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Yyyyyyyyeah…I got some issues with this movie.

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  1. CurtTheHistorian

    “We’ll swap manly stories and in the morning…I’m making waffles”….”Sonnez les matines, Sonnes les matines, ding dang dong (clang) ding dang dong!”

  2. I don’t exactly disagree with you, but…. I do like this movie, and I did think it was funny.

  3. Yeah, I think you’re missing a lot of things here Doug. Also, the waffles thing is only funny to our generation. Seriously, you have no idea, you know how cabbage is one of the funniest of vegetable words? Waffles is the breakfast equivalent now. That’s not to say that it can’t ever be used wrong, Teen Titans Go had a whole episode where all the characters do is just repeat the word “waffles” over and over again, and it gets grading very very quickly. But the point is that some words just ring differently on younger ears, so to us we found waffles funny and it just stuck from there.

  4. Autobot-Jedi-Iron Man

    Shrek memes brought me here.

  5. Shrek 1 is such a good movie.

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