Dr. Poison Mask – Awesome Build

See how Jim took a cheap Halloween mask and made the Dr. Poison Mask for the Nostalgia Critic review of Wonder Woman.

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  1. I can’t believe it stays on well. O.O

  2. Now to find out if the talent behind her talking while looking like a puppet is from Jim or the actor.

    (Sorry I don’t know her name, but she [almost?] never appears as herself in the NC reviews.)

    • Or not. I expected to see him fitting it on her, and then we’d see her talking normally.

      Also, thanks for saying her name. Heather. I will try to remember this.

  3. Audio tip: if you’re not using a stereo mic, then clone the track to both speakers before adding a stereo music track. That guarantees you won’t have it only on one speaker.

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