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Little Kuriboh and MasakoX join the fight against the worst anime adaptation of all time, Dragonball Evolution. It kicks you right in the Dragon Nards.

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  1. MiscellaneousSoup

    I’ve never seen the anime, but, from what I’ve gathered, that knowledge isn’t necessary to make fun of the film.

    • Neither have I, but I’ve managed to glean a surprising amount of the story just from what happened to be written about it on TV Tropes pages I’ve browsed. I don’t know what order any of that stuff happened in, and I don’t know what anybody looks or sounds like, but I know a lot of things that happened, which is is a start.

      Then again, I’ve always had a gift for retaining information that I have absolutely no use for on topics I have no particular interest in.

  2. HOLY SHIT!!

    MasakoX and Little Kuriboh???!!!

  3. I’m gonna be THAT guy just for a second… Goku LOVED fighting, he a passion for it BUT understood that he could only fight when needed. I’m nit picking here, I know 😀 if I may… I’m loving this episode and watch every single one as soon as it comes out!!!

    • Goku loves fighting and litterally challenges every strong character he meets. That’s his most obvious character trait. I get that the NC doesn’t know that but MasakoX should have corrected that line in the script.

  4. “Now I will fight you by using the same move repeatedly, and you doing the same dodge repeatedly.” Masako, you really know nothing about martial arts, do you?

  5. can we just talk about how not-goku isn’t a saiyan in this movie? he’s an average human.
    like, even before z a big part of gokus character WAS he was not a normal human. he had a tail. and could transform into a giant ape/monkey when seeing the full moon.
    and also goku was already stupidly strong by human standards at the beginning of the series. nothing like how he was in the movie.

    by making him human, you have already gutted like… 90% of his character.

  6. My god, this movie can suck my dragon ballz! No wonder it’s the worst anime adaptation! It’s absolutely unfaithful, characters are shit, the world is confusing, nothing about this is redeemable. Good to see this get the treatment it deserves with Team Four Star and Kyle Hebert.

  7. Goku horny and hates fighting? Are you guys sure you are talking about DB Goku and not some other guy? He is never horny and he loves fighting so much he is willing to risk other people’s safety to let the bad guys get stronger for a better fight. The guy regularly abandons his family to practice fighting.

  8. That’s a clarinet.

  9. Who are those two diversity wankers ?

  10. According to IMDb this abomination actually make profit ( budget: 30 mil, brought up: 57,5 mil ). Were there still so much complete idiots who went to see it ?

  11. The Scarlet Ninja

    I’m a big fan of DBZ! That being said, I like this movie. No, it’s NOT a faithful adaptation, it moves a little fast, and some of the acting can be meh. However, if you were to take some ideas from the original DB(not Z) and try to make it a modern action movie, I honestly think, it’s not that bad. Let’s be honest, DB has WAY too many story elements from it’s hundreds of episodes that you could NOT fit in a 2 hour movie. The reason it’s not a faithful adaptation is the same reason we’ll never get a live Yugioh or Pokemon adaptation, because there is only one true interpretation. That’s why I seperate it from my fandom and look at it as a “REIMAGINING”. I know DB fans will attack me for saying this, but all I’m saying is I’m a fan too, and I don’t hate this movie.

    • I seriously question your credibility. Even non-fans hate this PoS. Even as a standalone movie, it sucks balls.

    • why not make it a series of moves then?

      • The Scarlet Ninja

        I was curious to see where a potential sequel would go, but like I said it is impossible to faithfully adapt a DB story into a two hour movie with all the story plots within the hundreds of episodes.

        • again, make it a whole series of movies, like the first one adapts the Pilaf and first Tournament Saga and the second adapts the Red Ribbon Army arc and the third adapts the King Piccolo arc.

          • The Scarlet Ninja

            True, that’s how a faithful adaptation should go. All I’m saying is this movie interms of a standalone movie is far from the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

        • They repeatedly do just that in multiple movies, rehashing the plot in a shorter time.

          And it doesn’t have to cover everything, anyways. The whole point is that there are a lot of stories.

          None of them involve Goku being a normal high school boy who has special powers.

          • The Scarlet Ninja

            Yes, I understand your point. I’m not defending this as a good film, I’m just saying I find some enjoyment out of it.

    • Then don’t adapt everything. There a ton Marvel comics for just ONE of their characters..

      Yet you didn’t see the Doctor Strange movie adapting ALL of Doctor Strange’s stories into one film. Just one.

    • Yeah, no. If you’re trying to fit as many characters and story as possible -thus taking stuff from almost every part of the original series-, you know that you won’t have enough time to develop them all properly. So you either stick with a smaller piece of the story in order to develop it better -they didn’t-, or you create something with the fans as the target audience and hope that they can fill the blanks themselves. However, in the latter case, you must be as faithful as you can to the source material, or else the fans will end up disappointed. And that’s where this movie fails. You can’t follow the story unless you know the original -at least to some extend-, and if you do know the original you find the movie lacking.

