Toy Story 2 – Disneycember

A sequel that’s actually better? Find out as Doug reviews Toy Story 2.

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  1. There are many movies that are super nostalgic for me in my life, but nothing as much as this one. Sure it may not be my favorite movie ever (Lilo and Stitch), but for a long time I was consumed by this movie. Never before was I as obsessed about anything as I was with this movie. Everyday for like at least a year I wore a Jessie costume (that’s how obsessed I was, no exaggeration, my mom had to force me out of it). And every time I watch this review, ah that just pure nostalgic feeling overcomes me. Almost overwhelming. I love the whole Toy Story franchise, but this one for me is the best. But it is one of those rare things where I love all three almost equally. So they better not mess it up with the forth one!

    • Agreed, I fucking love this movie! And the made on it as well, holy shit I’ve spent many hours playing that game, beating it at least 5 times, but it was just so good!

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