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You can keep this pirate’s life!

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  1. I know they aren’t the best movies, and that they have flaws. But I can’t do nothing but love these movies, they are probably my guilty pleasures. I just love them, and I am looking forward to the fifth movie that is coming.

  2. Spoilers

    I kind of liked the 2d one and, yes, the complicated swordfight on the water wheel was a real highlight, but the whole 2d movie is dominated by the fear of the kraken, this voracious unbeatable undersea monster that snaps ships like toothpicks and has targeted Jack for death while Jack tries to find a loophole to escape this fate. And then, in the third one, the villain is the British East India Company whose agent casually mentions that they were able to kill the kraken offscreen between the 2d and 3d movies. He never even says how they did it.

    • It is mentioned in a conversation between the main British bad guy and Davy Jones that Jones was commanded to kill the Kraken.

      “This is not your world anymore, Jones. I thought you understood that when I ordered you to kill your pet.”

  3. Eh, I think they were all perfectly fine as they were. I guess big stuff like that isn’t for everyone though. They perfectly fit my taste though.

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