Princess Diaries – Disneycember

To quote our main star, this is as good as it’s gonna get.

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  1. 1.) Why was this movie (the first one) one I ever saw on my own? I don’t get what I was thinking back then.

    2.) …is that…? It is! The hair designer…IT’S THE DOORMAN!!! AHHHHH!!!

  2. I really, really, REALLY hate this piece of shit movie! That’s because I love the books. All TEN of them!!! Yes, there are ten books ( plus a few bonus books) and TWO movies! People are always complaining about all the bad adaptations based on books but this is one of the worst ones. They COMPLETELY missen the point of the books ans removed EVERYTHING enjoyable.
    Here are some mistakes they made

    The first movie is kind of based on the first book but the second one has NOTHING to do with the ten main books.

    The removed most of the characters and the ones they didn’t remove are shells of the characters Meg Cabot made up. Mia is not that cliched nerd. She is funny, pretty smart and she actually cares about politics! She really wants to learn more about Genovia. And also, WHY IS MIAS FATHER DEAD IN THE MOVIES????? In the books he can’t have kids and because of that Mia has to become queen. He is also a huge wimp with mommy issues and he is scared of the queen. And he is actually funny. This leads me to the biggest problem with the movies, the queen. In the books she is a scary bitch with tattoed eyeliner who makes Mia’s life miserable!!! She is probably my favourite character because she is provides A LOT of comedy. In the movie they made her NICE!!! How. Could. They???? I can’t really talk about the rest of the characters because they are really bland in the movie. OH and another thing, most of the first or last names are different. What.Is.The. Point???

    Another problem i have is that all of the events from the books are different. For example the beach party in the movie is a school dance in the book. I have a lot of other examples but it would take to mutch time to write down all of them.

    An then there is also the fact that the books are for teens and that shows especially in the newer books. The movies are for eight year olds!!!!!!! And in the books you feel sorry for Mia because she doesn’t want that life and she doesn’t want a grandma like the queen. In the movies people are supposed to WANT to be Mia!

  3. I read the book the movie was based on and it was meh.

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