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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s the Jungle Book

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  1. The movie that proves natural selection is a pile of crap.

  2. I absolutely love this movie! This one is very nostalgic for me. I remember when I was little, I would pretend to be Mowgli. I even named my cat after him. I miss him ;(
    Anyway, but really I love this movie! I love the songs, the animation, it’s just great in my opinion! But I do agree though that Shere Khan is the best. He is my absolute favorite and Bagheera comes at a close second. And I do really like My Own Home, I think that’s my second favorite song right behind I Wanna Be Like You. And my third favorite is definitely the vulture’s song. And Shere Khan’s note? It’s amazing! Fun Facts time: that wasn’t really George Sanders singing for Shere Khan (the VA). He couldn’t make it in, so one of the vultures filled in for him! And there are only two vultures singing (I think, at least there are only two credited) so it isn’t a true quartet. And also they originally tried to hire the Beatles but their manager said nope, so they hired those two. (My source of info: my amazing Jungle Book DVD [40th anniversary])

  3. This is my mom’s favorite Disney movie. She loves Baloo in it.

  4. No love for the great Louis Prima (King Louis)??? One of the last great big-band leaders of the post-swing era. I’m not in love with the movie either, but I Wanna Be Like You” is a show-stopper.

  5. I personally like this movie, but I will admit that I was never a fan of Kaa. I especially hated what they did with Kaa once I read the actual book and realized what a badass Kaa was in the book. Even Shere Khan wouldn’t have messed with Kaa in the book (then again, Khan was a lame tiger in the book).

  6. The video is down right now.

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