The Wild – Disneycember

The movie you never heard of may actually be kind of good.

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  1. The reason why people hate this movie is because this is the first time Disney ripped off Dreamworks. You know how Dreamworks rips off Disney with Antz, Small Soldiers, and Shark Tale? Well, this time Disney ripped off Madagascar and it is incredibly obvious.

  2. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    That’s not fair, Chicken Little had more ambition than that, Cars 2 felt like a better comparison. Also, are we not going to address the fact that the film basically ripped off Madagascar? It’s a city zoo in New York, they go to another land, there’s a Lion and a Giraffe, the writing’s everywhere. I think that’s more of the main reason no one saw this, it looks like a rip off of something that was already made popular a year earlier. They probably all looked past the Disney logo and just saw a weirder version of Madagascar. It still might have been in production earlier than Madagascar, but the timing of it all is just too impeccable.

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