Doug and Uncle Yo Read Slashfic

Doug and Uncle Yo read a slashfic about themselves.

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  1. Was this made last year (no criticism) I was at that con in fact doug i told you that you were amazing at uncle yo’s show as it was letting out

  2. I miss seeing Uncle Yo in Doug’s videos.

  3. After watching this you guys have convinced me to finish my 50 Shades of Grey Fanfic for both of you,
    as long as you promise to also reenact it. :o)

  4. Oh dear Jesus…..

  5. Still better than 50 Shades of Grey. Will we ever see Donnie again by the way? In a critic video? I kinda miss him.

  6. I wonder if the author has seen this video. He/She must have been a fan so there’s a good chance she/he has seen it.
    Although he/she is going to come forward somehow.

    • MegaNerd, do you have something you want to tell us?

      • It wasn’t MegaNerd (nor MegaTron, for that matter) that wrote this wondrous opus. 😀 I come forward to accept the raging flame war award on behalf of [CENSORED] as he is busy with other projects (the Rob and Doug Incestafic Trilogy).

        You like me (him)! You really like me (him)!

  7. Ooookkkkkaaaayyyyy………. Yeah, that was definitely beyond weird.

  8. Agreed. Very weird. However, there are some great laughs in this video. The fact that they have trouble keeping a “straight” face while reading fan fic is very… um… Carol Burnett Show-ish. Thanks for sharing, Doug (and Uncle Yo… Yo)

  9. This got me laughing my ass off for another 5 min after it ended, I just could not stop, thank you for topping my day good sirs!

  10. The expressions on your faces was what made this video most enjoyable!

  11. Welp. If it was ever in dispute, it is now official. You guys have AMAZING senses of humor if you can laugh about that 😀

  12. ThePuzzlerOfRiddles

    I love how chill you guys are about fan fiction.

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