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Little Kuriboh and MasakoX join the fight against the worst anime adaptation of all time, Dragonball Evolution. It kicks you right in the Dragon Nards.

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  1. Fuck this Movie and everyone involved.

  2. top 10 best NC episodes already

  3. shame Doug didn’t watch Dragon Ball since I think there are at least a few things he’d like such as Vegeta’s character arc.

    or that Goku wasn’t a completely straight good guy. even in the original Funimation Dub witch Supermaned him up, he still had some selfish moments.

  4. Honestly, that looks more like a Studio Ghibli airship than Bowser’s. Dammit, I just reminded myself of better movies I could be watching than Dragonball Evolution!

  5. I’m going to admit it… I have a fondness for this movie. I’ve only seen one episode of Dragonball but I watched this movie multiple times as a teen before that. The only thing I remember is the car scene. Ah, better times. Well, at least this put Jamie Chung in the spotlight.

  6. Wait… I thought the reason Demon King Picolo wanted to take over the world was because he was the the evil half of the Nameless Namekian after he split himself into two in order for the good half to become the Guardian of Earth. Then his reincarnated form wants to do the same because he’s a reincarnation of him… what’s so complex about that? (Nothing against the characters, but I just don’t see how it’s complex)

    Um… Chichi means “breasts” in Japanese. She’s saying that, just because she her name literally means breasts doesn’t mean that she’s only worth her looks. What’s confusing about that?

    Didn’t Goku and Bulma meet when Goku was 12 and Bulma was 14, canonically speaking?

    Isn’t the motorcycle essentially like the capsule vehicles?

    But yeah, other than that, you guys hit the nail on the head.

    • Although, that comment about Goku not looking like a Goku… While it’s true he doesn’t look like Goku, I don’t see why he can’t be named Goku when his adoptive grandpa.. is Asian (then again, Randall Duk Kim is Korean).

      • Actually, “oppai” means breasts.

        • … And so does chichi. And Nyuu (as in kyonyuu or bakunyuu). That’s like saying “Actually, ‘tits’ mean breasts. Consequently, ‘boobs’ don’t mean breasts at all.”
          Although, if we take slang out of the equation, Chi-Chi’s name comes from the word “乳”, which means “milk” or “udder”, or “父”, which means “father”. Master Roshi, in all his sagacity, made the observation that whilst Chi-Chi is named as such, Bulma possesses chi-chis of her own…
          Oh, guess we can’t take slang out of the equation after all. Because in the world of Dragon Ball, everyone’s name is a pun.

    • Technically, Chi-Chi means “mother’s milk”, but yeah, it’s referring to breasts.

  7. Masako looks so not himself in the thumbnail with his hair that I didn’t recognize him.

    • Also, the shine on Doug’s head makes his Krillin look like he has Aang’s arrow, so I thought maybe he was saying that this is as bad an adaptation as The Last Airbender.

      I can’t say I agree: it is far, far worse an adaptation. It’s also oddly a better movie, though, if you ignore the source material. Shyamalan’s movie didn’t make sense.

  8. Uh, that picture is of a clarinet. Yes, there is a such thing as a piccolo clarinet, but you can’t really tell the difference on its own, since it’s just a smaller clarinet.

    The usual piccolo, without any other nouns, is the piccolo flute. And they do often look different than flutes: they are often black.

  9. Hey! That CGI fighting looked authentic: it was the same moves over and over, with the same blocks.

  10. Don’t forget, we have one thing to thank for DBE.
    It inspired Akira Toriyama to bring us Battle of Gods, which in turn gave us Dragon Ball Super.
    So feel free to hate on the movie all you want, but never say no good came from it’s existence.

  11. At first, I could’ve swore that The Nostalgia Critic had already done this review, so I went looking and found nothing. But then I realized that it was actually CinemaSins where I saw a ‘review’ of this piece of garbage before. They both remind me of each other, so that’s how I got confused and why I saw a lot of familiar movie shots when I had never seen this movie (nor do I WANT to see it).

  12. Ok honestly: I was never a fan of the show, after watching DBZ up to the android saga, it was the same thing every episode and i got bored of it so I stopped. So when the movie came out, safe to say I liked it.

    ok it wasn’t the greatest thing ever made but it wasn’t as horrible as say the last air bender. Could it have been done better? Yeah. Is it a good adaptation? Nope. But considering that I am the average movie goer in this fashion, I will say that I would watch this again then the whole DBZ series

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand 0% credibility.

      • Maybe but I’m not one of these anime fans who gets bent out of shape if the movie isn’t like the anime Like death note for example. loved the anime and manga but also the movie.

        I almost was interested in watching original Dragon ball to see how it was but considering DBZ was…well dull, I don’t want to waste my time if it’s like that.

    • I’m with you. I don’t hate DBE. It’s not good but it’s far from the worst anime live action adaptation. That title goes to Attack on Titan which unlike DBE I really DESPISE!!

        • For one thing the director openly admitted he didn’t care to adapt the manga because according to him the fans don’t want to watch the same story twice. Add to that the fact it was a Japanese movie and they are the ones supposedly “understand” the source material better so you can’t excuse it for “American don’t get anime” because this is a movie made by Japanese and they still messed it up.

