Doug is Sick – No New Nostalgia Critic

No new Nostalgia Critic until next week. Sorry :/

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  1. Get better Doug!

  2. Aw I’m sorry to hear that. Get well soon Doug.

  3. Hopes for a speedy recovery to you Doug!

  4. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    I feel bad for those who signed up for Vessel to get the Rocky and Bullwinkle review last week, only to find their free trial wasted on a video that never came and won’t come for another month. BTW, the review teased at the end of next week’s editorial? TENTACOLINO. I’m not even kidding. He’s finally doing it!

  5. I love his smile on the thumbnail XD It’s so “Yeah, that’s right. FUCK YOU, whacha goona do bitch?”

    Nyway, get better soon

  6. I had that one last year. It’s a bitch. Get well, man.

  7. ilovethings andstuff

    hope you feel better. getting sick sucks

  8. Get better Doug, but I have a question I signed up twice for the free trial of Vessel and both times I went to watch the videos they were already done and I watched them the same day that Doug posted on here, so I’m just wondering what changed with Rocky and Bullwinkle?

  9. Huh. This is the best Vessel has ever buffered for me. And even then, it still stuttered after the first couple minutes.

    • The problem isn’t with the Vessel player; it’s this site. There are so many ads and stuff playing in the background that it slows the player down to a crawl. I’ve just been watching the Nostalgia Critic videos on and they play just fine there, for me anyway.

  10. supersmashbro596

    you sound like you smoked a dozen marlbaros. get better soon doug.

  11. Hey Doug, can you please do a Nostalgia Critic review on the movie Freddie As F.R.O.7? I consider it to be the worst fantasy movie ever. By the way, sorry to see that you’re feeling unwell there Doug. I hope you get better again soon.

    • We missed you, Jordan. 😛

    • Persistent, aren’t we?

      Again, why don’t you review Freddie As F.R.O.7 yourself instead of constantly begging Doug to it? Doug has his own schedule to adhere to and you clearly have an opinion on this movie. In the time that you’ve spent asking Doug to do this over and over again, you could’ve been finished making your review by now.

  12. I’d love to see what would happen if you just said to Malcolm and Tamara, “You know where everything is. Pick a movie and make a review. I’m going back to bed.”

    • The Real Silverstar

      Here’s what would happen: half of the comments would be people bitching and moaning and calling Doug a sellout and accusing him of phoning it in for daring to release a Doug-less review.

  13. Benjamin Raya Altamirano

    Dangit, I hope you get better Doug, I know how it feels in the terms of been sick with an strang virus. Hopefully we see you in short so we can get the ussual laughs and the shrewd humor you got us used to. See you soon, buddy.
    P.S. Tomorrow is gonna be my birthday so, Im gonna spend my wish on you getting well. See u ltr

  14. No problem man,you need to rest.
    In the meantime you can think about that WTR Dog City that I suggested in another review hahaha

    • The Real Silverstar

      …Or you could subscribe to Vessel and sweeten the pot with your cash, or you could review the show yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it.

  15. so wait, why not upload the editorial for everyone to see instead of just Vessel subscribers? that way everyone can see it and not have to wait a week…that’s awfully tedious when not everyone can pay for Vessel…

  16. Hope you get well, Doug! Oh, um, that was probably two weeks ago … awkward.

  17. Feel better Doug.

  18. I hate Vessel. It barely works worth a damn. Every week it’s a crap-shoot if it’ll work and I just end up having to wait for the YouTube version.

    • The NC videos play better on I never watch them here because there are too many ads and things running in the background.

      • But that’s the point I’m making, this player never is reliable on actually doing anything so that I can watch the video. Hell, even this comment section likes to be a pain in the ass when trying to type on it by freezing up.

  19. hope you feel better doug!

  20. Aw, feel better.

  21. I really hope it nothing serious, get better soon Doung

  22. Wouldn’t this mean he was sick last week? He has the Vessel episodes up a week ahead of time, so they have to be done then, right?

  23. Here’s hoping that, when you get better, you can arrange some small, non-NC videos to have on hand to put up instead. I really liked it when you did that.

    Even if it’s a commentary, it’s nice.

  24. You are the kindest person ever! Even sick you try to do it, and if you simply can´t, you announce it. Many bloggers wouldn´t upload for a tiny cold, or feel a little tired. I admire your passion for your job. 🙂 Get better soon.

  25. I especially hope that your viral infection passes out of your system soon Doug, Guarisci presto, Поскорее поправляйся, Get well soon.

  26. I typed those two phrases in Italian because I adore that European language more than any other and my own native Russian which I also love, if only the Yiddish language for Jewish people could be revived and popularized as well as their Hebrew in Israel and here in America, but I digress, anyway Vizdoravlivy-still Russian although romanized meaning Get Well Soon or just Get Well or Restore Your Health.

  27. You take care, too, Doug. 🙂

  28. l william mccarthy

    i must see kubo and the two strings nostalgia critic review with Douglas Darien Walker only!!

  29. l william mccarthy

    i must see kubo and the two strings nostalgia critic review with Douglas Darien Walker only and Get better Doug!

    • When did Doug say or indicate that he was going to review Kubo and the Two Strings? He never mentioned that in the video. Kubo is a new movie, it’s not a big Hollywood type blockbuster, and it’s not a bad movie, so it’s highly unlikely that Doug will review the movie as the Critic. If Doug talks about the movie at all, he’ll either review the film as himself or he’ll do a Sibling Rivalry if Rob wants to see the film.

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