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Your video game Roger Rabbit?

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  1. This doesn’t seem to be the correct video.

  2. you put the wrong video here

  3. Lol, had a bit of a mix-up Doug?

  4. Carpet Diem? But… I wanted Wreck-It Ralph ;-;

  5. Is it just my computer, or did I click on a Disneycember video and get a Gravity Falls Vlog?

  6. Let me summarize wreck it ralph

    It sucks.

    the end.

    • Translation: It sucks because one random guy says it does. The End.

    • and thus both of Simon’s points missed

    • I thought it missed the mark. I was hyped going in but after seeing it, I was turned off.

      It is actually a script ripped off from a writer trying to break into Hollywood.
      His story was about a kid that grew-up playing in the Arcade and his only friends were VG characters.
      The VG character from his favorite game breaks out of the game to help him.
      Together they work to bring back the arcade.

      The writer shopped the script around since the early 90’s. Everyone rejected it. He got a meeting with Rich Moore and John C. Reilly, who said it would not sell. A few years later Wreck it Ralph comes out. He sued and lost and it was hushed, Disney has good lawyers.

      • Did Mickey make him sleep with the fishes?

      • to be honest. it doesnt sound like the same movie at all. and that idea is a ripoff of at least five different movies and twenty tv episodes. its just a cliche. but im judging just the idea. maybe the script was actually clever. though i dont think so, people at hollywood arent stupid, if the guy was a good writer they would have kept him around

        • It was basically the same movie just add a boy Ralph talks to.
          He pitched his script directly to the writer and star of this movie and they said no but then came out with the same movie minus the boy.
          In court it was proven that they got the idea after the meeting.

          Scripts get stolen all the time, Terminator, The Matrix, Predator and Royal Pains were all stolen scripts/ideas, and proven in court.
          And no they don’t hire the best writers. After the lawsuit for The Matrix and woman that wrote it is a caterer and can’t get hired by anyone in Hollywood.

          Saying it has been done before is wrong, the basic premise is found in other movies: Character finds love but first must love himself. But this was a fresh approach to that theme.

          • First, the original script you refer to is basically Sidekicks, replace Ralph with Chuck Norris.

            Second, just because it is shown that they got the idea for a video game movie after talking with someone about a video game movie does not equate to theft of intellectual property.

            Third, the ideas aren’t really similar. Ralph is not trying to save the arcade; he’s trying to be the hero and get acclaim. Felix is closer to what your talking about, and he only wants to save his game. There’s limited interaction with the real world, and none of the real world characters are aware of the video game universe.

            Finally, stolen script claims are based on broad interpretations of how similar ideas are. Claims against Predator (alien comes to earth hunting humans), Terminator (robots destroy humanity) or The Matrix (reality is a dream) are usually dismissed in court because it’s shown that they draw from the broader grand narrative in human legend. Just because you turn in a treatment or shop your idea does not mean you are responsible for the genesis of that concept or have any claim to what is done with your pitch afterwards in the eyes of the court. Wreck-It-Ralph has more to owe to Toy Story, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Indian in the Cupboard then to this gentlemen’s pitch.

    • FataMorganaPseudonym

      Let me summarize your comment.

      You’re an idiot.

      The end.

  7. Ah, Wreck-It Ralph. Not the best, but I like it.

  8. He’s finally gonna talk about an actual Disney-made film and he messes the videos up! ;D

  9. The people that don’t come on here until after he fixes the video are going to be incredibly confused by these comments.

  10. This film does lampshading as good as any other film I’ve ever seen, all the way through it.

  11. Yay! This was the movie that got me liking Disney again! It wasn’t overly sweet to me. It was clever. It was about video games and I loved it. Also, it had good foreshadowing for the twist towards the end. Poor Doug, I guess something formerly happened with the video? Well, he did say December is always super busy.

  12. I thought this movie was ok. Not great, but ok.

  13. The two nitpicks Doug pointed out, I actually didn’t mind. First of all, I have not seen a situation like the one where Ralph hurt Vanellope (I knew he was going into that). After watching the film, I thought that part worked out very well.

    Also… why did he pick on the battle on top of Diet Cola Mountain? I didn’t get it. But I thought it was a clever touch. As King Candy said, “Welcome to the boss level!”

