Doug’s Top 10 Crying Moments

Ever wonder what movies, TV shows, or other entertainment make Doug tear up? These are the moments that make him sob like nobody’s business.

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  1. The top 3 moments in films that made me cry are Optimus Prime’s death in The Transformers: The Movie, Jack’s death in Titanic, and the ending of A.I. Artificial Intelligence (No joke).

    • Oh, God, the end to A.I. got me bad. I was, what, 14? at the time, and I’ve still never cried harder at a work of fiction. I remember I was still going by the time I got to the theater bathroom. Just the relationship to his mother, and it’s so existentially bleak… That’s something– I remember being really impressed and moved by the movie, but at the same time, something about it made me feel anxious and unsettled. Something about the mind/body problem as it relates to the concept of a conscious robot, which probably wasn’t even intentional… Anyway, yeah, it may have been cheap, but God was it ever effective!

  2. For me it’s Terabithia; I loved this movie/book and I hate it too because damn…

    • Oh, yeah, the book got me… But it wasn’t a part you’d really expect. It was when the dad is hugging Jess and tells him, “It’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Because the whole time, the dad had been distant with him and affectionate toward the sisters, and Jess had felt kinda shut out by his family. That’s where you finally see his dad not only be there for him, but relate to him on an adult level.

  3. Please review the shitty 1986 film Dangerously Close

  4. Oh and it’s weird because it’s not really “sad” but the movie “where the wild things are” made me cry because I really REALLY loved it & it reminded me a part of my childhood & I thought “i’ll never experience that ever again” and at the end of the movie I just broke down. Which is… Weird


  6. Your grandfather sounds cool, my family were always pretty open about how little they cared about the Simpsons

  7. It likewise takes a lot to make me cry these days, but Doctor Who’s Donna’s departure got me, so bad.

    • Oh! I missed that episode but the Van Gogh Doctor Who episode made me tear up if you know what I’m talking about.

    • I’m a big baby, so I at least cry a little at most of the emotional stuff in Doctor Who, but I think I bawled the whole way through Ten’s death. From the moment you hear the four knocks and everything clicks into place, I just fell apart. And then, just to cap it all off and make me wail like a dying animal, Ten says “I don’t want to go.” I was not okay for days after that.

      Later on, Clara’s death made me sniffle a lot, but I don’t think it really hit me until the next episode when Twelve breaks down as he talks to the Clara in his head. “Whatever I do, you still won’t be here.”

  8. Scenes that made me cry:

    “It’s not your fault” scene from Good Will Hunting
    “I could’ve done more” from Schindlers List
    The ending of Inside Out
    Bill and Nardole say goodbye to the Doctor in Twice Upon a Time
    The execution in Green Mile
    Numerous scenes from Bojack Horseman
    The end of Samurai Jack
    Connor finally accepts his mothers death in A Monster Calls
    Both “Tears in Rain” scenes from Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049

  9. for a personal point, the movies that make me cry are the green mile (obviouly anyone know the moment that break your heart) logan and war of the planet of the apes

  10. Here’s the question who’s smoke monster was better George C. Scott or Tim Curry

  11. Doug, I’m gonna be honest, but the ending to your review of Christmas With the Kranks makes me cry every fucking time….


    This is a coincidence because I just saw Coco today and while it seems to be generally praised I thought it was OK at best. I mean I couldn’t get as emotionally invested as with a lot of the other Pixar movies. I don’t know why. Hell I think Finding Dory probably was better. But that’s just my opinion. I wanted to but I couldn’t cry at Coco but I could sort of feel the emotions. Maybe if I give it a couple more tries though I’m not going to go revisit it in the cinema because there are other films to check out. Heck it’s the only Pixar movie on this list. I was kinda expecting Riley’s breakdown from Inside Out and the Married Life segment from Up to be on this list because I know for a fact that Doug considers those his favourite Pixar movies. Does this mean he likes Coco more than those two now or is it just that scene? With the exception of Fearless, Valkyrie and those animes I’ve seen all of those and Star Trek II is the only one that makes me cry. Here are some others in no particular order:

