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You’ve seen Strokemon and 10 Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, but now they’ve gone too far! Featuring appearances from Lewis Lovhaug, Phelan Porteous and Mathew Buck!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Saw this on your YT channel earlier and the fact that this looks like it was shot in an afternoon will pretty much be the way Trump’s presidential campaign will be remembered: Shot in an afternoon.

  2. I guess it makes sense for Donald Trump to be made into a porn parody. I mean they did the same goddamn thing to Sarah Palin.

    Nice job on having Actual Lee, Toby Fair, and Bastard Film Brain appear on this episode.

    5:47- Well, the White House WAS built by slaves.

    Donald Trump: Make America Cum Again.

    Also, if you’re doing another Musical March (in September) this year, I hope you’ll finally review Rhinestone starring Sylvester Stallone.

  3. It does bring the question…..what part of Trump’s Supporters was this porno made for?

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Welll I want trump in office more than I do Hitlary Clinton but this was still another great snob episode but everybody can vote who they want to be president i say

    • I’m not in love with Hilary Clinton, but she’s 200 times more qualified to be president than Donald Trump. There’s no way that I can back a presidential campaign that’s based on hate, fear mongering and racial prejudice and who’s supported by the KKK. That aside, that guy’s Donald Trump impersonation was terrible. I sound more like Donald Trump than that guy

      Having Lewis Lovehaug, Phelan Porteous and Matthew Buck making cameos was definitely a plus.

  5. Recent news update: “Trump wants to build a wall between america and mexico.

    Mexico president says he will not fund the wall and does not support it in any way.”

    Well if this goes through, we can expect canada to follow the same fate. Then if it goes even further, each state will be walled from one another. Seriously though, a wall?

    The romans did that with the scott to avoid fighting them years ago; will america really want to copy such a primative method?

  6. The Real Silverstar

    Snob’s riffs, plus Lewis, Phelan and Mathew’s cameos made this video entertaining. The flick itself was weak sauce. The lead’s Trump impression was terrible and the whole thing was clearly thrown together in a single afternoon with barely a script. I know I shouldn’t be looking for Chaucer in a porn spoof, but I doubt the makers of this even knew what a writer was.

    • Given that Chaucer was basically the porn of its day, that’s an interesting thing to say. (Seriously, read it, some of it reads like the Old English Penthouse Forums letters…)

  7. This thing is hilarious and the creators of this porno doc thing should be gang raped in Siberian labor camps if they’re still functioning.

  8. If I find these filmmakers I’ll hang them up in their pants and let true honest American citizens and conservative Mexican Americans beat the living shit out of them pinata style and Russian Americans can join in justified fun, death to these morons, lynch these spineless, gutless tramps and fire poker right up their asses.
    I’m a classy gentleman guy.

  9. The Bernie slab was kinda petty. I mean he’s not even running anymore, so…

  10. I relate to Actual Lee on a spiritual level.

    You can tell bc this comment literally only exists to tell you that.

  11. I’m surprised that SpikeGal hasn’t commented on here saying that we’re idiots for rightfully hating Supreme Leader Trump.

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