Doug’s Top 10 WORST Cliches

Doug Walker gives you his Top 10 Worst Cliches in movies.

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  1. Y’know, it’d be kinda cool if Nostalgia Critic did a Top 11 Best Credits Sequences.

  2. i really hate when a character is pointlessly stupid
    you know,when they do something that’s /obviously/ stupid,but that doesn’t stop them,either because they’re too stubborn or too stupid not to

  3. What about the one where a character is so scared or shocked that they piss or crap themselves on the spot? For sealife it’s octopi and squid releasing their ink. For robots and machines, and machine people like Cars, they lose a plug and leak their oil or hydraulic fluid beneath them.
    It’s not always bad where in ‘Dredd’ the guy experienced mental trauma and pissed himself. That was done pretty well and was believable.

    Maybe it’s not one of the worst clichés but it’s definately been overused in the last ten to fifteen years.

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