Song of the South – Disneycember

It’s time to look at the live action films, starting with Song of the South!

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  1. I do remember seeing this movie in the theaters and I enjoyed it, but it was a long time ago and I haven’t seen it since.

  2. Guywhothinksstuff

    Okay, first: It’s not set during slavery, it’s set AFTER slavery, just still in the time of segregation and with a lot of the after effects. But it’s set after the civil war, so all of the characters are free (in theory… social and politically they may not be, but they’re all getting paid for their work in more than just room and board). It could still be argued that it’s presenting an overly positive atmosphere in what was still a very oppressive time, but it’s not representing slaves and their masters.

    Second, it WAS released on video in a lot of the world. The UK definitely had it; I watched it a lot as a kid. It’s only the disc and digital media it hasn’t reached. But for a lot of us in the UK it was a childhood staple.

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