Emperor’s New Groove – Disneycember

Doug Walker reviews Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove

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  1. ImagineTheEnding

    Emperor’s New Groove is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love it. But, until now I thought it was a Dreamworks film. Mainly because it seems like their style of humor.

    Now that I know it’s a Disney film, though, I can see why someone wouldn’t like it. Mainly because you have expectations of a Disney movie and this isn’t it. And I agree, it was advertised HORRIBLY! I didn’t want to see if for the same reason. Only reason why I watched it was because it was showing on TV.

    Since then I’ve seen it every year, though, and I enjoy it every time.

  2. You want to see the movie about Kronk? Cuz they did end up making that lol.

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