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The Cinema Snob enters the world of Neil Breen with his 2005 film DOUBLE DOWN.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Ah crap, I’ve heard about director/writer/actor/jackass Neil Breen thanks to Allison Pregler’s review on Fateful Findings. Also, I haven’t seen a review of this movie yet.

    5:03- Yeah, THAT’S how that works. Actually, this is what happens to those who went to see The Emoji Movie.

    Breen broke those same laptops later on in Fateful Findings.

    With the scene of Breen’s wife’s death in the pool, I’m getting Zero in an Scream flashbacks, but at least we didn’t see them fuck when the assassination happened.

    8:11- Yeah. Sure, movie. Why don’t ya bring up 9/11 while you’re at it? Also, Brad, enough of the Man of Steel bashing. We’ve all heard it before.

    11:30- That was the cheapest gunshot to the head I have ever seen in a movie, and that includes the entire library of shot-on-shiteo movies.

    13:43- Yeah, we all do.

    15:38- That’s the sound of a semi-automatic, not a pistol. At least he didn’t use laser sounds.

    18:18- Oh, okay. NOW you know what specific guns sound like. Why the hell didn’t you do that before?

    Jesus Christ, Deil Breen is super lame.

  2. That opening actually reminded me more of “Brazil”. More appropriate.

  3. I only know of the existence of Neil Breen and Double Down thanks to red letter media. Nice to see another take on the absurdity.

  4. You brave soul, Brad…

    I watched this in an online riff-session with some B-movie MST-3K fans a few years back. Or should I say I watched SOME of it, because it was one of the worst movies you can be subjected to…I gave up.

    This review and previews just can’t express how dull, unprofessional, slow, and poorly produced this movie is. This shoots straight past “so bad it’s good” into “so bad it’s unwatchable”.

    • People should be warned: This is not silly garbage like Birdemic that is amusing in it’s amateurish weirdness…this is dull, plodding, self-important yet incredibly simple-minded crap.

      Don’t grab this movie for a “riff night” unless you have a back up movie for when everyone’s tolerance is reached.

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