’d love the critic Doug. X)”

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