          One of the biggest changes made is the setting. While the original was mostly middle ages with some level of steampunk with the 3D maneuver gear, this movie threw the steampunk out of the window and gave us a post-apocalyptic setting with high tech weaponry like trucks, missiles and rocket launchers and even helicopters! That’s not how it was in the series! The most advanced stuff they had were rifles and cannons that shoots cannon balls! Speaking of which, there were no scouts prior to the titan attack. So not only humans were really sealed inside the walls, no scouting missions were ever made. Even the 3D maneuver gear were something new they’ve established when they’re graduating the new cadets so one motivation for our main characters didn’t exist to begin with.

          The writing and characters were awful. A thing I didn’t like was introducing the characters as teens/young adults from the start instead of kids. Also Eren giving his scarf to Mikasa was weaker than its real backstory. She just sneezes ones and he gives it to her. Not as strong as comforting her after the murder of her family. I didn’t feel anything was between the two.

          Another bit of bad writing? killing Mikasa!! And no, she didn’t die fighting, she died in place of Eren’s mother!! What – The – Hell?!!! Who thought it was a bright idea to kill one of the most popular characters in the entire franchise this early on without letting her even fight the titans?!! Or so they make us think… because apparently they realized this was a dumb idea and brought her back to life and working with the the Levi replacement, and never bothered to tell Eren for this one year they’ve been training in camps?! And speaking of… yes, there’s no Levi. Instead, they replaced him with someone called “Shikishima”. Why? I don’t know. Decision making using dart boards? And that also pissed me off because Levi is my favorite character and replacing him with Mr. pornstache Casanova-wannabe was so infuriating.

          There’s also this one character I don’t recall his name who was ridiculously overpowered he can flip a titan with his bare hands. WHAT?! But the worst character in this movie was Hiana. An original character who’s sole purpose was to hit on Eren to the point she wanted him to touch her naked breast and ask him if he will be the father of her daughter!!! I wish I was making this last part up but it happened!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!!!!!

          Don’t want to make it lengthy so here’s the jist: Just because the Japanese make a movie based on anime that doesn’t mean they are perfect. This movie was bad. Really bad! You thought Hollywood is the only one to ruin an anime movie?! WRONG!! Even the Japanese can get as bad as Hollywood with these pointless changes it makes me wish Hollywood would take a shot at this franchise and make a better movie than this. I’m dead series. Someone make his version with the correct setting, better effects than the Japanese PS3 Titans, and give us better writing. And when it happens no one will complain about whitewashing because the majority of the characters are Caucasians anyway except for two or so.

  13. Those forehead veins of his

  14. The positive from the movie is that it supposedly so pissed off Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball that he got involved in making Dragon Ball Battle of the Gods and Dragon Ball Super so that this piece of garbage won’t be the last word in the DB Legacy.

  15. MasakoX, Piccolo JUNIOR was complex character… King Piccolo(the first Piccolo), on the other hand, was pretty much “colossal twat” and wanted to take over the world because “evil and stuff”.

    • A colossal Gene Savvy twat that had the highest body count to date in the series at the time, and won twice until the mafuba sealed him away the first time and later when Goku’s heart started again and he came back stronger. Junior is still way more complex, but the original was nothing to brush off just cause he was “evil and stuff”.

  16. Is it just me, or does this shitty live action Dragon Ball adaptation that I didn’t see but watched Critic review have EXACTLY the same opening sequence as the shitty live action Green Lantern adaptation that I didn’t see but watched Critic review? You all caught that too, right?

  17. intro was just so good, I had to rewatch it several times 😀

  18. I’m sorry guys, but I have to give up on finishing the review, because the badness and cringe of the movie seeps straight through and is too painful to handle past the “Horny Goku” scene of the review.

    I try to give most things a fair chance and attempt to watch, but the movie is so painful I have to stop barely 11 minutes into the review to stop the anguish of the cringe.

  19. Worst anime adaptation ever? Don’t you mean Attack on Titan live action movie?

  20. I can’t believe you did this! You’re not into Dragonball! Maybe you’ll do the Yu-Gi-Oh movie someday with LittleKuriboh? That movie’s terrible. How nice of you to represent a fanbase you’re not a member of!

    • And you know this….how? I don’t recall Doug ever SAYING he was or wasn’t into the series or not. Anyway since when do you have to be part of a fandom to review something?

  21. Doctor Who T-shirt!!! 😀

  22. ”The original Goku who hated fighting and did it only when he had to” Excuse me?

  23. makes me sad that James Marsters was a part of this film. I love him.

  24. Krillin played by Verne Troyer

  25. I was expecting Masako since he also on Channel Awesome. Kuriboh and Kyle Herbert were a nice surprise though. Kudos for going the extra mile.

  26. Ironically, this review made me want to watch this movie.

  27. I DID get that joke “just because my name is chi-chi doesn’t make me an idiot” Doesn’t Chi-Chi mean breast or boob?

  28. This taught me something very important.

    Namely, that I’ve been mispronouncing MasakoX.

  29. -Don’t you or anyone dare call this hipe of shit Dragon Ball
    -I don’t get the opening its like you are using the never existing cliches of Dragon ball that the fans made up to have more jokes
    -I hated this movie so much
    -You did not talked about how they misrepresented all of the characters

  30. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I don’t think it’s one of the worst adaptations. I mean don’t get me wrong it is an awful movie. But there so many adaptations I can think of which I personally think is worse than this. The Smurfs 2, Inspector Gadget, the list goes on.

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