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  1. You’re review of this movie is EXTREMELY flawed. It’s obvious that it is fully unscripted, and you contradicted yourself throughout it. Also, saying The Dark Knight Rises is a basic action movie? Are you nuts! Anything with Steven Segal is a basic action movie!

  2. I thought there was a point to all this.
    One crime wasn’t really solved in GOtham. They almost illegally imprisoned the mob and didn’t give them an opportunity for parole. They just stuffed the prisons full and then said how awesome they were.

    It was sorta bullshit to say crime was down because there was still widescale poverty and misery for everyday people. The orphans were finding jobs in the sewers because they had no place to live. That is not a better world. The only people who said life was great were the rich and powerful. And the first thing they did was try to get rid of the people who were doing all the work.

    While the artificial crime anti-wave made the rich feel good it was an illusion. That humanity and Gotham was still rotten underneath, because it was based on lies. THe Lie of Harvey Dent. It is so bad that the cops don’t do their jobs to chase Batman.

    Bane wants to prove that if you give people a choice and there is no bullshit protecting the weak, they will be bad. Its a variation on the theme. If people didn’t have justice somewhere deep in their hearts would they be able to live. THe problem is that it was done only slightly better in the second film. The point is that the bestial nature would doom Humanity to their fate which they would deserve. Not just chaos for no reason, but proving that people suck means their actions are justified.

    The second half of the movie is just that one scene on the boat. Except involving the whole city. And went on too long. And the first half is quite dull I will give that too you

    But I do agree Batman is boring in this. It wouldn’t be bad if they had just chosen Tom as a new POV character and had him be Batman’s partner, which is why they made Robin in the first place. Every incarnation of Robin has one thing in common. They are an innocent who has suffered at the hands of crime, who sees Batman as their example and they want to fight crime too. Robin doesn’t care that Batman was actually damaged because of crime as well. Its not important to them. He is their hero. Batman has a very confused self image, he’s dangerous ,weird, violent and even crazy. But because he reaches out to this kid, he can make peace with his past. He finds a way to move on. He won’t be the same after what has happened but it is not longer who he is.

    This simple relationship could have not only given this movie some humanity and drama when things were going wrong… but it would have been the foil of the pure nastiness. Some people would probably love to be Batman if there was no law and order. Some people would want to be cops, some people will always be assholes. But the fact their is this connection that all GOtham shares with Batman there is hope in the world, even if Batman doesn’t see it.

  3. Solid review. This film IS disappointing. It’s got no spirit in it. It retreads old territory (no not just in the villains but the themes as well). Could it have lived up to the Dark Knight? Maybe- but the bar was set high. In the end this film gave me little of what I’ve come to expect from a good batman franchise.

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