Doug’s Top 10 Hottest Women

No NC this week, but enjoy a look at some of Doug’s favorite fictional movie and TV show Characters!

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  1. I think there might be a slight misinterpretation of terms here.

    Now, I’m totally with Doug as far as not relying completely on physical attractiveness to determine the “hotness” of the gender one finds attractive. That having been said, it seemed like most of the women that were discussed were interesting characters, but interesting doesn’t necessarily make them “hot.”

    Personally, I like women with a big front and back if you catch my drift. That’s what I find hot. But more than that, I like women who indulge in that sexiness, who aren’t afraid to act and be sexy. To have them believe whole heartedly, if only for a short while, that they are undeniably sexy and that they are going to flaunt it for all to see. That, to me, is hot stuff

  2. Great top 10, ha yeah you said 11. I think the order you chose was pretty good and have your number one being Catharine zetta jones.

    I’m a girl, and I’m straight lol but even some girls I think are interesting and cute at the same time.

    I like the character Elektra and who plays her because she’s strong and beautiful at the same time. She’s like catwoman, where she wears leather but really knows how to fight but also have a venerable side too.

    I like Isabelle Fuhrman, especially in my favorite horror 2009 movie Orphan (hence my username) I like , she’s young and beautiful but also knows how to show emotion, she knows it all from anger, to crying and lashing out at times. She’s probably one of the strongest actresses I’ve seen in a long time just from that movie alone. I find it cute and nice that she changes one minute to a crazy weirdo, to a sad girl who just wants to be loved at the end. So I admire her character a lot. If you haven’t seen the movie I recommend it. Lol It’s like The Good Son, and I know on your review you hated that movie, but this one has more of a kick…well I like The Good Son anyways but there is just something about Orphan that’s different and amazing and the character Esther who I find attractive.

    For a girl that not only talks in that sexy tone, but shows it in her eyes and her pouty lips that shows wickedness but a sense of innocence. That description is for Rose MvGowan who plays in the show Charmed. Her acting is incredible, and then , what I saw the clip in Conan, which I never did see all the way, her acting is amazing, she knows how to put the B in bad girl, but also innocence too. She like all the others I mention, have that rare strong fiery passion for the characters they play. And for that it shows courage and strength and nobility. Even when girls whine and when guys say “annoying” or the “damsel in distress”, I think that’s not a weakness as much as it’s human nature…girls just tend to do it more I suppose. But I think even flaws or not, are what make women or even guys great, it shows we have things in common as human beings. It shows that with all the whining, we aren’t robots, guys can just take the bashing but really show the emotion as hard or as much. And when it does show, people call it gay or wrong, but I like that kind of compassion and shows guys are just as like girls and human too. Rose , enjoys being bad , but likes to be good too, and to have someone who likes to play both roles and can succeed in them but not know what she’s doing at times, is appealing. Like when guys want us girls to always be strong, never be depressed, almost to be perfect in a way, always confident is abit scary. But to have guys want us for our flaws and even encourage them, I find that hot too.

    Yeah the character Arya is my favorite, for someone so young, she kicks a lot of ass, I would be happy if she was ruler lol. She’s beautiful and smart and even like a kid, she stops and asks questions, like to her dancing master, questioning him why he went left but he said to go right (with his eyes speaking the truth). So I like that child like quality…and adult like too for being so brave in the heat of danger.

    Drew Barrymore, in Firestarter is crazy , bad mouth kid, and still looks charming and sweet. And witnessing her father who is the most important person in her life, to just leave her. I had so much fun watching every movement of her.

    Well that’s all my girls, I’m sure I have more but I think I’d have a book going. Now for guys, it might be rare to start with but:

    Gene Kelly, not only is this man gorgeous, but his dancing like all in that time, is an artform. He had that smooth feel about him, in the way he looks, talks, how he carries himself. He was brave enough to wear vests and loafers. I admire guys who dress and look different and not afraid to be that way. Like crying for instance, not afraid to do ballet or even LOL like Sailor Moon like me. I love his passion for dance, his tremendous energy he had and was about 27 doing all this stuff. I’m 29 and I feel like I’m old as fuck lol but he moves as quick as a bunny and does it in one take. Back then I think that’s all the time they could do. He was sick during the take for Singing in the Rain number, and he did it with a smile that wasn’t forced and looked as if the rain cured his sickness all because he had the passion. His eyes and hair were nice so that helped too LOL. Frank Sinatra had that thing going too, Don O Conner as well.

    And of course, Chris Evans, George Clooney, Ben Afflect, Dick Van Dyke (his Mary Poppin days) are some by attractiveness. The deep voice, tall , the usual. But I also like the strange qualities they bring to the table. Like Chris Evans, yeah he’s sexy from my stand point, good hair..which is key for me, good eyes, tall, lean body. That’s the obvious but his smile lights up a room, his eyes have that cute factor of I’m being a jerk sometimes but I don’t mean to be. Mathew Perry in Lost in Space, very gorgeous, but again, the charm and witty of how to play a character and be so immersed into it that it’s like you forget the actor’s real name.

    Well I could go on and on but I think I have so I will just leave it at that!

  3. Also to add,

    Winona Ryder in Little Women, her boyish nature and passion for writing at such a level , and during times it wasn’t accepted, very brave for that.

    Natile Portmen in Black Swan, that movie is so beautiful it’s great, It’s sexy, but wild and almost shows the wonder and craziness of the will and strength to be perfect…in this case, a perfect ballerina. Sometimes I think they get more bruises and cuts then people who play football.

    And I’m so in love with Kristy Swanson, I only know her in my all time favorite movie and book, Flowers In The Attic. She is innocent all the way. At times she gets mad but what person doesn’t. I swear she has something that brings me in, like the girl in Orphan lol I’d almost go Bi for them because of the cutness and amazingness their character does to me. It inspires me to be more like them …or their fine acting.

    And while she isn’t pretty , she’s middle aged, Louise Fletcher also in Flowers in the Attic is so scary in that movie, she’s basically like who plays the mom on CARRIE, just nuts lol but does it so well that you almost think your going nuts too for rooting for such a ruthless character who should be despised but can’t because she’s magnetic.

  4. I’d add to my others but there is no edit button so Lastly,

    I think is the sexiest and full of character, other than you Doug, is : David Lascher as Ted from the show you also don’t like Lol HEY DUDE 😀 cowbow trouble maker in tight jeans , cute and funny, charming…full of himself at times. Yup He’s my favorite of guys that I love, and would marry if he wasn’t married already!

    Brendan Friser for the movie Blast from The Past, he’s so cute and child like it comes off as adorable and yet I bet people would she he’s so native and stupid in that movie, but not me. He can swing dance and be all cool and then a loser as some might call, a nerd too lol but I love that all. Nerd and cool.

    And Kelly Brown from Hey Dude, she’s also a girl I’d go Bi For. She’s astounding. She make me proud to be a Brunette. I like that she knows how to ride and tame horses, sassy such a powerful actress when all is said and done. I know I’m basing some of this from one thing I seen her in or some others, but sometimes it’s the first impression that I remember.

    Julie Andrews because in Mary Poppins she could sing and was amazing.

    Shirley Temple I forgot to mention, she could tap and blow you away and those curls , my gosh, 62 curls her mother put in her hair everyday lol what a trooper. She’s my favorite young tapper and actress of that time!

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