Doug’s Sick – No Editorial

No editorial this week while Doug recovers from the Norovirus. We will be back next week with the Garfield 2 review.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ok on to Garfield 2 than

  2. Your health is more important. And I bet garfield 2 is exhausting & dangerous for the life of any human so yeah have some rest!

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about that. Thanks for letting us know. I’m so excited for the Garfield 2 review. That is bound to be hilarious. ^.^

  4. Oh man, glad you’re better now. Good call on calling off the convention, it sucks for the people who wanted to see you but yes you would’ve infected a LOT of people, conventions spread disease like crazy.

    • hate to be a downer but from what i’ve read Norovirus is pretty common so chances are the people at the con would’ve caught it from somewhere else anyway, though saying that you’re still right about it being a good call since victims of the Norovirus only gain immunity to a single strain and anyone who has recovered from the virus would just run the risk of catching it again if Doug had bought in a different strain. That and I doubt anyone would want to go to the con just to see Doug vomiting (unless it’s in response to one of the twilight films)….ok I sound a little insensitive but I had the norovirus about a month ago and I can definitely say i’m glad he’s getting better

  5. Well, glad to hear that you’re feeling allot better, Doug! Just concentrate on getting back 100%, that’s what’s important!

  6. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I’m so sorry about that.

    Also I’m gonna have to be honest, I think most of the editorial videos are bad anyway. They are the weakest NC episodes. I prefer your list videos and reviews over these.

  7. Hope you feel better! A friend of mine had norovirus once and she told me it was the worst. 🙁 Get some good rest and drink lots of fluids. ^^

  8. I’d probably get sick thinking about Garfield 2 as well.

  9. Me: Oh Doug is sick? Doug is sick!? I mean, do we really have to concern ourselves with that guy with the glasses on this site!? I mean how sick could he possibly be?!

    George Clooney: He’s got the Norovirus.

    Me: Awkward…

  10. I was wondering what you’d do for this editorial. Here I thought you’d just have none. Yeah, I follow you closely. Your voice doesn’t sound bad. I guess it’s just not something that affects your voice. I’m glad you’re feeling better.

    • He did say he’s getting better. It sounds like he’s over the worst of it. Tamara has the norovirus too and she uploaded a Tamara’s never seen. She sounds completely destroyed

  11. Still gonna stay as far away as possible. I live in Tennessee, but I could get it from the Internet.

  12. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Good to know you’re feeling better! Also, is it true that you’re coming to Fanime in San Jose, CA this year? It would be so awesome if that were true!

  13. Glad you getting better and thanks for caring for your fans.

  14. I had that on a friggin cruise ship. It was hell.

  15. Health comes first, review later.

  16. Sucks when it happens! but don’t worry Doug, we know you work so friggin hard all the time, you can get a rest whenever you need it! get well!

  17. Christopher Mitchell

    Ok, drink plenty of fluids and come back to us healthy

  18. Glad your feeling better! <3

  19. Hope you feel better, Doug! I’m a big fan of yours, so is my dad. Happy 2017!

  20. Get well soon, Doug!

  21. Health is always more important

  22. Oh damn, the Norovirus is a pretty brutal sickness. Glad to hear you’re feeling better at least. The only good thing about the Norovirus is that it generally only lasts a few days!

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