  12. I hoped they mention that the writer of this movie apologized for it. But well, I leave the link to it here. http://thedaoofdragonball.com/blog/news/dragonball-evolution-writer-apologizes-to-fans/

  13. “It doesn’t make the pain go away, but it dose make it hurt less.” This is also applicable to this review. Thank you all for lessening the pain!

  14. Who’s the best narrator for DBZ?
    Uh, sorry Kyle, but i’m gonna have to go with Doc Morgan on this one.

  15. Still can’t believe you’ve done this. Hahaha

  16. I have just one question about this film: Why is it called “Dragonball Evolution”? Where’s the evolution? All they did in the film was justify the abbreviation of the title. There is a character that actually evolves in the Dragonball franchise; Cell. Having him as a villain and showing him evolved would have justified the title.

  17. GITS live action was bad because of the story. However, everything else was done well. Is that film bad? Yeah, but not as bad as people say it is. It’s certainly better than DBE.

  18. I’m pretty sure Goku beating Chi-Chi is a pretty big part of Dragonball. As well as everyone always wasting whatever wishes they get from the dragon. You have got to give the movie a tiny bit of credit in those two small categories at least.

  19. But wait, Little Kuriboh and MasakoX were both in the original review of Dragonball Evolution that the Critic put a bunch of other reviewers up to so he would never have to review this movie. The Plot Hole truly is a powerful force.

  20. I thought we fans all agreed a long time ago that GT did not exist…

  21. I’ve only seen little of the Dragon Ball TV show, but I respect the fanbase. Shame I cannot say the same about this movie from what I’ve heard after it’s release, and no, I have not seen this movie at all.

    Nice job on the opening scene of this episode, BTW. Oh, and the Dumb & Dumber clip.

    If I want 6 magical objects combined to do something amazing, I’ll just wait to see Avengers: Infinity War in six months.

    Why, James Marsters? Why play Piccolo? You were Brainiac in Smallville. Well, at least Jamie Chung went on to do better things, like Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Big Hero 6, Gotham (Season 3), and The Gifted.

    Donald Trump would be so proud of the bullies in this goddamn film.

    Let’s all hope that Ernie Hudson got a steady paycheck for appearing in crap like this and God’s Not Dead 2.

    They mention airbending in this? Oh, fuck you, movie!

    If I had the six Dragonballs, I would wish for critics to stop hating on harmless movies like Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and The Mummy (’17)…but keep bashing crappy movies like this in the head with a shovel.

  22. Wait. If they’re British, why don’t they say “Dragonball Zed”?

  23. man no one can slide his head over a car without snapping your own neck, at least of course that man was……………. CHUCK NORRIS!!!!

  24. What most people usually forgot because they haven’t seen original Dragonball is that it started as light hearted adventure inspired by Journey to the West and only later on turned into mindless screaming, powering up and fighting that DBZ is known from. Yeah, I am not DBZ fan at all so I am more critical towards it than most.

    • I definitely preferred original Dragonball over what it became. That never ending fight with Frieza didn’t help either, to be honest.

      • I agree. I’ve always enjoyed Dragonball more than DBZ. The former was more lighthearted and whimsical. DBZ had it’s moments, but it was too action/fight heavy.

        This movie was a re-imagining of the concept, trying to mash-up elements of both Dragonball and DBZ, such as having Goku first meeting Bulma as a teenager, while in the anime, Goku is a little boy when he meets Bulma, and of course Bulma was never a special agent of anything. And in the anime, Mai never worked for Piccolo; she worked for Emperor Pilaf.

    • The Real Silverstar

      File me as another person who’s always preferred the original Dragon Ball over DBZ. DB was fun and had good energy combined with whimsical absurdity. Z just became a clusterfuck of nonstop fighting, screaming, powering up and blowin’ stuff up real good.

      What truly bites about Evolution is that with what Hollywood currently has available to it, this movie could have been an amazing adaptation, or at least a credible one. Look at the Marvel movies, particularly the Guardians of the Galaxy films or Thor: Ragnarok. With CGI and digital and light effects being what they are today, the filmmakers could have given us a faithful interpretation of Toriyama’s vision, with the spherical and dome shaped buildings, flying cars, people with brightly colored hair, Capsule Corp technology, talking animals, etc., but this was clearly a case of people who didn’t know what they were doing being bankrolled by a studio that didn’t know what they had.

      It’s like the people behind this movie had never seen a single episode of Dragon Ball and based everything on hearsay, then tossed in some cliched Spider-Man (’cause Goku in this is totally Peter Parker) and Hollywood action movie tropes.

  25. Much like Eragon, this is a shit movie whether you’ve seen every Dragonball episode ever or not a single second of any of them.

  26. I’m surprised it wasn’t done before

  27. This is not the worst live action dragon ball movie made

  28. Minion of Yahtzee

    Humans made this movie #Zamasudidnothingwrong

  29. *me watching three guys dressed as Krillin, Goku, and Vegeta while eating popecorn made by popping BB Corn with inherited fire powers from Grandma Sakura’s Clow Cards and turns to the audience* Man these guys are nuts…not bad all things considered

  30. Okay, I know fart jokes are low-brow, but I giggled every time.

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