    Toy Story 3 (Not the part at the end where Andy gives his toys away but before when the toys arrive home and are about to get into the box and Woody goes over to Buzz and says “This isn’t goodbye”)

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Multiple scenes toward the end of the movie. Sam saying he’ll carry Frodo, Frodo waking up in a bedroom and all his friends are there and Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo sailing away to the Grey Havens)

    WALL-E (EVE discovering the security of WALL-E looking after her)

    Inside Out (Riley’s breakdown)

    X-Men: Days of Future Past (Two scenes. Young Magneto’s speech/Old Magneto dying and Wolverine waking up in an altered future. Though the latter was kinda ruined by Logan)

    Marley and Me (Do I honestly need to say)

    Kung Fu Panda 2 (Po discovering the truth about his mother)

    The Lego Movie (Emmet’s speech to Lord Business)

    Wreck-It Ralph (The final scene where Ralph looks over at Vanellope)

  13. Don’t you like to go one step beyond ?

  14. Big fish did it for me reminded me of my father. Kills me every time haha
    As a kid the iron giant
    Logan i knew it was coming but the cross to the X i felt a tug on my heart.

  15. Me: Well, let’s see what silly things have made Doug cry

    Doug: Number Ten, MY GIRL

    Me: Oh no. *sobs involuntarily*

  16. I’m gonna feel dumb, like reaaaaaaaaaaally dumb, but I cried when Hans passed away, in D3: The Mighty Ducks. I don’t know why, but that just hit me.

  17. I will admit, the episode The Hero from season 2 of The Amazing World of Gumball made me cry. Twice. The first time was when Gumball’s dad sang his song and the second was when he told Gumball to walk towards him at the end. Oh crap, thinking about it has me tearing up again.

  18. 1. The ending of Pan’s Labyrinth.
    2. Homura mercy killing Madoka from Madoka Magica.
    3. Buffy’s death from the season 5 finale of Buffy.
    4. The wedding scene from the end of Gurren Lagann.
    5. The Little Match Girl.
    6. Going Merry’s funeral from One Piece.
    7. Brian’s suicide breakdown from The Breakfast Club,
    8. Shizuka’s breakdown from Whisper Of The Heart, the scene where she cries in relief after working so hard on a book she wrote.
    9. Finding Dory. It made the character in such a tragic light that I felt so sorry for her. She tries so hard to remember her parents but her disability often gets in the way.
    10. and last but not least, the ending of your Christmas Tree review.

    • lilith_ascennding

      Holy shit, Madoka Magica made me cry so much. Like, I sobbed so hard when Madoka ascended to godhood, and when Sayaka became a witch, and like all of Homura’s backstory. Also, I just watched the Breakfast Club recently and I totally agree the suicide breakdown scene was so sad! It totally caught me off guard.

  19. There a several movie scenes that make me at least teary eyed almost every time. First, the church scene from Murnau’s silent masterpiece Sunrise. The man trying to reconnect to his wife after he, basically, really fucked things up. They enter a church where a wedding is going on. They sit down and watch. He hears how the bridegroom promises to always care for his bride and protect her from all harm. This reminds him of the same promise he once made and broke so badly. The film cuts from the bridegroom promising that to the man, who breaks down in tears and begs his wife to forgive him. Which she does. This is one of the best and most beautiful films ever made and this scene almost always gets me. Another example would be several moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Especially the episode The Body. SPOILERS: After it is clear that Buffy’s mother is dead, but she is still in shock, not really having realized it. Then, when Giles arrives, sees her mothers body and running towards it and Buffy shouting: “We’re not supposed to touch the body!” which is the moment it really gets to her that her mother is dead. How she covers her mouth, shocked about what she just said. This episode in general makes me cry every time I watch it. I am currently watching the series again with friends who see it for the first time. I will probably tell them that something got into my eye.

