Doug Reviews: Ender’s Game and Convention Update

A quick look at my next appearances and what I thought of the latest sci-fi hit!

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  1. Oh boy. I acknowledge that you haven’t read the book. If I hadn’t grown up with the book, I would have probably thought the movie was fine. But dear lord… This just takes the promise of the book and smashes it. Violently. I was REALLY nervous when I heard they were doing a movie because I knew that they would need to be smart in handling the subject matter, and that so much would have to be left out. But I thought “As long as the keep the intelligence and overall mindset of the book, I think I might be able to turn my brain off and enjoy this” Boy was I wrong. I enjoyed parts, but on the whole, I just hated it. I have not felt so utterly betrayed and offended by a movies existence in my life. Not just the movie itself, but it’s existence. This movie proves that this truly is an unfilmable novel, as well as it’s companion novel, “Ender’s Shadow”, which originally they were going to film, but that project got scratched (Thank the Lord). Overall, Doug, I’m glad you like this movie, I’m really happy for you, but could you please 1. Read the book (seriously its amazing) and 2. Invent a mind eraser so that I can erase my memory of the book so that I can watch this movie without any memory of the novel, and then read the novel and go back to hating the movie. Thanks.

    • Hmm, I thought the movie wasn’t that bad of an adaptation. We’ve seen much worse with the likes of Timeline and Eragon. My only disappointment was the lack of emphasis between Bean’s and Ender’s connection. I understand why they made Bean around the same age as Ender so they entered battle school together (movie constraints), but the connection they made was such a integral part of the book. They just left Bean as the side character that just had a good idea and not a genius for strategy, and perhaps a little too chipper. All said and done all I can say is that it may not be worthy in the standards of the book of itself, but in the standards of movie adaptations it ranks higher than many others. I feel it would’ve worked much better if it was made into a mini-series or limited series.

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