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Before Brad Bird had the Incredibles, one of his big claims to fame was the Simpsons, and their incredible strange music video. Does it still hold up? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look!

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  1. I remember that!

  2. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    At some point next year, the Nostalgia Critic should review “The Simpsons Movie.” A nice tie-in to the show’s thirtieth anniversary.

  3. I have NEVER heard of any of this before. Then again, I think I’ve seen only 3 episodes of the Simpsons and the movie.

  4. Though I was aware of the Simpsons as a younger kid (at least by 1995 that it was a popular show) I hadn’t really bothered watching any of the episodes or learn any of the history of the series until… mid season 8 when I started watching weekly. I did manage to for the most part see all the other episodes in syndication and greatly enjoy them so I have watched a good majority of the series (well everything up to at least the 500th episode. The last 100 something epsiodes I’ve only seen a small handful of because… insert modern simpsons complains here) and know how important and significant the show was. However it was something I was not so familiar with in the 90’s so a lot of the advertisement and buzz about the series then unless it had to do with that Simpsons arcade game (which may of been my actual introduction to the show) I didn’t really become familiar with… until I bought the DVD seasons sets (up to about season 11) and start diving through a lot of the lore. Since not only did they have commentary talking about making each episodes but the extras had a lot of the commercials and promo spots for the Simpsons at the time, and the season 2 DVD had the two videos off the Simpsons sing the blues “Deep Deep Trouble” and “Do The Bartman”. Which I know I heard of but never saw until I watched those DVDs back in the early 2000’s and yeah I rewatched the hell out of “Do The Bartman”. Honestly I really do enjoy the song and the video itself and remember having seen it on DVD at least like… 20 something times. I think that DVD I no longer have but thankfully those videos are still up on youtube to enjoy because yeah I dig the hell out of them.

    And I dig Doug actually deciding to talk about the behind the scenes and the Do The Bartman video and it’s history. Granted it’s a pretty quick tie in to Incredibles 2 with the Brad Bird connection but I appreciate him going a bit over how big Bart was in the early 90’s (since it was only until season 4 when Homer became the more highighted character) as well as the goofy late 80’s trying to be cool early 90’s attitude this video had and some of the bits I never noticed when watching the video like how Bart is singing about a lot in particular or one of the dogs yelp actually being Bart (which is weird as the early seasons had this rule about the animals acting like well… animals and not like humans at all. They eventually were less restrictive on this but… that was something at least started by season 5, not season 2 when this debuted) and the whole debate over who wrote the song. Actually if you listen to the Stark Raving Dad secret commentary on the DVD it’s revealed that Jackson did want to do the guest spot and asked for a scene where he and Bart were alone in his treehouse making a song together all night which… man feels all sort of awkward in context now. But yeah interesting stuff and hey Cinema Snob’s done episodes based off musical videos before so can Critic.

  5. You must do an Old vs New again:



    Planet of the Apes

    The Karate Kid

    The Day the Earth Stood Still

    Total Recall


    Dirty Dancing


    Bad News Bears

    Conan the Barbarian

    Need I go on?

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