Toy Story – Disneycember

It’s that time again! Disneycember 2012 begins with Pixar’s Toy Story.

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  1. The thing you have to know about this movie is the process and the inspiration.
    It was based on a CGI short of a desk lamp, that’s right a lamp that comes to life to replace it’s bulb!
    Then the producers were very scared of the concept, so they had the animators create animated line drawings of the story. This was done quite a # of times, until the producers were assured that it was a charismatic story that would sell.
    That’s why it’s so well written, the writers were forced to re-write it over and over again.

  2. Anyone else notice that the gas station there were at is called DinoCo? Wasn’t that in Cars?

    • Yes, Pixar loves to put references to their older movies in their newer ones xD Pretty much every movies they make they make some sort of reference to one of their older ones with some sort of scene/item xD Like I think the truck from Toy Story also shows up somewhere in Monsters Inc. and such xD

  3. Did you know that this movie almost never came to be because of Jeffrey Katzenberg? He kept telling the makers to make the movie edgy, and when they did a test screening, HOLY CRAP was it a disaster. Woody was portrayed as the biggest asshole I’ve ever seen. I was even shocked that he was supposed to be the hero of the story. This became known as the “Black Friday Incident” in Pixar history, and it was almost ruined by the man who would later become the creator of Dreamworks.

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