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How the Hell is a house with balloons made dramatic?

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  1. I find myself agreeing with Doug wayyy more than not, but I absolutely do not agree here. I think they DID play their trump card to early on this movie. The beginning was fantastic, but it just felt like everything moved so slowly from there and the art style outside of the house with balloons itself felt average to me. The jokes definitely fell flat for me as well so I suppose that played into it feeling so slow but I still am happy I saw it.

  2. I definitely feel this is Pixar’s best, and yes…I could remember how incredulous I was in the previews about how this would possibly work. (It’s the main reason I feel, as silly as “Inside Out” seems, that it will somehow work.) I still tear up every time I read: “Thanks for the adventure! Now go have one of your own!”

    What bums me out is because this movie was a genuine “family film” that was meant to appeal as much to the adults as the kids, it wasn’t as loved as, say, the “Toy Story” franchise and didn’t do as well for Pixar in theaters, and I noticed afterward that Pixar began their own round of “sequelitis” and making movies that were more kid-oriented. Sure, we got “Toy Story 3” out of the deal, but I started feeling they were “losing their touch” and just trying to capitalize off of past successes, which was not only sad but actually made me angry.

    I’m hoping “Inside Out” gets us “back in the groove”.

  3. I did feel as if the evil pilot guy was older than the protagonist.

    The protagonist looks old, but he doesn’t look quite as worn as the other guy does.

  4. In my opinion, this is the most original movie Pixar has ever made. When have we ever seen a movie about an old man flying around his house tied to millions of balloons and a little boy follows him by accident to a place where they find a dog that talks with a device and a rare bird? Seriously, I can’t think of any other film with that premise.

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