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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s Tarzan

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  1. Fuck you, I love Phil Collins.

  2. If you want more 3 dimensional villains check out the animated series

  3. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Kind of blinded by your hatred for Phil Collins aren’t you Doug? And geez, you hate Rosy too? What’s with all these different opinions, it’s like you’re…another person or something! BLASPHEMY!!!

    Anyway, this is another sensitive movie for me since it was part of my early childhood and I loved it to death. I still do (Kingdom Hearts probably could have adapted it a lot better, but early PS2 game, what can you do?). I agree in that you were kind of pushing more on what YOU wanted to see in the movie rather than what it was to many kids at the time. I do agree thought that maybe they were trying to squeeze a bit too much of some things in that didn’t allow for particularly powerful opportunities like Tarzan’s inner struggle and his relationship with Jane developing, but on the whole I think it still lends itself pretty well.

    I guess this was still a fair review, but again, really shoving some personal opinions about Collins down other peoples’ throats.

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