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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s the Fox and the Hound

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  1. This is one of the those few Disney movies I didn’t rewatch as a kid, I think it might have been because it was a little to close to home for me at the time, I feel like I should give it another go.

  2. Ignoring TRON, this is my favourite Disney movie.

  3. ImagineTheEnding

    Is it just me or are the old videos from Doug Walker pretty sexist in an uncomfortable way? Not only did guys I know cry during this movie, but Doug, himself, admitted to crying during other Disney films. So, what’s up with the tone of the “Most girls I knew cried during this scene” comment?

    The newer stuff with Doug is a lot better, but I have the say these older ones are hard to sit through for this reason. It’s a relief that I think a lot of web reviewers started to learn to cut out sexist/racist/homophobic commentary. Mainly because they’re not funny and are quite alienating.

  4. The funny thing about Doug’s comment about the older dog and the train for me is that for years I thought that dog had been killed.

    I didn’t actually see the movie until it came out on video when I was in the 6th grade. At the time when I was younger I had a copy of the story that included a record along with an abridged story. In this version story they never say that Chef survived the train with just a broken leg.

    So from my perspective Copper had legit reason for vengeance. Until I saw that Chef had lived.

  5. The voice cast for this is insane. As in, Mickey Rooney and Kurt Russell as the title characters. Sandy Duncan and Pearl Baily are in it Young Tod is Corey Feldman. Okay, that’s kinda weird.

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