Dreamcatcher – Making of Nostalgia Critic

Film Brain, cake shakes, and drenched pants, what else would you expect on a Nostalgia Critic shoot?

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  1. I like the show name Brit and Black the best. Also, I’m so surprised at the things that the Walker brothers say in front of their father. LOL. One last thing: Now I want to try Portillo’s. I’ve never heard of it before.

  2. lilith_ascennding

    I would watch Brit n Black, but only if it starred Film Brain and Malcolm. Also, dear Lord, I can only imagine the motion sickness that would be triggered by living in a town with five cul-de-sacs. That must be a real nightmare to travel through :p.

  3. It’s great to see you out in public! It’s just like at one of your cons. I’ll never get over mocking Donald Trump. I’m sure he won’t win. You are really dedicated to do those pee jokes. Don’t be afraid to shame yourselves!

  4. Man, I miss the dipped Italian beef and a cake shake.

    I found roundabouts fine, I had some around where I learned to drive. The biggest problem are people who don’t know how to drive though it.

  5. 11:43 Critic in his quick review of the other Looney Tunes movies
    (and a few other Channel Awesome reviewers with slightly more extensive reviews) have often commented on how Mel Blanc’s voice is very different when he is “substituting” new dialogue in those Looney Tunes movies like “Quackbusters” and “Fantastic Island”. They change the dialogue in a sentence or two of a really old episode and his “new voice” is clearly noticable.
    26:17 You’re like that farmer in that final commercial in Doug’s latest commercial review (What do these pancakes taste like?? MERICA!!!)

  6. Roundabouts are evil!

  7. I’m lucky enough to work next to the only Portillos in Indiana. I don’t care for the cake shakes, but their strawberry shakes (Or even better, crazy shakes) are better than Steak & Shake’s (which is sad; You had two jobs, S&S, and you’ve failed one of them) and their burgers are huge (A double is easily an entire meal on its own) delicious and not much more expensive than fast food.

    I hate roundabouts because 1. I don’t trust other drivers, 2 cars do not yet have big arrows above them pointing at exactly where they intend to go, so trying to read the mind of the person vaguely signaling (if they even bother to) is a pain in the ass.

  8. Portillo’s!!!!!!!!

    One of the only things I miss about Chicago. And so glad that Matthew got to try it. 🙂

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