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Doug Walker reviews Disney’s Treasure Planet

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  1. oh Doug, I don’t get it…
    in another movie review you said that you wished that the remake of the movie would do something different and distinct from the original one, so we would’nt have to watch the exact same movie…
    and here we have an example of a modification of the story that we all know – Treasure Island – in a whole new form

  2. This is one of those movies that you need to turn off parts of your brain and enjoy the characters and what they go through, because this is a movie where the characters shine through.

  3. This is one of the very few times where I full heartedly disagree with Doug. Maybe it’s just that he hasn’t had much exposure to the steampunk setting or he is familiar with it and doesn’t like it, but even then IT’S A FUCKING CARTOON MAN. Let it have whatever setting it wants otherwise it’d be a waste of perfectly good imagination!

  4. yeah…so, basically to sum up all the problems and issues Doug has with this movie…’s that he doesn’t like how Steampunk it is…….really? yeah….yeah, no, sorry Doug, but that IS in fact a nitpick. a lot of people (myself included) LOVE steampunk/cyberpunk stuff. it doesn’t take place “in the future” it takes place in a futuristic universe apart from ours, just like Start Wars. that’s why the time periods seem mixed up, it’s a fantasy world. a steampunky fantasy world.

  5. I thought it was kinda like its so far in the future that old fashion is coming back and the ships had a clever combination of solar sails and rocket but I can’t justify the rest of the ship. Point to the movie a PLANET of treasure beats island.

  6. AUUUGHH!! DOUG! Right in the childhood! Please stop kicking my formative years’ nads, it hurts so much… T3T””

  7. The 19th century and futuristic mixture is what gives the movie its own identity. You can think of this as an alternate universe where technology had really advanced in the 1800s.

    Many animated shows have settings that make no sense. In One Piece, an anime about pirates, the world is set around the 16th century but the clothes people wear could be of any time period and the technology is really advanced though makes no sense at times like these snail phones they have.

    And don’t get me started on Dragon Ball. It’s set in the 4th century but they have technology where they can carry around things in capsules and yet dinosaurs still exist. But to be fair, it’s a fantasy world where magic exists, so it somewhat makes sense.

  8. I know I’m late to the party, but the reason it looks like it can’t decide on whether or not it wants to look futuristic, or old timey, is because the production crew had a 70/30 rule they abided by. 70% pirate/past stuff, 30% futuristic stuff.

    why, though, is the real question 🙂

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