    I knew this film was not gonna be just about the video game cameos and appearances. Sure, it was advertised a whole lot, but I didn’t get my hopes up a lot as I had a feeling they were just there to set the world we are embarking on. I wasn’t expecting to see them throughout most of the film.
    And actually, I think the REAL point where they stop showing them is once Felix and Calhoun enter “Sugar Rush”. Even though you see the video game baddies in the Bad-Anon group, you see some others outside, such as Sonic, Frogger, Paper Boy, Q*Bert, Shrillex, there’s the entrance to “TRON”, and even Pac-Man himself appears. But aside from that, there are also the illustrations of video game characters in the Tapper game. There’s appearances of a Mario mushroom and Solid Snake’s “!”. And before Felix and Calhoun enter “Sugar Rush”, you can see more characters in the background, such as Eggman, the flying green monster, Sonic a few more times, and Pong. And once they enter “Sugar Rush”, the cameos stop there, as if the film was saying, “Well, people. We gave you what you wanted. Now enjoy the rest of the movie.” And then they brought them back up again in the ending and end credits.

    I did enjoy it all the way through.

    • Exactly.

      The creators also talked about how video game companies were really selective on how their characters would appear. They have a story about how they had to keep making bowswer and Eggman bigger and bigger because Nintendo said Bowswer was bigger than Eggman but Sega said Eggman was bigger than Bowswer.
      ( I think those where the characters but I don’t remember exactly. )

      I could believe they had more injokes planned but scrapped them because it was just too much of a hassle.

  14. OMG a new video, I have to click on it immediately.
    Is this the line for impatient babies? After reading the comments I would say, Yes!

  15. This was my favorite Pixar film, but then again given how much I love gaming and how nostalgic it made me, I am rather biased I suppose.

    • Wreck-It-Ralph isn’t a Pixar film. It was produced by Disney Animated Studios. I’m glad to see the studio’s evolution in CGI animation. From Chicken Little…to this. Pretty amazing.

  16. I think they could have done a BIT more with the contemporary video games, even if ultimately they couldn’t be the main focus. The problem there seemed to be, in the Disney tradition of trying to appeal to the adults as well as the kids, they did a bunch of second age, or golden age of arcade, references for the adults and a bunch of contemporary ones as well, but neither really seemed to “hit” (although I loved the graffitti). I think they should have done more of the latter. People familiar with Q*bert, Root Beer Tapper, and Satan’s Hollow I don’t think provided a huge pool of audience members for this movie.

    That said, I enjoyed it too. I didn’t mind so much the very ending, although as soon as the King started talking to Ralph privately, I sort of rolled my eyes as well and said: “Yeah, I know what’s coming.” I still think it worked pretty well, though.

    (SPOILER ALERT) Anyone ever realize Vanellope is technically a Disney princess? Oh well…she’d still be illegal in Candy Races tournaments. (END SPOILER)

    • (Facepalm) I meant Sugar Rush… Can’t believe I forgot that…but on that note, I would have liked it if they had incorporated the Mario Kart-style “weaponry” into that game…

      • They kind of did. There are a couple times during the big race where characters attack each other (complete with announcer lines – “Cherry Bomb!” – “Sweet Seekers!”). But yeah, no floating pickups or anything and definitely not made out to be a major feature of the game. Maybe it’s special house rules for the qualifying tourney, like how all the tracks seem to have been melded into one.

    • They really couldn’t do more modern day video game references.

      Think about it they’re in an arcade. It wouldn’t make any sense for there to be console only video game characters.

      The best they could do was a Parody of a modern day game Hero’s Duty.

  17. I really have the feeling, that Disney really gets this “The Gimmick gets the people into the seats, the movie is what keeps them in them” mantra, lately. We’ve seen it with Wreck-It Ralph, all the (post-merger) Marvel movies, and even Frozen to some extend, and hopefully will see it with Star Wars (didn’t see Big Hero 6, yet, since FOR SOME REASON Disney deems it necessary to release it only in late January here :(). Who ever is responsible for this streak: Disney keep this person and don’t let them ever go! 😉

    • My guess is that the one responsible for this streak, is John Lasseter, co-founder of PIXAR, Director of “Toy Story”, “A Bug’s Life”, “Toy Story 2”, “Cars”, “Cars 2” and the upcoming “Toy Story 4”. When Disney made amends with PIXAR, and bought them out, John became Disney’s CCO (Chief Creative Officer). You know the iconic moment in “Frozen” when Elsa let’s down her hair during the “Let it Go” scene? That moment was thought up and designed by Lasseter. He’s also the reason Miyazaki’s movies are known to the western world.

