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I bet Mel Gibson has a racist slur for chickens, too.

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  1. Steve the Pocket

    I think this movie played the Liar Revealed trope a lot better than most. The worst ones have characters make a big deal out of something trivial — or something that has become trivial by the time the reveal comes. Like “A Bug’s Life”, where the whole colony turns against Flik and doesn’t even trust his plan to work, believing that even pleading for their lives was a better bet. Or “Psych”, where the reveal that Shawn has been pretending to be psychic this whole time leads his own girlfriend of two years to somehow conclude that he doesn’t even love her. Or they have the lie be something substantial but the liar is completely remorseless about it until after they turn on him, like in “Over the Hedge”.

    In this movie, the stakes are high. Their lives hinge on finding a way to escape, and Rocky is literally stalling them for time while the villains finish their plan under the guise of being able to help them. He’s an asshole. And his guilt finally gets the better of him and he comes clean, and this becomes the catalyst towards them figuring out a workable plan of their own. They don’t even have a chance to waste time confronting him because he’s not there. It does still turn the bulk of the film into a pointless tangent, not to mention the real reason they never escaped was because Fowler never bothered to clarify that all his stories involved being aboard artificial flying contraptions.

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