Doug Reviews: Sin City 2

Is it a dame worth killing for?

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  1. You think it is a double standard to show breasts, but not show dicks? Really?

    How about the fact that it’s considered normal when a man’s nipple is visible, but having a woman’s nipple shown is a huge deal. Isn’t THAT a double standard?

    Why can’t you treat people’s upper bodies the same, regardless of gender? Why does a woman’s brest have to be considered to be on the same level as genitals?

    I don’t remember seeing any vaginas in the movie, so why is them not showing dicks a huge deal?

    • You’ve been to a swimming pool before, yes? Or a beach, or something of that sort? How many dudes did you see there, wearing bikini tops to preserve their modesty? In most walks of life, if a girl lifts her top and lets you autograph her cleavage, it’s gonna be a slightly bigger deal than if a dude does it, and the latter would probably be intended as a joke more than anything. If this -is- something of a double standard, it’s nothing to baw Doug out about. This is a double standard you’ll see in every corner of human society, unless you happen to be at a nude beach.

      As for all the naughty bits you’ll see on the lower half of the human body, this movie likely chose to censor those bits because the movie makers didn’t want to make it that much harder for teenagers to get a chance to watch it. That’s really all there is too it, making the movie as stylized as possible yet still making some attempt at wide marketability.

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