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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s the Black Cauldron

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  1. I read the book around 2000, without knowing about the movie until a few years later. I was excited to see it until I saw that it was by Disney. I like Disney movies, but I knew they were going to kidify away most – if not all – of the darkness of the story.

    From the description in the book, I imagined Gurgi to be a scraggly, skinny wolf creature, with sparse, dark fur – kind of like if Gollum were bitten by a werewolf, then starved away a couple more pounds and got mange. I didn’t expect him to be made to look anything like the plump, fluffy mop-dog in the cartoon.

  2. Just a quick remark to Doug about this one (though I doubt he’ll ever read it LOL) is that the princess’ castle is shown in the third book in the series called “The Castle of Llyr”.

    The Black Cauldron was actually the second book in the series, though the movie looks like it’s supposed to be an adaptation of the first and second books (“The Book of Three” being the first in the series).

  3. I get the impression from this video that Doug was not aware there was a book series, which was significantly better.

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