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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s Lion King

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  1. I love all your Disneycember videos!
    Just felt like posting my thoughts- I rewatched this film and I was more stricken by Scar’s psychological attack on Simba as a child and the effect it had on him throughout his life. For me, it overshadows the flaw. It’s not so much about confronting a past that didn’t happen, as much as it was about confronting a past marred by a deep psychological scar (hah Scar). It seemed to me that the lionesses were in shock in that moment. Thematically, it sort of made sense for them to stand there and not come to Simba’s aid right away so he and Scar could have their initial confrontation, hanging on the ledge, etc. …though it does make me wonder, in general, is it better to have something that progresses a film thematically when it may raise questions about character motivations.
    …Scar definitely could have killed Simba right away instead of sending the hyenas after him though. But then there would be no movie heheh.

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