Doug’s Top 10 Disney Films

Live acting, animated, it all counts! Here’s Doug’s favorite films from one of his favorite studios!

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  1. radioactiveChris

    I wish Fantasia was available in more digital stores. Currently the number stands at zero and I want to own it and watch it anytime I want. 🙁

  2. Really happy to see Inside Out on this list.
    and all the points to have about it are spot on.
    rest of the list is just as good but having Inside Out on here made me happy. Not sure where I’d put it on my on list, but yeah it would be high as well.

  3. Thanks, Doug! This was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. I am a massive Disney-fan and I love to listen to other lovers of their work. It seems to me that most people enjoy criticising Disney, or sarcastically laughing at their films. I don’t understand why some people crave absolute logic from their films. Must be hard for those people to enjoy any film, since nothing can be without flaws. 🙂

    Anyway, as I said, I really enjoyed this top ten! Hope you have a nice stay in the neighboring country (Finland)!

  4. Doug, there’s stage show that started in Germany where they took Disney’s Hunchback, took out the gargoyles, and added in a few more songs to expand the world of 1400s France. It just recently got revamped and taken on a US Tour- it may stand a chance of hitting at least Off-Broadway. I really recommend checking it out!

  5. So how are you liking Finland so far?

  6. Beauty and the Beast deserves more love. I’m so glad it’s so high on this list. Too many people who either never saw it or do not understand it mistake it strangely as pro-stockholm syndrome and take the annoying old joke too seriously. Ignoring that Beast changed for her and that Belle never became broken or submissive. Belle was the first Disney princess I actually felt a childhood connection with.

  7. With Night on Bald Mountain, yes, Chernabog is being used as The Devil. In fact I read that the scene is inspired by Mephistopheles (who isn’t literally The Devil but is a high ranking Satanic demon) from Faust, particularly from a scene in the F. W. Murnau silent film version of Faust (1926). The silent film was based on the Goethe version of Faust. Walt Disney loved Goethe. Goethe also wrote the original Sorcerer’s apprentice poem that the piece and animated short was based on. Murnau’s Faust was such an influence on Disney that you may notice Pinocchio’s home village in the film is modeled after the village in the movie.

  8. I’m glad you remembered Hunchback of Note Dame. That is still my favorite.

  9. Oh, I couldn’t stand Hakuna Matata or In the Jungle back when Lion King came out, and those songs were just all over then! You’re nowhere near alone on Hakuna Matata, Doug.

  10. YES! I literally jumped out of my seat when you announced number 1. I think of Fantasia as the pinnacle of music and animation in film and because I assume your taste is based more heavily on story and character development than mine, I didn’t think it would rank as high with you.

  11. I was so happy when you announced your number 1 as Fantasia!! For nostalgic reasons my number one tie (cheating I know) will always be Little Memaid/Beauty and the Beast, they both just hold such a dear place in my heart from when I first saw them until now. Whenever I tell people Fantasia is my number 2 I’m mostly met with blank looks, but I love it for all the resaons mentioned here. It’s scale, artistic beauty and pure ambition make it such an unbelievably incredible achievement. Favourite segment of course Night on Bald Mountain 🙂 i totally get that feeling of watching this movie when I was younger and really not quite getting it, but I kept returning to it all the same, back in the days of renting the VHS from the video store. My number 3 is actually Hunchback, which terrified me as a child, but I adore it as an adult. The music is lush and gorgeous. The use of the powerful choir singing in Latin and the bells give the music and movie a very distinct character and atmosphere. The Hellfire sequence is one of the most awesomely chilling villain pieces and the animation of Paris and Notre Dame is of course stunning. Great to hear your thoughts on some beloved Disney films!

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Saw one episode aka the pilot episode of the cartoon guy show and i did enjoy it (especially since your in it doug) so i hope this reaches its goal.
    Anyways that was a good list especially love how you put inside out in the number three spot and i love that movie as well and i definitely think Pete Doctor should work on more stuff for Pixar because that guy is a talent. Lilo and stitch is also one of my favorite childhood movies and glad you put it on this list.
    one film that is definiteky my favorite disney movie is meet the robinsons because it teaches the importance of family and it teaches us to keep moving forward(and it even quotes walt disney at the end) and it has a great ending. Will have to check out fantasia and all the other disney films on the list i missed and cwnt wait for the new nc (its a movie i requested so definitely excited your doing it).

  13. Not the bad player, again! Gah!

  14. I’d like to point out that there are two different edits of Fantasia. The VHS is shorter, with some of the introductions pared down and the intermission repurposed as the ending. The Blu-ray is the original theatrical cut, with everything in the right order, though the pickaninny is (still) cropped out, and ALL of Deems Taylor’s dialogue is dubbed due to the longer introductions not surviving in acceptable quality.

    I adore Fantasia, but for me it’s #2 to Bambi. The atmosphere is spot-on, but it drags along. Bambi has atmosphere AND pacing!

    Also, Frozen is a good movie, but not great. It’s a perfect “popular movie”. Mr. Plinkett describes the formula for popular movies in his Titanic and Avatar reviews, and Frozen is no different.

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