  20. I will say this, it’s nice to see a personal top 10 from you again as opposed to an NC list. I’ve missed these.

    As for my biggest tear-jerking moments, too many to list, though every flashback in One Piece comes very close to the top.

  21. Man, that makes 3 movies the Home Alone kid dies in; Jacob’s Ladder, My Girl, and Good Son. If I’m missing any, list them for me.

  22. The end of Toy Story 3 and Brother Bear get me EVERY DAMN TIME and yes Wolf’s Rain had me bawling my eyes out!

  23. Of Doug’s Top 10 list, Star Trek 2 is the only one I’ve seen. Given how much I liked Spock’s character I would think it made me cry, but I don’t have any memory of it doing so.

    I didn’t see Optimus Prime die until I was an adult so nothing there for me.

    The media that made me cry the most was Ken Burns’ “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea” – there are several times in that documentary miniseries that were really touching.

    The last movie that made me cry was “Rogue One”, at least the first time. The scene where Jyn is ready to go it alone if she has to and turns around to find a bunch of other Rebels there ready to follow her lead was very personally touching. It’s incredibly depressing go charge forward waving a flag (literal or proverbial) only to look back and see nobody has followed you. So the reverse of that was very touching. The scene didn’t have as much impact when I saw it the second time though.

    Because there are very few movies I’ve seen more than once I have trouble remembering which ones made me cry. Rarely do I cry at a movie because of a character’s death; it’s usually some other moment that makes me tear up. No Bambi’s mom, Simba’s dad, etc. For some reason, one scene that sticks out in my mind (despite only seeing the movie once) is when Brad Pitt’s second wife is accidentally killed. It was the penultimate tragedy of a movie filled with tragedy. I saw that movie as a teenager though and I’m not sure I would have quite the same reaction as an adult, especially as I recall it being melodramatic.

    I think the end of “Good Will Hunting” was another moment.

  24. Shadow returns home — Homeward Bound: The Incredibly Journey
    “I Dreamed a Dream” — Les Miserables (and after that scene, pretty much any scene with Anne Hathaway)
    “How come he don’t want me!?” — The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Lucie’s death — Doctor Who: To the Death (one of the audio dramas. Lucie was a companion to Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. It’s the only moment in Doctor Who that’s ever made me cry)

    • “Now comes an ending to our Fellowship. I will not ask you not to weep. Not all tears are an evil.” -Gandalf — The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  25. Just one word: “Superman” -The Iron Giant.

  26. All I want to know is where Doug got his shirt.

  27. Elizabeth of York

    I don’t have a lot of moments in media that make me cry, but here are some that really hit me emotionally:

    1. Moonlight: the beach scene. Not only is it one of the best shot and best acted scenes I’ve ever seen, it’s something of a rarity. To see two men talking about their feelings so openly in a film… I was amazed.

    2. Private Romeo: the scene where Juliet’s parents tell her she’s to marry Count Paris. The actors who plays Lord Capulet doubles as Mercutio and he seems to be bringing some of the creepiness within Mercutio to the role of Lord Capulet. It makes for an incredibly menacing character.

    3. The Shape of Water: all of it. ALL. OF. IT.

  28. Wait, does that mean there is no review this week?

  29. I’m a bit surprised at the scene(s) chosen from Avatar the Last Airbender. While both were definitely emotional scenes, IMO, none hit nearly as hard as the the end of The Tale of Iroh in the episode “Tales of Ba Sing Se”. Seeing the normally jovial and optimistic Iroh break down crying as he commemorates his dead son’s birthday in the very city he died trying to help conquer always elicits tears from me, and becomes especially poignant when you see the memorial to Iroh’s original VA, Mako.

  30. I’m not really an emotional person. But I will say, that the endings to Big Hero 6 and Inside Out made me cry. The power of Disney

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