  18. I’ve only seen this movie once. I need to watch it again. Really the only problem I can think about with it is like your said having famous video game characters only having cameos. Even with how brilliant some of them were.

    Other than that, I actually relate somewhat to Vanellope and Ralph.

  19. Dude, spoiler….>.>

  20. I don’t often say this about a movie, but for the love of god Disney: DO NOT MAKE A SEQUEL TO THIS!

    Whilst I can see the flaws Doug points out, I loved this film too damn much to see it catch sequelitis…wait a tick. *Checks Wikipedia*. Oh god DAMN IT, Mickey!

    • Eh, I wouldn’t worry. That’s probably been shelved now that they’ve greenlit a sequel to Frozen. When I was at Disney World last October, all the Wreck-It Ralph merch was already gone from their giant Disney Store, and that was even before they knew Frozen was going to be such a runaway success. Somebody at Disney has it in for Ralph.

      That said, I’d actually like to see a sequel to this one. It has potential for more world building and new story ideas, moreso than probably any of the Pixar films that have gotten sequels so far and definitely more than Frozen (when has making a sequel to a fairy tale EVER been a good idea?). And hey, now that Matt Chapman is technically kinda-sorta working for Disney now, maybe they could get him to co-write it. Tell me you don’t want to see the creator of Homestar Runner making a video game movie.

  21. “Climax is mundane!?”

    Bullshit! I thought it was awesome!

  22. “Climax is mundane”

    And I suppose the climaxes of Sleeping Beauty, ParaNorman, Shrek 2, Pinocchio, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were mundane too!?
    The point is I know a good climax when I see one and Wreck-It Ralph’s is anything BUT mundane!

  23. Did Doug just say that Wreck It Ralph needs more variety?
    But seriously, I relate to this movie on a deep emotional level. The two main protagonists are bully victims when you get right down to it. I love every single character in this movie and the movie as a whole is just adorable.
    If I had to sum up this movie in one word, it’d be “Cute”.

  24. I loved this movie, yes we have some well known VG characters in this but to me they are just an added bonus to the movie and yea I sorta don’t like the part where Ralph destroys Penelope’s kart to me it felt forced, other than that I think this is a fun popcorn movie.

  25. I love this film!! Jane Lynch’s badass warrior character cracks me up every time 😛 Before I saw it, my sister told me her back story and I had to ask if the fiancee “had a chin like a Gaston” since she said he was ridiculously handsome.

  26. Wreck it Ralph is one of my favorite (and most underrated imho) movies Disney has put out. I view it like a brother / sister or father / daughter bonding story.

    The pacing is good, the jokes are funny and well timed, the action is fun to watch (even if sometimes predictable)…in all, easily a top 20 Disney film for me.

    Also, I thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack.

  27. There’s a metaphor in how the alien bug consumed and then absorbed what it consumed. This is certainly a Disney picture but you can see how they mutated after consuming Pixar. The story is strong. The characters are well cast. But it also has Disney’s lack of faith in the audience.

    When I first heard about this, I didn’t rush to see it calling it an over-hyped Reboot. Bob, Dot and Matrix covered this decades earlier. I am sorry I missed it in the theater. It is actually pretty good.

    The three things that impressed me was how everyone acted within the host game’s resolution. 8-bit in Wreck-it-Ralph, 64 bit in Central Station. The second was the twist on the ‘true to yourself’ theme that’s been Disney’s fall back since the end of the princess who wants ‘more’. In the end, wrecking things is what saves the day for Ralph. Third, the villain reveal is clever. The clues are all there but it isn’t until he reveals himself that they all fall into place. Much like Roger Rabbit. It doesn’t hold up on the 3rd or 4th time, but the first time it is surprising.

  28. I loved this movie as well, and the two points of contention you had really didn’t bother me. I could definitely see them being more of a turn-off if they were executed poorly, but they handled them both very well. Smashing the cart was a pretty gutwrenching scene, and Turbo turned into a legitimately freaky villain, both in design and in motivation. Also, as a programmer the attention to detail of games having reams of derelict code hidden in them won a lot of appreciation for me, and actually helped me believe that Vanellope really was a glitch character.

  29. Also, the movie had me when I saw “Aerith Lives!” written in graffiti on the wall of the central hub.

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